Good Food, Good Dog – Raw Food Diet

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How to start a RAW FOOD / Raw till 4 Diet today!

How to go Raw Till 4:
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Rawfood For Dogs

Raw Diet for Dogs ~ 25 May 2012

After much research, I’ve embarked upon a raw diet feeding regime for my 4mths old Weimaraner. It has been good thus far but since the video(Version 1) was made, i’m already fine-tuning it to version 3.

The obvious benefits include cleaner teeth, reduced poop quantity(as mostly digested), no poop smell, controlled growth rate and a happy dog.

I’ve placed a well-known brand of kibble(O) beside the raw diet for an experiment to find out the instinctive and preference of the dog, and the choice is obvious. Will upload the funny video sometime later.

Enjoy the show!!

I’ve made a Version 2 of the video with the detailed ingredients breakdown and a few lessons learnt. Pls click this link for more:

Easy fast awesome non-dairy healthy raw food CRACKERS and CHEESE

Markus Rothkranz shows us how to make simple fast raw food non-dairy chips (crackers) and cheese dip like Nacho cheese but much healthier. No milk, dairy or actual cheese used in this easy recipe. All you need is a Vitamix blender and a dehydrator. Enjoy!

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Heal Psoriasis Naturally – Raw foods diet!

In this video I share the 5 main components to heal psoriasis naturally

1) Switch to a raw foods diet. Fruit being the MAIN source of your calories. Juicing is very healing. Juice fasting would be best.

2) More medicial herbs in your diet. You can go on to to buy the herb brand I use. Or you can have fresh herbs in your diet by juicing them, eating them in a salad or making a smoothie with them. Dandelion is one of my favorite.

3) Sauna! Sweat 🙂 Or better yet do bikram yoga classes to get a work out and sweat at the same time.

4) Dry brush How to properly skin brush –

5) Throw out moisturizers and use natural moisturizing products. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil

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Easy Raw Food Storage Tips

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of Rawfully Organic ( and FullyRaw ( shows you Easy Raw Food Storage Tips!

Founder and chief co-operator of Rawfully Organic, the largest raw foods non-profit produce co-operative in the US. Kristina created ROC because she was able to overcome hyperglycemia by eating a 100% raw foods diet. Today, she maintains this lifestyle, and she not only make a living educating others on how to do this, but also manages handling a LOT…a LOT…a LOT of produce daily. After having been raw for almost 7 years and after having run Rawfully Organic for almost 5 of these years, storing and organizing produce has become an art form for Kristina, and it is something in which considers herself a mastermind! In this video, she shares with you 6 easy tips to help you organize your refrigerator when storing raw produce and when figuring out how to organize your foods when going raw!

1) Bag Your Greens to Keep Them Fresh
2) Learn to Rotate Your Food
3) Store Fruits and Veggies Separately
4) Don’t Block the Air Vents & Keep Temperature Consistent at 40F
5) Prepare as Needed
6) Real Food Does Not Last Forever!

Being FullyRaw is a choice and a lifestyle. Make it a success, not a struggle. For support, please visit:

Can You Guess Her Age? — Raw Vegan Diet Is Woman’s Fountain of Youth

A Florida woman says she has found the ‘fountain of youth”

Annette Larkins shows off her garden in her Miami-Dade County backyard. It’s full of fruits and vegetables. Every corner of her garden has something that is edible. She also collects rainwater to drink and water her plants.

Annette says the food in her garden is her ‘Fountain of Youth.’

“I am very vibrant, I have lots of energy, as I told you before, I am up no later than 5:30 in the morning as a rule, and I am ready to go,” she said.

Full Story at WPTV:

Annette says she does not eat animal products– her food is unprocessed and uncooked. “My diet consists of fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds. I do a lot of sprouting of seeds and as you can see from my garden and of course these are the raw foods that I eat.”

Annette also juices fruits and veggies. You name it, she can juice it. Grapefruits, pineapples, even spinach. But not everyone in the Larkins family eats and drinks this way.

Amos says people even wonder if Annette is his wife. “They will ask me ‘what am I doing with a young girl? or they will say ‘you’ve got your granddaughter with you,’ things like that.”

Annette says because friends and strangers kept asking her questions about her health and youthful appearance, she decided to publish two Journey To Health booklets, and she produced a DVD 12 years ago.

“The Discovery Channel, they took sections of the booklet and translated them into Spanish which is, by the way, my second language.”

Her husband says she is vibrant person. “She is an amazing person, she does everything. I mean she builds computers, makes all of her own clothes, grows her own food, speak three languages, it’s amazing.”

For more on Annette Larkins:

RAW FOOD Diet: What’s True, What’s Not-VESANTO MELINA Documentary, lecture, talk (VEGAN Health Food)

Raw Food Diets: What’s True, What’s Not – Vesanto Melina Documentary, lecture, talk (Health Food)

Vesanto Melina speaks to the Vegetarian Society of Hawai’i (VSH) about raw food diets. She dispels common myths about raw food, presenting scientific studies and extensive research. She provides many helpful and informative tips on what to eat, what not to eat, methods of cooking, how much raw food you must eat to feel the therapeutic qualities of a raw food diet, and answers lots more questions. Very good viewing for anyone interested in raw food diet, high-raw diet, vegans, vegetarians, and anyone wanting to improve their health or naturally relieve chronic illness.


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