Free Raw Recipe – Best Raw Food Bar Recipe

If you’re looking for a good or the best raw food bar recipe or have had problems making bars in the past, here is the best way to make raw food bars. When I first starting making raw foods many years ago, I had a problem finding the right consistency when trying to make raw bars. They were either too sticky or wouldn’t hold together. They would fall apart and be nothing like the bars you buy. I wondered what the secret was.

After trying dozens of recipes with disappointment, I did my own experimenting and found the best proportion of ingredients. Using nuts and dates to find a basic recipe, this one holds together nicely. Part of the secret is in a 2 process mixing.

I used Brazil nuts and cashews. Brazil nuts are hard nuts so should be ground to a finer grind to protect your teeth.

This easy recipe is quick although you’ll want to refrigerate it or put it in the freezer for awhile before you take the bars from home.

One of the problems in the consistency is that your dates may be different sizes. I use medjools but even those vary in size. So you may have to make some adjustments if they don’t turn out perfectly. But I’ve made these many times and they have always turned out great.

For my best raw food bar recipe:

Ingredients: 2 cups raw Brazil nuts, 2 cups raw cashews, 8 medjool dates, sea salt and lemon juice.

Put 1 1/2 cups of the raw Brazil nuts in a food processor and pulverize or grind into very small pieces, about the size for pesto. Does not have to be perfect. They will be different sizes and some will be very fine. This is good because it’s a hard nut. Then add 8 pitted medjool dates, they must be medjools. The fresher the better. Older dates may be drier. Then mix in the dates to form a dough but don’t overmix.

Then add 1/2 cup more of Brazil nuts and 2 cups raw cashews. Cashews are a softer nut and can be various very small chunks and some fine. No big chunks. Add a pinch of sun-dried sea salt and a squirt of fresh squeezed lemon juice and grind for a few seconds until mixed. The cashews should be ground fairly fine with some chunks. Feel the dough or mixture to see if it holds together. It’ll be a little sticky and it’ll set up in the refrigerator.

Now you can also add goji berries or other dried fruit if you like or a little shredded coconut just until mixed in. Don’t overmix.

Spread the dough into an 8, 9 or 10 inch square dish or 10 inch corning ceramic dish, depending on the thickness you want. You can also form the dough into balls. Place in the freezer for an hour or the refrigerator for a couple of hours or more. When set, slice into bars or into smaller pieces for a quick snack.

When eating Brazil nuts you don’t want to overindulge. Brazil nuts are high in selenium. Selenium is good for us and absent in the soil in many countries. But too much selenium can cause a toxic overdose. You can make and eat these whether you’re on a raw food diet or not. So go easy on the best raw food bars and don’t eat them all at one sitting. You’re sure to enjoy my best raw food bar recipe and make it over and over.

Health Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

There are many benefits associated with a raw foods diet. The raw foods diet is a vegetarian diet that centers on uncooked organic produce, seeds, nuts and drinking plenty of water. The diet promotes weight loss and body detoxification.

The fruits, vegetables and juices in a raw food diet have not been heated above 116 degrees and their fiber and nutrients have not been destroyed by heat. They provide more fiber and more energy than cooked foods. The health benefits of a raw food diet include healthier skin, weight loss, better digestion, and reduced risk of serious illness.

Eating this diet can reduce cholesterol, can reduce your risk of heart disease and can cut cancer risk. The diet is low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol. It is high in potassium, magnesium, fiber and folate (a B vitamin).

The raw foods diet is a great way to detoxify the body. It contains no chemicals or toxins and will help cleanse the colon, kidneys and detoxify the liver. It will also help break your dependence on processed carbohydrates and balance blood sugar.

The many benefits of eating raw food are reduced risk for disease and weigh loss. You can get more energy and have better digestion. You will cut your heart disease and cancer risks while feeling more alive and energetic. You will lose weight and have an easier time exercising. You can eliminate the bloating caused by excess sodium and chemicals in processed food. Your body will be cleansed and detoxified.

Starting a Raw Food Diet

If you are in the beginning stages of following a raw food diet plan, you might be at the point where you’re starting to tire and not because you’re not getting the required vitamins from your diet, but because you’re hitting the beginner’s wall.

The beginner will be highly excited to start the raw food diet plan. Maybe they’re doing it on the recommendation of a friend, or because of a book they’ve read, or something they’ve seen on television. Whatever their motivation, the first few days are always exciting. The first big meal with no cooked items will be a real treat. The beginner will buy cookbooks, look up tips online, talk it up endlessly with their friends, and raid the local grocer more often than they used to, looking for fresh new ingredients.

But after a few weeks, even the most exciting newcomer to the raw food way of eating is going to get a little tired out. The dozens of recipes they started with have been whittled down by availability and personal taste to no more than half a dozen irregular dishes that will start to become stale and repetitive; they will have all the cookbooks they could ever use, and read so many web articles that their eyes hurt. They’ll miss coffee and bread and the smell of a roast in the oven. Their friends will be sick of hearing about it, and they’ll be sick of ordering salads when they go out for dinner.

In the end, the raw food diet will become just like every other diet, unless you do two mantras you need to learn, right now, and repeat every day to prepare yourself for the beginner’s wall.

“It’s not a diet.”

If you go into eating raw foods because you want to lose weight, you can definitely achieve those goals. But if you think you can eat raw for a few weeks, drop a few sizes, and then go back to “normal living”, you might as well stop right now.

Diets don’t work because people don’t see them as lifestyle changes, they see them as quick fixes. So once the diet session is over, they go back to old destructive habits, and gain back all the weight they lost, and lose all the benefits of their quick trip to Healthyland. Now, no one is saying that in order to lose weight and keep it off, you need to eat nothing but raw foods for the rest of your life.

But if you want to see real results, you’re going to have to incorporate the information here into your own life, and make it work. The raw food diet is a lifestyle change, not a diet.

“You don’t know it all yet.”

You may become bored with this new raw food kick, but only if you let yourself become bored. When you stop learning, your attention falters, and other things grab for your interest. If you want to stay with it, you need to remember there is a lot of information out there, and you can’t possibly know it all, but it’s fun to try. Make an effort to learn one new fact about raw foods every day, a new recipe, a new way to prepare an old favourite, a new item that you’ve never heard of. Make every day different, and starting a raw food diet won’t be so difficult.

Tips to Cure Myopia Naturally – For You Who Want to See Clearly Without the Help of Your Eye Glasses

Are you a nearsighted person? If you are, then you have what is known as myopia. Is it a condition that affects your life negatively but you do not know what to do about it? Is the idea of seeing a doctor or surgeon scary to you? If you answered yes, there are tips to cure myopia naturally that are not invasive at all.

The tips to cure myopia you will want to take are simple and can easily be done. Do not read or view things while in a room that has a dim light. Also, you should avoid rooms that are lit too brightly. While in a vehicle, reading should not be done because your eyes do not properly focus when trying to read something in a moving vessel. Watching television for long periods of time is also detrimental. All of these things cause eye strain.

Taking vitamin A is a treatment. You can eat foods that contain it. Foods like butter, raw spinach, milk cream, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, soy beans, green peas, carrots, turnip tops, and dates all contain vitamin A and are good sources of it. Mixing honey and liquorice together and drinking it with milk is also effective.

Diet is very important to treating and curing myopia. The best diet to try is the raw food diet. All fruits and vegetables are beneficial. So if you like apples, pears, oranges, cherries, strawberries, celery, onion, broccoli, bell peppers, and cauliflower, eat up because they are all of benefit.

There are also foods you should avoid eating. Red meat, coffee, sugar, desserts, and white bread are bad for the condition.

So those are a few tips to cure myopia. They are easy to follow and only require minor adjustments to everyday habits to prove successful. Anyone can do these so give them a try.

Raw Food & Raw Food Restaurants in San Francisco – the Very Best Places to Eat Healthy

Raw Food In San Francisco

San Francisco is a raw food mecca–literally. There are numerous sources of fresh, organic produce in San Francisco, and plenty of vegan and raw food restaurants. San Francisco is a very health-conscious and “green” city.

The Best Places to Buy Raw Food in San Francisco

One of the best places to buy raw food is Rainbow Grocery, which sells 100% organic vegetarian food. Absolutely no meat is sold here. Rainbow Grocery is an independently owned cooperative located in the Mission district on Folsom Street. Other places to buy raw food include: Whole Foods Market (2 locations in the city), Harvest Urban Market, Buffalo Whole Foods, The Real Food Company, Valencia Whole Foods and Other Avenues Community Food Store.

How to Buy Raw Food–Fresh From Your Local Farmers

You can also buy raw food from local farmers through a program called a CSA. CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” When you join a CSA, you will receive a box of fresh produce each week from local farmers. Local CSA’s in the San Francisco/Berkley area include: Eatwell Farm, Mariquita Farm, Farm Fresh To You, and Riverdog Farm. To find a CSA near you, visit Local Harvest’s website.

Another great source of fresh produce is local farmers’ markets. Buying direct from farmers is cheaper than buying produce from a grocery store (usually). Plus, you can buy in bulk. Even better, S.F. farmers’ markets offer organically grown food–along with the standard, conventionally raised produce. Finding organically grown produce at farmers’ markets is not common in many East Coast cities. So, San Francisco is especially lucky in this regard.

San Francisco Raw Food Restaurants

Over the last 5 years, more raw food restaurants have opened their doors, as consumers seek healthier alternatives to the destructive American diet of processed foods and excess fat. Raw food restaurants are a great way to eat healthy when traveling. The San Francisco/Berkley area has five raw food restaurants, plus several juice bars. Be sure to grab The Raw Food Restaurant Guide for more information (see below).

Raw Food Support Groups in San Francisco

The best way to succeed on a raw food diet is to have people who encourage and support you. San Francisco is lucky to have many raw food support groups and potlucks. According to Living Nutrition’s website, there are six raw food potlucks in the Bay area, including one in Marin. You may also consider forming a Raw Food Meetup group. According to Meetup’s website, 85 people in San Francisco want to form a raw food Meetup group.

Whatever you do, try to incorporate more raw foods into your diet. Your body will thank you!

Raw Food Weight Loss Diet – Easy Recipes!

Just a little bit ago, I answered some very popular FAQ’s about the Raw Food Weight Loss Diet. Now I want to take an even closer look at one of the biggest concerns most people have with the Raw Food Diet – What to eat.

This is a concern with any diet, whether for weight loss, detox, or just general health. Many times you’ll know the basics of what you can eat, but you will get bored with the basics pretty quickly. This pushes the door wide open so temptation can waltz in a foil your plan -again!

This doesn’t have to be the case, and is one of the biggest reasons I advise people starting this diet to get a Raw Foods Cookbook to help them out. Here are two very easy recipes I’ve come to love to help you through your day.

Tomato Cups

3 medium tomatoes

1/4 of a small cucumber

1 stick celery

1/2 of a small onion

1/4 cup of fresh parsley

1/2 tablespoon fresh mint

1/2 clove garlic

1/4 cup sesame seeds

1 teaspoon lemon juice

1/2 tablespoon olive oil (optional)

Sea salt to taste

Cut the tomatoes in half and scoop out center, leave about a fourth of an inch worth of wall. Put the scooped out pulp in a bowl and set aside.

Finely chop (or use a food processor) all the other ingredients and put in the bowl with tomato pulp.

Mix well.

Fill the tomato halves slightly higher than the brim.

Makes 6 cups.

These are great for a snack, side dish, or anytime. You can even use smaller tomatoes to make them finger food. 🙂

Nuts Over Raw Salad

1 cup Almonds

1 cup Cashews

1 cup Walnuts

1 cup Peanuts

1 cup Pumpkin Seeds (de-shelled)

1 cup Raw Chocolate Nibs

4 tablespoons of Agave Nectar

Sea Salt

1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon

Mix all the nuts and seeds in a large bowl. Add agave nectar and stir well. Sprinkle cinnamon, chocolate, and desired sea salt amount and stir once more.

This takes only a few moments and can be eaten at breakfast, on the go, or even as a late night snack and I love the salty/sweet combination!

All it takes to ease into this diet is replacing your snacks with healthier choices like the salad above, and replacing one meal a day with a raw meal. I wish you tons of success!

3 Great Reasons to Switch to a Raw Food Vegan Diet

Raw food is generally defined as food that has not been heated beyond 115F. Generally, people on a raw food vegan diet eat raw at least 75% of the time. There are some great reasons to consider such a diet.

Benefit 1 – Rapid Weight Loss

People who eat a such a diet experience rapid weight loss. This is due to the fact that the vegan food has a lot of fiber and few calories. The fiber gives you the feeling of being full, hence people on raw food vegan diets eat their fill and yet drop pounds.

Benefit 2 – Improved Health

In addition to making you slimmer, which alone results in less chance for many diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, a raw diet has many other health benefits. Many vitamins, healthy bacteria and digestive enzymes are destroyed when food is heated over the 115F threshold. Raw eaters benefit from such nutrients, which eases digestion, boost energy levels and improve skin.

Processed food is loaded with sugars and preservatives, which can cause a low energy state. Since raw foods don’t have preservatives and have significantly less sugar. Eating a raw diet can make a marked improvement for your overall health and well being.

Benefit 3 -More Environmentally Friendly and Ethical

Most meat eaten in the United States comes from CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feed Operations). These mega feed lots have an atrocious environmental impact and are known for horrendous animal living conditions. In the contrary, an organic raw food vegan diet takes people out of the CAFO system and provides them with food that is ethical, healthy, and better for the earth.

Vegans should make sure to supplement their diets with B12 since it is only found in animal products.

So drop some pounds, be healthier and do something great for the earth.

Raw Food Detox Diet – How I Lost 20 Pounds in One Week Using the Simple Raw Food Detox Diet!

The raw food detox diet is getting popular these days as people want to cleanse their bodies properly using natural remedies. This method offers valuable vitamins, minerals and enzymes that you lose during the high heat cooking process. Raw food diet has been recognized to assist people to lose weight, increase their stamina, improve their overall health and provide higher chance of longevity.

This natural raw food detox diet remedy will provide macrobiotic aid and will promote health by avoiding highly refined or processed foods. Taking these food will make us gain extra weight and increase our intake of sugar, fat and chemical content which will throw our entire system out of balance.

The modern food we eat today and how they are processed affect the health problems of most humans in this world. Using macrobiotic raw food detox diet, you will eat your food in smaller portion and chew your food thoroughly so that the digestive system can work efficiently.

In this way, all the foods eaten will be fully utilized by your body. No doubt is true cooked vegetables and soup are delicious to have, but the way of preparing will rob them of their natural goodness.

However, if you eat in a poor way such as having meat and processed food, they will provide nothing good for your body to function properly. In fact, many people have turn to fresh uncooked food diet to give their digestive system a much needed break from processed food and toxic loaded meats.

During this process, the body will gently tune itself as the raw food detox diet are loaded with extra vitamins and minerals to boost the health and immune system of your body. In the long run, your overall health will improve and the good news is the recipes are easy to follow and tasty to eat.

How to Have Great Skin With a Raw Food Diet

Ever notice how raw foodists have great skin? One of the major points supporting a raw food diet is the amazing, youthful appearance that goes along with the weight loss and exuberant energy levels. This article will explain some of the reasons why raw food can lead to youthful skin. We’ll also cover ways that raw foodists may risk damaging their skin over the long term.

Mechanisms of skin aging

Skin aging is a complex process. Dermatologists distinguish two types of aging skin: chronological aging and photoaging. These two aging patterns are typically found at the same time, but have different symptoms. Chronologically aged skin sags due to the breakdown of the underlying elastin fibers, while photoaged skin shows wrinkles and spots of hyperpigmentation.

Both forms of aging occur due to damage caused by inflammation and free radicals in the skin. UV radiation, stress-induced systemic inflammation, and toxin-induced local inflammation are the primary culrpits. When these forms of molecular injury occur, tissue-chewing proteases like collagenase get activated to remove the damaged material. When this process occurs enough times in one place, a wrinkle forms. So the name of the game in fighting wrinkles is never to allow the damage (i.e. inflammation) occur in the first place.

Skin Care Benefits of Raw Foods.

Raw foods are extremely helpful for the preservation of wrinkle-free skin. This admirable feat is accomplished in a variety of ways.

1. Antioxidants Raw foodists take in a much higher load of antioxidants like vitamin C and phytonutrients than people on a cooked food diet. As a result, more free radicals are stopped in their tracks before causing damage to skin tissue and generating inflammation.

2. Toxin-free Toxins associated with cooking food are eliminated from the diet entirely. One type of toxin derived from cooked food is known collectively as advanced glycation end products. These sugar-protein complexes get stuck in the system and create local sites of inflammation by disrupting cell-cell interactions.

3. Hormone-free = Stress-free By eating no meat and avoiding dairy, raw foodists reduce systemic stress caused by dealing with animal hormones. Raw foodists frequently report a more peaceful disposition once they have adopted the diet. By reducing stress, a major source of wrinkles is dropped.

4. Deeper sleep When your digestive process is moving along at full speed, your body can focus more on sleeping. That drain of energy that occurs after eating a big steak– it may feel like you’re getting some rest, but it’s coming straight out of your energetic bottom line. Your body, and especially the skin, repairs itself during sleep cycles. Eating raw food helps you do that.

Skin Care Caution for Raw Foodists

While raw food offers many benefits that balance out strongly in the positive direction for skin care, a few important issues need to be considered.

1. Nutrient deficiencies Raw foodists can come up short in key nutrients for the skin. Among these, omega-3 fatty acids and carnitine are often deficient in the raw food diet.

2. Protein deficiencies Adequate skin repair requires protein. When you are getting enough protein, your body can do the important work of filling in gaps and wrinkles before they become permanent.

3. High-glycemic inflammation Inflammation-producing toxins like the advanced glycation endproducts we described above can form in the body due to very high blood sugar levels. This is one way that eating too many fruits unbalanced by fiber and protein can paradoxically lead to more wrinkles.

Free Raw Food Recipe – Best Blueberry Or Blackberry Pie Raw Recipe

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to cooked berry pies or even cooked desserts that are laden with unhealthy fats and sugars, why not try my live-food, free, easy, raw berry pie recipe. Many people are gradually making the switch from cooked desserts and cooked foods which are causing so many of our health problems today. It doesn’t matter if you’re a raw fooder or eat the standard American diet; you’ll love this raw berry pie recipe and know that you’re doing your body good in the process.

In fact making a raw berry pie does not require turning on the oven and can be made in virtually minutes. I have often timed myself and can make this pie in ten minutes or less if the ingredients are assembled. Equipment: food processor.

This is my own creation, one of many vegetarian, vegan and raw food recipes that I have developed and created over the past few years as a raw fooder – eating raw foods, having cured myself of breast cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis and sinus infections along with many other ailments.

You can use the pie crust for dozens of other types of raw food recipes or live pies including raw or live apple pie. I’ve experimented with dozens of variations and tried various ingredients but I’ve found this raw blackberry or blueberry pie recipe is the best, fastest and easiest recipe to make. In fact if you’re going to have company coming over you can whip this free raw food diet recipe up in no time.

Helen’s Best Raw Berry Pie – the ingredients: 12 organic medjool dates, 1 cup raw pecans, 4 cups fresh or frozen blueberries, blackberries or boysenberries and 2 bananas.

For the crust put 1 cup of raw pecans in a food processor and grind until fine. Add 8 pitted organic medjool dates and process until mixed fairly well. Place into a 9-inch pie plate.

For the binder mix two bananas, 8 berries or so for color and 4 medjool dates in a food processor – use the same food processor – don’t need to wash it. Remove to large bowl and carefully fold in 4 cups of fresh or frozen or partially frozen blueberries, boysenberries or blackberries. Spread berry-binder mixture on top of the crust. Decorate with boysenberries or blackberries around the edge of the pie. Refrigerate.

This live or raw berry pie is a family favorite and one I have served on many occasions to company who are not aware they are eating something healthy containing all the vibrant nutrients – nothing cooked out.

This pie is really good with boysenberries too. You can also slice some fresh kiwi on the top or other fruits that won’t turn color.

One nice thing to know about fixing any raw food recipe is that you can eliminate, substitute or add ingredients easily and it will still taste delicious! In this vegan or raw food diet recipe – you may only have one banana on hand for example or you can make half the recipe. You can substitute the pecans for a mixture of one half cup pecans and one half cup walnuts, or all walnuts.

If you live in an area where you have tons of wild blackberries you can make this pie for pennies. Pick blueberries cheaply in the summer and freeze them for year-round use, although fresh berries are always the best. You can make raw berry pies with this free raw food recipe year-round and you’ll feel good too knowing you have served your friends and family something that will help them better their health and help them lose weight if they need to too.