Coming Clean about my Raw Food Diet

Coming clean about my raw food diet today. Startling confession! I’m going to tell you the fundamental ‘why’ of my plant based diet and more particularly, the raw vegan lifestyle.

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10 replies
  1. Raw Lion
    Raw Lion says:

    I eat high fruit diet but am still thirsty so much of the time. I do eat a bit of cooked food, occasional processed food and I do overeat even on the fruit so wonder if those elements have more have an impact than I thought it would. Also live in a city in the UK, maybe stress and pollution mean I need more water too. What are your thoughts?

  2. Amelia Gerlach
    Amelia Gerlach says:

    I know that's not your style, Jack, but I bet if you plugged your food into Cronometer, you would find you're actually getting all of your required nutrients with what you're eating. I do love how you follow your intuition.

  3. Stephanie Long
    Stephanie Long says:

    Great video Jack. Strangely enough, my diet at the moment also consists almost entirely of mangoes, bananas, blueberries and dark greens because that's what I feel like eating. Don't really enjoy salads now for whatever reason but vegetable juices yes. I think your tastes and cravings just change naturally as raw becomes your new 'normal', which is just as well since willpower isn't really my thing! I can see why people think it involves a lot of discipline though because I thought the same fifteen years ago.

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