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How My Eyes Changed Color Eating FullyRaw

Did you know that my eyes changed color when I started eating a raw foods diet? Not only did living foods change my health, but also the way that I look to the outside world! Eating vibrant foods allowed me to shine from the inside out!

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AMAZING HAIR done by the beautiful Katie Remis of

Filming & Editing by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram and Matt Garza of

Forget Raw Food, Do This! I feel that this raw food video has the potential for the highest level of transformation for people compared to practically any other raw food diet video that I’ve ever done on diet. I feel that the concept in this raw foods video can help anyone no matter what type of diet they are on. I urge you to watch this video below.

Many of you may have witnessed my “belief system” cracking, shattering and then falling apart in that “Ok, I was Wrong” video. I know that I’ve talked about colon cleansing with water via enemas and colonics heavily over the last many years. Although I still feel it is a powerful healing tool, I have dropped the belief that it is “needed” for ultimate health. Ouch! 😉 I don’t even mention it once in this imperative must-see video. I feel that colon cleansing is a very personal and individual thing and can be a big turn off for many people. I want to take our message to the next level. Therefore, I will rarely speak about colon cleansing except when deemed necessary 😉

Please take the time to watch this video. If you can apply this one concept on no matter what diet you are on, it has the potential to help you evolve phsycially, socially and emotionally.