Have You Got a Spiralizer in Your Kitchen?

As summer fast approaches we will begin to start to take advantage at the large amounts of seasonal fresh fruit, vegetables and salads that become available. Eat these healthy foods in a natural raw state provides your body with huge amounts of living nutrients which would normally be ruined through cooking. Therefore if there is anything one can do that makes raw food more exciting and palatable is going to help you get more of these benefits into your diet.

There are communities of healthy people today known as “Raw Fooders” and whose first specialist purchase for their raw food kitchen will be a Spiralizer. This is a simple gadget that allows one to create spaghetti and other spiral shapes from vegetables and fruits. It may sound simple but you will be amazed how this particular gadget can transform completely the presentation, balance of flavors and texture quickly and easily of any summer salads you create.

How Does A Spiralizer Work?

When processing food with a spiralizer there are three very quick and easy stages you need to complete. Firstly take the right size piece of vegetable. Then you place it and make sure it is secure on the spiralizer. Now after securing the vegetable in position you just turn the spiralizer handle to cut the vegetable into the desired shape.

Spiralizers are available in two basic formats; the horizontal or vertical ones. What this refers to is the direction in which the item that you spiralize will travel. Some people find that the vertical type with gravity assisting the shaping process is easier to use but the horizontal type is by far the most popular. When looking for a spiralizer the good quality ones are those that have several interchangeable blade cartridges allowing you the chance to make spaghetti, spirals or other shaped slices when used.

What Is So Good About This Method Of Food Preparation?

Using a spiralizer with raw foods allows shapes and textures to be created that are more interesting visually and allow you to mix these textures and shapes that create new possibilities and experiences for one’s palate. When it comes to making salads and stir fries you will find that because of the number of different ways the food can be prepared and presented has been dramatically increased. This in turn will help to ensure that your meals remain fresh and exciting. Also as the various shapes that you can produce quickly take up sauces and dressings in different ways you will never be stuck for ideas and experimenting with food in the kitchen is not only easy but much more fun.

Even those men who don’t like salads may be enticed into to giving some healthy food a try because of a spiralizer. Plus getting your kids to consume their recommended five a day is going to be a lot easier if you get them involved in the task of making different shapes. Don’t forget to allow them time to admire what they have created before they eat it. A great many chefs will love how versatile the spiralizer is. Not only will it allow them to prepare entire delicious raw food meals but the spiralizer will allow them to create perfect attractive garnishes and other decorations for their meals.

What Things Can I Spiralize?

With these vegetable spiral cutters you can process most firm fleshed fruits and vegetables, including courgettes, potatoes, carrots, radish, squash, cucumber and apple the list goes on. For most raw food enthusiasts by far the most popular way to use a spiralizer is to make raw spaghetti. Courgette spaghetti is not only wonderfully nutritious but the delicate texture is a great addition to your creative menu repertoire and works perfectly well with various sauces. Just by swapping the blade in your spiralizer you can instantly switch to making spirals rather than spaghetti and is the ideal way to liven up your salads through adding cucumber or radish spirals to them.

What Brand Of Spiralizer Should I Choose?

Just like most things you buy today you get what you pay for so at all costs avoid the more flimsy cheaper versions. The well known brands which perform quite well are the Joyce Chen Saladacco or the Benriner Spiralizer.

Lurch (a German company) have three different types of Spiralizers available. Along with the Lurch Spirali being a well constructed spiralizer you are provided with good quality stainless steel blade cartridges. Also the suction feet on the Lurch Spiralizers provides a stable platform and assembling and storing them is intuitive, easy and slick because of their design features.

If you would like a gravity assisted model then the Lurch Spiralo which is their vertical spiral vegetable cutter is available. Of which there is a limited edition sponsored by renowned German TV chef Johann Lafer and called the “Lafer Spirali”. Every Lurch spiralizer is made to high German manufacturing standards so not only are the good value but come very highly recommended.

Where Can I Get One?

A few cookware stores may carry some spiralizers but the best place by far to look for such items is online. A quick simple search on Google will provide you with a number of different choices. As for the UK you will be provided with a good fast service from the health enthusiast’s friend, UK Juicers. They stock a large range of exiting products for those leading a more healthy lifestyle. When thinking of “going raw” there is much involved with this kind of lifestyle and at this great online store you will everything you need from juicers to dehydrators for your raw food kitchen.

Peanuts – More Than Just a Way to Pass the Time of Day

There was this alter ego of the Walt Disney Goofy (of Mickey Mouse fame) called Supergoof and he got his powers from the super goober patch in his backyard. Goobers and groundnuts are the other names for the more common peanuts. This otherwise super goofy character got his sinews and jet power from gobbling all those peanuts, sneaking out of his back door and emerging from the goober bushes transformed!

In the real world, Peanuts are a legume crop grown for its power packed edible seeds, grown in the sub-tropics and the tropics where the weather is warm and the soil well drained. India is the second largest producer of peanuts in the world.

The secret world of legumes

Though peanuts are commonly classified as nuts, they are actually legumes. Peanut pods develop underground and this has given rise to its scientific name Arachis hypogaea – hypogaea meaning underground. These legumes have nitrogen fixing properties. In their root nodules, they harbour symbiotic bacteria which make ammonia from nitrogen in the air. Ammonia is used by the peanut plant to make amino acids and nucleotides (protein). In turn the bacteria use sugars from the plant. However, peanuts are similar to tree nuts like almonds and walnuts in their nutritional profile.

A complete food for complete health care

Peanuts are rich in essential nutrients and are an excellent source of protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals:

Protein: A cup of peanuts contains 38 gms of protein which is a source of many of the amino acids required by the human body to perform hormonal and neurological functions.

Fats: Fats are essential for a balanced diet; it is a fallacy that a diet should be fat free. 78% of the calories in raw peanuts are from fat: but this is the good mono and poly unsaturated kind which actually lowers LDL cholesterol and the twin risks of diabetes and coronary disease.

Vitamins: Peanuts also contain niacin, folate, Vitamins E and B6, thiamine, riboflavin. These help protect levels of Vitamins A and C. They also keep the body in good ticking order by regulating appetite and healthy digestion and metabolism: all great for good skin. Folate is good for the developing foetus as it lowers the risk of birth defects, both spinal and neurological.

Minerals like magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, iron, potassium and calcium are essential for bone and tooth health, muscle contraction, blood clotting and general immunity. Peanuts are a rich source of them all.

Fibre: Peanuts contain insoluble dietary fibre which is considered necessary for weight loss and beneficial for controlling type 2 diabetes.

Peanut milk is being promoted in Africa to fight malnutrition: it is lactose free, extremely nutritive and affordable.

Benefit more than the human body

The nitrogen fixing property of this leguminous plant means that they improve soil fertility. As a consequence, the soil needs less nitrogen based fertilisers. Rotating crops involving peanut plants is sensible agricultural practice as a peanut crop leaves behind nitrogen enriched soil for a different crop to utilise.

Peanut oil is used in cooking and is a healthy alternative as it is unsaturated fat, resistant to rancidity. The residue protein- rich cake after oil manufacture is used as soil fertiliser and supplemental feed for livestock.

Industrial use of peanut oil may not be common knowledge. Nevertheless, it is used in paint, varnish, lubricants, insecticides and even nitroglycerin. Many cosmetics and soaps also use this oil or its derivatives.

Peanut shells, believe it or not, are used to manufacture hardboard, abrasives, fuel, cellulose and glue!

Can peanut butter be far behind?

This protein packed product should ideally have peanuts, salt and not much else, but it is usually sold sweetened. It is a good and easy way to supplement your protein in-take: a serving of 2 tablespoons is recommended. It is often the body builder's good friend.

A word of care

We increasingly hear of peanut allergies. The symptoms range from mild allergic reactions like watery eyes and skin rashes to the life threatening anaphylactic shock. These allergies have been traced to family history and the consumption of soy products. But unless there is an actual diagnosis of an allergy, there is no need to avoid peanuts. The good news for allergy sufferers is that designer peanuts without the allergy causing protein trigger are on the block.

Peanuts are also susceptible to a type of fungal infection which produces a toxic compound called aflatoxin. Still, organic and modern methods of farming can go a long way in ensuring crop safety.

Common sense also dictates that no food supply is ever 100% safe. We live in a sea of ​​toxins and have always stayed afloat. In fact there is a much greater possibility of getting e-coli infection from contaminated food than danger of exposure to aflatoxin.

Peanuts have a very high calorific content. The way to get a mouthful of the benefits would be to replace empty calories from snacks like chips and pastries with these tasty and health filled legumes.

Gastronomic paths

Raw peanuts are mostly used in cooking. Spicy peanut sauces are widely used in Southeast Asian cuisine including those of Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. In India, cooking, particularly in the Deccan plateau region involves multiple and extensive use of this nutritive legume: in masalas, chutneys and as additions to vegetable dishes.

Tender peanuts are delicious, boiled in their cases with a dash of salt. Roasting is another popular choice and actually improves the antioxidant properties.

There are many packaged brands in the market which offer peanuts batter fried or dusted with exotic flavours.

So, the next time you pick up a packet of peanuts, just remember that it is a super-goober, indeed!

The Vegetarian Diet – Frequently Asked Questions

What foods do lacto-vegetarians eat?
Lacto-vegetarians eat dairy products, such as yogurt, butter, and milk, along with fruits, grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes (beans, lentils, etc.).

Can I and my children get enough protein if we become vegetarian?
It is very easy, if one eats a reasonably varied diet, to get plenty of protein. Milk is a complete protein, which means that it contains all the essential amino acids. Other foods such as beans, grains, soy products, fruits, and vegetables, provide varying amounts of amino acids. Meat substitutes made with high quality vegetable protein are now widely available in supermarkets and natural food stores.

How can I get a substantial, satisfying meal as a vegetarian?
Whole grains, beans, vegetables, and fruit contain complex carbohydrates which provide optimum energy and a feeling of satisfaction. When adjusting to the vegetarian diet, it is best to substitute high quality vegetarian protein for the meat portion of the meal. Make a list of filling, nutritious vegetarian items that appeal to you and rotate them into your diet. Either use prepared mock-meat substitutes or try new recipes. Since vegetarianism has become so popular, there are hundreds of vegetarian cookbooks on the market. They are available for a range of ethnic preferences: low-fat and specialty diets, vegetarian teens, entertaining needs, quick-and-easy recipes for those on-the-go, gourmet meals, etc. We recommend Vegetarian Creations by SK Publications. This book was developed with the new vegetarian in mind as well as the experienced vegetarian cook. It has excellent kitchen-tested recipes that can be used for entrees, side dishes, breads, soups, appetizers, desserts, salads, and more.

Are vegetarians really healthier?
Not only are they healthier, but research shows that their quality of life is better. An excess of protein, which is common in Western meat-centered diets, can put a strain on the liver, kidneys, and digestive system. Meat is also high in saturated fat and cholesterol, both of which impact cardiovascular disease. One of the unique benefits of a vegetarian diet is a reliance on natural grains and vegetables, which in turn reduces the risks of colon cancer and diverticulosis.

The director of the renowned Framingham Heart Study (1990) concluded: "Some people scoff at vegetarians, but vegetarians have a fraction of our heart attack rate and they have only 40 percent of our cancer rate … On the average, they outlive other men by about six years, and they outlive other women by about three years. " Dietary cholesterol is found only in foods of animal origin. The US Surgeon General recommends that the public reduce its consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol, and "increase consumption of whole grain foods, cereal products, vegetables, and fruits." (Sources: Science, Feb. 1974, pg. 416, and Burkitt, D., British Medical Journal, 1: 274, 1973; National Research Council, Recommended Dietary Allowances, 9th ed., P.46. British Journal of Urology, 51: 427.1979)

An interesting note: The most common cause of death in the United States is heart disease. The risk of death from a heart attack for the average American male is 50%. The risk of death from heart attack for an American male who consumes no meat is 15%. (Source: Journal of the American Medical Association, 215; 1617, 1971)

Food That Cats Can not Eat

As a cat owner, do you know food is very important to cats? And do you know what is that cats can not eat? Here are some information about food that cats can not eat.

1. Onion. Onion include something that may destroy the red blood cells of a cat. So please pay attention to meat which may mixed with onion.

2. Haslet. We all know that eat too much haslet may cause Skin problems. The same is true of the cat. And eat too much haslet will also cause Bone problem. So please do not feed your cat haslet frequently.

3. Fish bone. Some one believe that cats chew bone while it eat food. Actually, cats Swallow food without any chewing. Big bone may stab its stomach. So we'd better get rid of the bone from the food before feeding the cat.

4. Food for human. There are so much edible oil, salt and other condiments in our daily food. All of these things are not comfortable for our cats. It is enough for an adult cat or dog to eat food with 5 percent of salt. More salt will be bad for their health.

5. Ice cream and cream cake. In fact, there is no need to feed pets ice cream and cream cake. Because it may include too much sugar and other things that pets can not digest well. We can see that these things are not good for pets' health.

6. Chocolate. Chocolate include pentoxifylline which may cause food poisoning. And chocolate poisoning may cause vomiting, uneasy, hyperactivity, even die of heart failure. So please be very careful!

7. Milk. Though milk have high nutritional value, cats and dogs can not assimilate easily and cause diarrhea. Especially raw protein can prevent pets from assimilating vitamin.

8. Raw pork. Do you know that raw pork include toxoplasma gondii which may badly hurt your pet. So never feed your pet raw pork.

Also, there may be other things that would hurt your pet. We should take good care in our daily life. . Read the Just more about pets and learn to be a good pet owner and get along well with your pet.

What’s Lurking Under Your Fingernails?

In the spring of 1997, I spent a wonderful day with Dr Omar Amin in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr Amin is one of the most respected and sought-after parasitologists in the world and runs the Parasitology Center Inc in Scottsdale, Arizona.

He gave me a copy of his paper ‘Understanding Parasites’ in which there was a sentence that has always stuck in my mind: “A recent inspection of an expensive restaurant in Los Angeles showed that 100% of all employees (not just servers) had fecal matter under their nails”.

Fecal matter and disease (particularly parasites) generally go together. With our cities offering cuisine from increasingly exotic regions of the world, this carries a higher incidence of parasite-borne diseases, especially if these regional foods are undercooked or even raw: Dutch herring, steak tartar, ceviche, sashimi, sushi for example. Tapeworm is high on the list of ‘residents’ in these foods as is the Anisakid Worm.

A food-handler with poor personal hygiene will more than likely increase the exposure and risk of pathogenic organisms spreading. Years ago kitchen staff wore gloves and hairnets when handling food. They don’t seem to do this any longer although regular hand-washing habits may be mandatory nowadays.

University of Gondar, Ethiopia

In 2003, 127 food-handlers working in the cafeterias of the University of Gondar and the Teachers Training College there were fingernail-tested. These café’s were selected because the mass-provision of foods is a likely source of transmitting infections. Fingernail contents of both the hands and stool specimens were collected from all 127 food-handlers. In addition to fecal matter under the fingernails, the following was found:

– Coagulase-negative staphylococci (41.7%) by Staphylococcus aureus (16.5%), Klebisella species (5.5%), Escherichia coli (3.1%), Serratia species (1.58%), Citrobacter species (0.8%), and Enterobacter species (0.8%).

– Shigella species were isolated from stool samples of four food-handlers (3.1%). None of the food-handlers was positive for Salmonella species and Shigella species in respect of their fingernail contents.

Thankfully no intestinal parasites were detected from fingernail contents, but intestinal parasites were detected in their stools:

– Ascaris lumbricoides (18.11%), Strongyloides stercoralis (5.5%) Entamoeba histolytica/dispar (1.6%), Trichuris trichiura (1.6%), hookworm species (0.8%), Gardia lamblia (0.8%), and Schistosoma mansoni (0.8%); 1.6% of the study subjects were positive for each of A. lumbricoides, T. trichiura, hookworm, and Giardia lamblia.

It’s clear from this and many other studies that food-handlers are a potential source of infections. It’s not only food handlers though. To give you an idea of where and how contamination occurs, here are a couple of lists.

The 10 ‘dirtiest’ jobs:

1. Teacher/day-care worker

2. Cashier (bank, post office, supermarket, fast foods etc)

3. Policeman

4. Animal control officer

5. Janitor, plumber

6. Computer repair (using dirty keyboard/mouse)

7. Doctor or nurse

8. Laboratory scientist

9. Rubbish collector

10. Meat packer

Here are some of the dirtiest places you’ll touch in your day:

1. Supermarket trolley handle

2. Office keyboard (not yours) and mouse

3. The button on a public or office drinking fountain

4. Door handles – toilet, refrigerator and microwave at office and home

5. Vending machine buttons

6. The kitchen sink in your home

7. Your toothbrush, if left near to a flushed toilet (always close the toilet lid!) and the toothbrush holder

8. TV remote control (hotels and home)

9. Anywhere around household pets (including sandboxes)

10. Escalator handrails

11. The buttons on ATM’s, lifts, video game controllers

12. Petrol pumps

13. Car steering wheels, especially with multiple drivers

Next time you go out for a drink, think before you dip your fingers into the bowl of peanuts on the bar. Alongside the nuts will be fecal matter and urine residue. Then of course there’s that lemon wedge in your drink:

“I worked in restaurants for years and here is what I saw. The lemons and limes were delivered and put into the walk-in cooler. When the bartender needs a hand full of them he would go grab them by putting them in his apron. He would then slice them up on a cutting board and put them into cups and place them on the bar. Customer # 1 orders a beer and pays for the beer. The bartender stuffs the cash into the register. Customer # 2 orders a vodka and soda with a lemon. Bartender reaches into the ice bin and fills the cup, grabs a lemon and squeezes the lemon into the drink. At no time does any water touch the fruit or his hands and this goes on all day. Money, ice and fruit. Oh, and the occasional trip to the john.”

Men generally have more germs under their fingernails than women but there are more germs found under artificial nails than under real ones.

There is of course hope…

Viruses and bacteria are an integral part of our lives. There are billions of them in and around us. A strong, healthy immune system will generally take care of most of the daily threats we pick up from that dirty supermarket trolley or domestic pet but being conscious about this is also valuable.

Some Nail Facts:

— onychopathy is the study of fingernails and toenails.

— Fingernails are essentially dead cells that are made of a protein called keratin – the same stuff as our hair. We’d get along fine without them but they’re great at help us do fiddly things like gripping things better, text messaging and scratching ourselves. They also absorb some of the stress that the tip of the finger bones would otherwise have to bear.

— Fingernails grow quicker when you’re young, faster on your more active hand and more in summer than winter. They also grow faster on pregnant women.

— Dry nails? Just drink more water.

On a final health note…

Try not to drink straight from aluminium cans. If you buy canned drinks and bring them home, wash the tops as they may carried a virus called Leptospirosis.

There’s much scaremongering on the internet about people dying from drinking out of unwashed cans. I’m not sure about the accuracy of that but if there’s any truth here, it would be because the victim had such a depleted immune system, offering little if any resistance to the invading bacteria.

Tests have shown that some aluminium cans carry dried rat urine containing Leptospira i. Cans are usually stored in rat-infested warehouses and delivered direct to retail stores without cleaning! Just so you know.

Let’s keep the exposure to a minimum.

How Parasites Can Cause Dark Circles Around The Eyes

Dark circles are one of the signs or symptoms of internal parasites. These generally appear after the parasites have already taken a toll on the body, and thus it is important to deal with them as soon as they appear. In many cases the dark circles can mean something else, such as a lack of sleep, physical stress or another illness. However, they should be investigated in order to find out what the cause is. If they are the result of parasites, one should immediately take action and eliminate the parasites, in order to restore health back to the body.

How Do Parasites Cause Dark Circles?

Fatigue. Fatigue is a common contributor to dark circles under or around the eyes. Parasites contribute to fatigue, as they feed off of the nutrients that are meant for the host. As a result, the host does not get the necessary nutrients that it needs and becomes tired and worn down, resulting in dark circles.

Iron. A deficiency in iron can also cause circles to form around the eyes. And once again, parasites can cause this, as it is an essential mineral that the parasites love to feed on. In addition to the iron, parasites also feed off of many other nutrients that are within the blood.

Pale Face. A lack of nutrients within the blood and body ultimately results in a pale face. Thus making the dark circles even more noticeable.

How To Eliminate The Dark Circles

The focus should not be on eliminating the dark circles, but rather, it should be on eliminating the parasites within the body. For once the parasites begin to leave the body, then more nutrients will go to the host, and thus the darkness will gradually begin to disappear.

The best way to eliminate the parasites is to create an environment within the body wherein the parasites can no longer thrive in. This can be done with a healthy diet, with other medicines or parasite cleansers. Once the parasites begin to die off, the symptoms will worsen, but then eventually go away as the parasites are eliminated.

Foods that help in eliminating parasites include hot and spicy foods, non-starchy vegetables and healthy oils such as raw, organic coconut oil and castor oil. Other foods that feed parasites should be eliminated during this time of parasite cleansing, as they will interfere with the anti-parasitic foods. These foods include all unnatural forms of sugars, simple carbs and foods that are high in unhealthy fats.

How to Lose Weight Without Movement and Strenuous Exercise

Long before the treadmill was ever invented a stationary exercise was discovered by the Chinese over 2700 years ago that helped people lose weight and strengthen not only their body, but also their mind from the inside out. Instilled in this exercise are philosophies perfected through thousands of years of cultural and spiritual evolution.

Taoist sages discovered that the secret to health did not lie from external sources or physical exertion but grew from within, when the body was stilled. Like a tree, in stillness one's body flourished from the inside out, became strong and healthy and in harmony with nature bringing the disbalances within the practitioners body back to a state of childlike serenity, where agility, health and peace of mind are a native phenomenon .
Through years of extensive research, the old masters discovered that the body and mind were akin to a midnight lake reflecting the soft glow of the moonlight. When one's body was not calm, the trembling surface of the lake distorted the image of the moon, but when one stilled the mind the body and mind gained a perfect reflection of the heavens, still and strong.

One of the main problems with exercise and health today, and really just the same as with most other aspects in our lives; by the time we realize our habits are beginning to affect us negatively, it is often already too late to do anything about it. People smoke every day, and then get cancer. Drink alcohol and have their liver fail, or in our case, lead an unbalanced life with a bad diet and well … get FAT. Now, being fat really would not be that much of an issue if that's all it was. Unfortunately being overweight is a state of disbalance which causes a lot of internal problems; motor problems, muscle problems, organ problems, nervous problems … And by the time all these things kick in enough that we start to take notice, most of the exercise regiments online or at the local gym are simple too demanding on your body to undertake regularly. Often they just simply hurt too much to do because your body has become so weak.

This is where the Western exercise regimes find their limits.

So today, I'm going to share this ancient exercise with you and I can guarantee you, that if you do this every day for just 30 to 60 minutes a day. Your health will come back, your body will become strong, your skin clear, your mind calm. Your dietary needs will change on their own from the inside out as if someone changed your configuration from within and you will lose weight.

The name of the exercise is called Post Standing or Zhang Zhuang and this is how to do it:

What you need:

Performing this exercise outside is preferred, but if you feel uncomfortable a well ventilated room will suffice.

Wear loose fitting clothes.

What to do:

– Stand up right, keep your spine straight
– Legs shoulder width apart.
– Keep your chin parallel to the ground
– Relax your shoulders
– Bend your knees so when you look down naturally your toes are obscured from the view
– Raise both your hands in front of you at chest high (just below your throat) and spread your fingers as if you were holding on to a big barrel or inflatable beach ball pressing against your chest
– Calm your breathing and concentrate on your belly button

Duration 30 – 60 Mins.

Things to expect:

– You may experience pain in areas where you have problems as your body tries to clear and rebalance itself from the inside out.
– Your legs, hands, body may start to tremble.
– You may heat up and start to sweat.
– Your heart rate may increase.
– You may feel cold, warm, tingling sensations.

All these symptoms are indications that your body is beginning to clear blockages and rebalances itself from the inside out. If you practice regularly, you will notice you will begin to feel better, calmer, want to eat and sleep less, have more energy, enjoy sex more, and be less hateful, jealous and angry.

As you still your mind like the water of the evening lake the moons reflection will become perfect. In the same way your body will become perfect from the inside out and your ailments will disappear. You need not move, just stand still and this ancient exercise will take care of you. From nothing emerges everything and from the stillness of Zhan Zhuang practice, thus will health come forth in your life.

Millions of people all over the world practice this exercise daily, from monks in temples to business men in billion dollar corporations. They have all alike found the powerful effects of post standing on a daily basis. Post Standing is the basis in 100s of forms of Kung Fu and is considered the pillar of strength, longevity and an integral component of spiritual cultivation.

Info Bite: Li Ching Yuen the oldest man to have ever lived who died at the age of 256 practiced a variation of these same forms of exercises.

It may seem odd that standing still can be considered an exercise, much less an activity that can actually help you lose weight or rejuvenate your health, but trust me … you will feel it when you do the work. I know a lot of people who can not hold the pose for 5 minutes before they start panting and buckle under the strain. It is not magic, these exercises have been refined for thousands of years and have been practiced for just as long in the east. The west is merely now beginning to scratch the surface and explore these chapters of the eastern medical history.

At first you may yourself have difficulty holding it for a long time. Start with 5 minutes, then as your endurance increases move on to 10, 15, 30 – 60 minutes per day.

Some of you reading this may try it once or twice, but those who make a habit of it from this day onwards, will remember this article as something that changed their life forever.

For more information on similar health practices research the words: Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors and hope that this has been a pleasant read.

Raw Hide Bones Versus Pork Hide Bones, Which Is Better?

You're thinking to yourself, "I'm bringing home my new puppy". If you want the best for him / her, you will learn what you can about raising a dog in a positive way.

Your dog is part of your pack. It is important that they are a part of your everyday family life. Do not ever leave dogs alone in the back yard or anywhere for days on end. They will get bored and lonely, just like you would. That is when dogs bark and dig. It's not the dog's fault, it's the owners fault when that happens. It is important to include them as family members. Dogs will be the most loyal companion you will ever know, especially when you take care of them in a loving way.

Pet parents love to give their dogs treats. It's part of the joy of owning a dog. You get to bond with your pampered puppy many different ways. One of the most fun ways is giving your loved dog treats. It brings great pleasure not only to your dog, but to you as well.

Since you want your dog to live the longest, healthiest life possible, it is vital to be aware of how important nutrition is. Reading and understanding labels on pet food and products is critical to the well being of your pampered puppy.

Dog's natural tendency is to chew. Pulling meat apart is their nature. It cleans their teeth and keeps their gums healthy. Picture wolves in the wild. They pull meat off of a carcass when they eat. That is why giving your pampered puppy things that they can tear apart with their teeth will save you frustration and a lot of money when they do not ruin your shoes, or a couch leg by chewing them.

Puppies need to chew a lot. So keeping things available to keep them engaged will make you and your precious puppy happier.

People have asked themselves, "Raw Hide Bones Versus Pork Hide Bones, which is better?" There can be so much confusion over the healthier choice. Rawhide and Porkhide Bones are made from the same part of the animal, there is no difference there. The processing is much the same. Both are used for cleaning the teeth and healthier gums. So what is the big difference?

Rawhide Bones are known to choke dogs. That is every pet parent's worse nightmare! Many people say to stay away from Rawhide Bones because they can be dangerous and cause choking. Rawhide is very stiff. If your dog swallows a piece of Rawhide, it can get lodged in their throat. This can lead to your dog gagging, vomiting, diarrhea and fever with signs of pain. In worse case scenarios, dogs have had to undergo painful and expensive surgery to remove the blockage.

Sometimes it is recommended to wash our hands after handling Rawhide Bones with soap and water to avoid contamination! I do not want to feed any of my pets, products where I am told to wash my hands after handling … how safe can those products be for your loved pet to eat?

Porkhide Bones are known to be more fattening than Rawhide Bones. Pet parent's who have an overweight dog need to be aware of the calorie content. If it is a known fact that your dog is allergic to pork, you would not want to feed Porkhide. Porkhide has been shown to be consistently free of salmonella during out breaks when Rawhide was tainted.

When there are added ingredients added to Porkhide or Rawhide treats, you have to ask yourself why are ingredients like sugar and salt added? Is there a specific nutritional value by adding those ingredients? You want to have confidence that no ingredients are added unless they have specific health benefits in whatever you feed your precious puppy or any loved pet.

Would you have peace of mind feeding your precious puppies pork treats that are healthy, with no unnecessary added ingredients, from a manufacturer with the strictest safety standards in the industry, which has resulted in never having anything recalled.

A report <br> free For, to learn insider secrets of the pet food and products industry to go The Http://www.tracyrobinson.net/ .

Foods That Relieve Constipation Also Help Prevent Bowel Impaction

Foods that relieve constipation should be eaten on a regular basis by anyone that has bowel impaction or problems going to the bathroom without straining. Straining when going to the bathroom has actually caused a heart attack in many people over the years.

You do not have to be a victim if you just eat more of the foods that relieve constipation, and less of the foods that cause constipation on a daily basis. A heart attack is not the only health problem you can develop as a result from being constipated.

Chronic Constipation can lead to many other health problems:

— Bowel Impaction
— Re-absorption of toxins into the bloodstream
— Headaches
— Malnutrition
— Indigestion
— Hemorrhoids from straining
— Varicose veins
— Diverticulosis
— Irritability
— Bowel cancer
— Auto immune diseases
— Abdominal pains
— Depression
— Weight gain

I know I sure do not want any of the symptoms listed above. If you suffer from any of the symptoms on the list, then you would greatly benefit by eating more of the foods that are on the foods that relieve constipation list below, and avoid doing the things, and eating the foods that cause constipation that I have also listed below.

Foods that relieve constipation

— Psyllium husks
— Ground Flax seeds
— Okra
— Prunes
— Dates
— Extra Virgin Olive Oil
— Potatoes
— Lettuce
— Onions
— Carrots
— Green peppers
— Apples
— Pears
— Oranges
— Grapefruits
— Grapes
— Strawberries
— Beans
— Other fruits and vegetables

Causes of constipation

— Eating refined foods like white flour that contain no fiber.
— Eating a lot of Cheeses
—- Pasta
— Pizza
— Cookies
— Drinking sodas and sugary drinks
— Eating a lot of Meat (meat has no fiber in it)
— Getting dehydrated
— Overeating nuts and seeds (soaking Raw nuts overnight in water will help but they are not as tasty)
— Drugs or Medications
— Improper diet
— Not going when you feel the urge and "holding it in" because you are not close to a bathroom or think you are too busy.

Over the years we have discovered that the same foods that relieve constipation, are also the same foods that are very healthy for you. The reason they are so healthy is that they contain vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and they are high in fiber. Also if you eat them raw (except beans and potatoes) they will also contain living enzymes that aid in digestion.

Let me just go over with you a few of the worst foods to eat if you are trying to relieve constipation.


Cheeses are very clogging to your digestive track. Every time I eat cheese, or meals containing cheese, it feels like my stomach turns into a knot, and I usually feel clogged up with stomach pains for a few days until it has worked his way back out of my system.

However I have been on a healthy diet program for a long time now, so my digestive track is used to processing and eliminating my foods without them getting clogged up in my intestines.

But, if you have been eating cheese and other clogging foods for a long time, you might be used to the feeling of having a clogged up digestive track, and most people in the United States have been eating this way their whole lives so they don 't know what it feels like to not have digestive pains of some type.

White bread

Just about every sandwich, every burger on a bun, dinner roles, cakes, cookies, pies, pizza, pasta, and fast food biscuits, can cause constipation, especially if they are eaten alone without enough of the foods that relieve constipation also being eaten at the same meal.

This is because they contain very little fiber in them. Any time you eat constipating type foods, you should balance it out by eating foods that are high in fiber that I have listed above.


Pizza is another food that usually takes a long time to move through the digestive tract. Pizza is also another food that has almost no fiber in. Cheese and white bread are two of the main foods that will clog down your digestive tract. And pizza contains both.

How to avoid constipation:

— Stay hydrated by drinking enough pure water, raw fruit juices and raw vegetable juices.
— Stop or cut way down on eating refined foods. (They glue us down inside)
— Eat a lot more of the foods that relieve constipation that I have listed above.

If you are constipated, then you have food that is stuck in your intestines. This food that is stuck in your intestines starts to rot more and more the longer it is in your body.

Constipation is unhealthy for the body, especially if you are eating toxic, artificial chemical containing foods, or foods that you are intolerant to. Many people have food allergies that they might not know about that can cause many different types of symptoms.

To avoid constipation, make sure that you are not eating refined starches that have had the fiber removed like white rice, pastas, breads, tortillas, and biscuits. Also when eating any type of starch, you want the meal to have enough oil in it. Extra virgin olive or coconut oil are good clean sources of oil to use.

The more oil in the meal the less chance of constipation. But too much oil will zap your energy. Also you will want to eat enough fiber containing vegetables (but not fruits) with any starch-based meal.

If you eat more raw fruit smoothies for breakfast, then the high water content (the pulp of the orange, grapes, or Grapefruit) and the fiber in pears, apples, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and cranberries should keep things moving and rinsed out .

Also smoothies are blended into a liquid, which also helps to avoid constipation. Another good meal to eat to relieve constipation is to make a soup with many neutral vegetables, add some okra (okra is kind of slippery in texture) and then blend it into an emulsion with some Extra Virgin Olive oil or Coconut oil. These liquid type meals rarely ever get stuck inside your digestive tract.

If you eat more of the foods that relieve constipation, and cut out the constipating ones, you will have better chances of not developing bowel impaction. If you already have bowel impaction, you might be able to slowly reverse it by eating more of the foods that relieve constipation.

What exactly is bowel impaction?

Bowel impaction is where a mass of food gets stuck inside your intestines and turns into a hard lump that does not come out. This lump of hard fecal matter then starts to rot. Then other foods that you eat later still has to be eliminated eventually, so they just have to go around the hard mass to get out. Your body might then develop chronic diarrhea to try and deal with the situation.

Bowel impaction can lead to the bowels becoming enlarged, which can then put too much pressure on the veins that are near the colon that are coming from various organs and muscles in the body.

Your organs need a fresh steady blood supply to function properly. You want all of your organs to work as they should if you want to stay healthy. Also high blood pressure can be because you have too many of your veins being pinched off. This is how varicose veins are formed. This is also how hemorrhoids are formed.

Just think of a water hose, if you pinch of the end of it, the pressure builds up and makes the hose expand. If you have high blood pressure because of veins being pinched off, then your heart will have to work harder to pump the blood through them.

By eating more of the foods that relieve constipation on a daily basis, you will feel better, you will become more regular in your bowel movements, and you will not have to worry as much about developing a more serious disease in the future that is caused from being chronically constipated.

I know that eating refined foods, candy, cakes, crackers, cheese, and pizzas are very tasty, but they cause constipation in many people. It is just not worth it to destroy our health by eating an unhealthy diet on a consistent basis. Also, once you cut out all the junk, and only eat healthy foods for a period of time, your taste buds will adapt, and the healthy foods will actually start to taste good.

Things to Do With Chimichurri

Okay, so you’ve found a great Chimichurri recipe or you’ve been given one by a friend. But what can you do with it? Well, the better question is, what can’t you do with it? Despite the vast number of origin stories or the people who fight over what constitutes traditional Chimichurri sauce, the fact is that there are so many different variations on the dish and even more ways that if can be used.

In some ways, Chimichurri is a base dish that you can add or make changes to depending on what you like and what you’re in the mood for. Every Chimichurri sauce will call for at least two cloves of finely chopped garlic, ½ cup of parsley, and olive oil. To this you can add chilli flakes, cilantro, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, and many more different things.

Once you have your Chimichurri recipe down, here are a few things that you can do with it:

– Pizza base

A lovely example of fusion food, use your Chimichurri to combine Argentinean and Italian food to crease a Chimichurri pizza. Brush (or dollop) your sauce onto the pizza base and add chicken, and/or beef, and/or seafood and cheese and grill until the cheese is melted. Then serve with a side salad (no dressing) and indulge in a wonderfully healthy and tasty dinner that you’ll keep coming back to.

– Pasta sauce

Chimichurri is traditionally a cold sauce but you can heat it up a tad to add to hot pasta or use as a sauce for a cold pasta dish-whatever you want. Many people use their left over Chimichurri sauce for this but you can whip up a batch for another healthy snack, dinner, or lunch item.

– Tortilla dip

Whether you make your own tortillas or buy them in store, having them with Chimichurri will add to the flavour and make you seem like the cooking king or queen. You can also try it with plain corn chips or original flavour potato chips but I find that these tend to overpower the Chimichurri while the tortilla chips complement it.

– Marinade

Cook your steak or seafood until they are rare so you’re not marinating on raw food, and then slather with the sauce. You can leave it in a slow cooker or place it on the stove top on low heat and allow the meat to absorb the flavours. This can also work with chicken.