What I Eat in a Day on a Raw Food Diet in Bama

What I eat in a day on a raw food diet in Bama is the video today. Summer is the best time of year for a plant based diet of any kind, and it’s even better on a raw vegan lifestyle.

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In this video “STOP FORCING YOURSELF TO EAT A RAW FOOD DIET – 80 10 10 DIET” i talk to you in depth about how i use to ignore healthy food cravings for cooked plant based whole food and force myself to eat raw foods on the 80 10 10 even though my body did not want them!

I wanted to make this video to share my own personal experience on a raw food diet and forcing myself to eat this way because i see so many other people i have helped and coached around the world that have been in the same situation as me.

And due to the raw food teachers programming people with their own dogmatic belief systems and opinions on what foods are ideal for us as humans and why cooked food is poison to us even if it comes from plant based whole foods.

People end up staying on a raw food diet way longer than is healthy for them that begins to then have serious negative health consequences on them mentally and physically holistically and i was one of this people this happened too.

Healthy cooked foods in there plant based form are not unhealthy or poison to us, they are amazing for our health holistically and as long as you resolve your underlying digestive issues you can easily eat cooked food without it effecting you negatively holistically.


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Rawtopia Raw Vegan Food Restaurant Review Salt Lake City Utah

John from visits Rawtopia Living Cuisine and Beyond Raw Vegan Food Restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah to share his review of this restaurant that serves raw vegan, vegan and omnivorous food.

In this episode, you will learn more about one of the longest running raw food restaurants in the country.

You will learn more about some recent changes at the restaurant, as well as get a run-down on the menu.

You will see a special behind-the-scenes tour of the back of the house at the restaurant showing you where all the raw vegan food is prepared and how it is seperated from the non-vegan food that is now served at the restaurant. You will learn how long it took the restaurant to make two raw vegan dishes.

You will meet Omar, the owner and he will share a few words of wisdom.

John will then show you the food and share with you his thoughts on the flavor of food. You will learn more about the raw living nut burger and the hummus pizza. You will also discover if you should get a raw vegan berry cheesecake desert.

After watching this episode, you will learn John’s opinions and rating of Rawtopia – Living Cuisine and Beyond in SLC, UT and if John would recommend eating there or not.

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3961 S Wasatch Blvd., Millcreek, UT 84124
(801) 486-0332

3 Tips to Avoid Raw Vegan Diet from Taking Over Your Life

John from answers the question “Did the raw vegan diet take over your life?” You will also learn how to avoid the raw food diet taking over your life with the 3 tips and 1 bonus tips so you can get the maximum benefit from the raw vegan diet without putting in a lot of time.

In this episode, John will let you know why he chooses to spend his time dedicated to fruits and vegetables. You will learn why he chose to live his life this way, and some tips so you can improve your diet and life without putting in all the time that John does.

You will learn about John’s main hobbies and how encourages you to have healthy hobbies that can benefit yourself, others and the planet.

You will learn the 3 Tips + bonus tip so that you can get the most benefits from raw foods without putting in as much time as John does.

You will learn what John normally eats in a day, as well as many other tips that can help you on your journey in eating more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:47 Has Raw Vegan Food Diet Taken over Your Life?
01:30 Why I got on a raw vegan diet
02:20 Health is Your Greatest Wealth
03:16 My #1 Hobby
05:00 What will you spend your time doing?
06:30 What I was researching today
08:30 Everyone has their own hobbies
09:00 Having a hobby that can enhance your life and others peoples lives
11:30 Three Tips to Avoid Having Raw Foods Take Over Your Life
11:46 Tip 1: Spend time to source or Grow the Best Quality Food
14:40 Most Important Foods to Grow in a Small Space
15:39 Tip 2: Take the time to prepare your food
16:00 What I ate today
19:30 Health Raw Food Recipe Book I recommend
22:02 If you could only have a juicer or blender, which would you get?
23:30 Tip 3: Educate, Experiment and Change Your Approach
25:00 Is Garlic Good or Bad?
27:25 Its not about All or Nothing
27:47 Tip 4: (bonus tip) Be Consistent in the Long Run

After watching this episode, you will learn the most important aspects of a raw foods diet you need to focus on to be successful in the long term while spending the least amount of time.

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