Fabulous Vitamins That Make Your Boobs Bigger

When it comes to naturally enhancing your breasts food can play a pivotal role. Not just any foodstuff you like it has to contain the right vitamins and minerals. To help you through this particular minefield I have listed the top 7 vitamins and minerals to help make your boobs bigger and the benefits each one actually possesses.

1. Vitamin A Helps to keep the cells in your body healthy and boosts the immune system. This vitamin will help to keep your skin soft and smooth and prevent the effects of aging. With regards to your breasts vitamin A will help prevent wrinkles and sagging of the breast (essential when wanting bigger boobs). Vitamin A can be readily found in foods such as milk and eggs. Don’t worry if your vegan though as it can also be found in various fruits and vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes and cantaloupe melons.

2. Vitamin B6 is a useful vitamin that ensures our circulatory system is in tip top condition. It also promotes healthy red blood cells. Having a good circulation of red blood cells will help your boobs get bigger when you use a massage technique on your breasts. This added stimulation will cause the bountiful blood cells to populate the breasts and help them get bigger. Vitamin B6 is found in nuts, seeds, potatoes and bananas.

3. Vitamin C is important for growth of the muscle tissues, which in turn will help your breasts grow when using any of the exercise techniques. You will want to help your pectoral muscles as much as possible so they will give your boobs a good lift and make them more firm and rounded. Vitamin C is commonly found in oranges and other citrus fruits but is also present in spinach and broccoli.

4. Vitamin E helps in the health of red blood cells and is also said to be able to help prevent cancer, as we mentioned above healthy blood cells are a must for anyone looking to get bigger boobs. Another benefit of vitamin E is that it can help reduce your cholesterol levels too. Vitamin E can be found in Nuts and green vegetables. Avocados are a rich source of vitamin E too.

5. Zinc is needed by the body for a healthy immune system it also helps to promote the growth of healthy new tissues. This is a must when we are looking to get bigger breasts. Zinc is commonly found oysters, lamb and even dark chocolate. You did read that right chocolate can have health benefits.

6. Selenium is a helpful mineral to have in the body as it helps to repair damaged cells and promote growth of new ones. This is essential when looking to make your boobs bigger naturally. You will find selenium in foods such as Brazil nuts, tuna, beef and cod.

7. Folic acid also known as vitamin B9 is another mineral that promotes the growth of healthy cells and tissues within the body and can be found in asparagus, dried beans and liver.

Please bear in mind when you are looking to get bigger breasts naturally that these vitamins are essential, but be aware that too much can have negative effects. If you are going to take vitamin supplements to compliment your diet then make yourself familiar with daily recommended amounts.

Taking these vitamins can help with natural breast growth especially when used in conjunction with breast massages or breast enhancement exercises. They can also be found in most creams and lotions that help you to get bigger breasts without the pain and cost of surgery.

Mediterranean Diet Menu and Principles

The Mediterranean diet menu is based on the peculiarities of residents of the Mediterranean region. This diet is suitable for people who want to correct their figure or keep it for a long time. Followers of Mediterranean diet believe that it can rejuvenate and improve the body, improve eyesight, make skin look younger and more elastic, lower cholesterol levels in the blood and keep the cardiovascular system in an ideal state.

Major proof of this is the low level of mortality in Southern France, Spain and Italy, where people consume a lot of olive oil and red wine.

The principles of a Mediterranean diet menu:

You should eat vegetables every day and not less than one kilogram. It can be any vegetable: all varieties of cabbage, pepper, tomatoes, eggplants, leeks, carrots, courgettes and olives. Nutritionists are sure that olives (green and black) are rich in vitamins A, C and E and contain very healthy vegetable fats, sugars and proteins.

Proteins: meat, fish and eggs. Mediterranean diet menu is based on natural and low-fat meat. You should regularly eat fresh fish, seafood (lobster, squid, mussels and scallops) and low-fat meat (at least 5 times a week), as well as vegetable oils. The menu also includes eggs (no more than 2-4 per week) and dairy products – natural yogurt but not too much, for example: a piece of cheese or a glass of yogurt a day.

The major rules of Mediterranean diet menu:

It is recommended to have carbohydrate foods for breakfast (muesli or porridge) and for dinner to have protein foods (vegetables). For lunch – vegetables, pasta (noodles) or rice.

Recommended carbohydrates: pasta, oatmeal, bread, rice, cereals (muesli, porridge).

It is recommended not to consume a lot of refined carbohydrates like milk and curd.

Be sure to eat garlic and onions. Add fresh herbs everywhere (marjoram, tarragon, basil, celery, parsley, dill etc).

It's better to consume raw or boiled vegetables

It is not recommended to add flour or eggs to the fish dishes and to prepare fish on the grill with vegetables.

Drink a glass of red wine every day. Grape wine contains an enormous amount of vitamins and minerals, fruits sugars and tanning agents.

Eat as many fruits as you want but not less than three units a day (grapes, pears, apples, peaches, plums, persimmon, etc).

In fact, the Mediterranean diet menu is built correctly on the food pyramid. About 60% of a diet are carbohydrates (products from cereals, pasta, bread), approximately 30% is fats (mostly olive oil) and approximately 10% of the menu are proteins (meat, fish, cheese).

Fruit and Vegetable Diet – How I Lost 13 Pounds in 14 Days With a 2 Week Fruit and Vegetable Cleanse

Fruit and Vegetable Diet Cleanses are really gaining in popularity as a way to accomplish very fast weight loss!

After a particularly stressful winter I had packed on some unwanted unsightly pounds that I wanted gone quick.

Summer was coming and that meant skimpier clothes and shorts and I did not want to be wearing layers of clothes to hide my rolls and bulges if you know what I mean. In addition my normally comfortable clothes had become much less comfortable (read: tight around the middle!).

I had lost weight before and kept it off for years but because of my emotional eating during a long period of stress in my life some weight has slipped back on my body and I was miserable! I knew the usual weight loss tricks and plans and options but I was darn sick of them.

I did not want to see another frozen diet meal from Lean Cuisine or Weight Watchers. I knew down deep those frozen concoctions were packed with preservatives and quite often loads of sodium and chemicals.

In addition I had been a vegetarian for many years in my past and my gut was telling me I needed to get away from eating inhumanely treated factory farmed animals that have had a slaughter house experience.

So it seemed like a natural progression for me to take a look at a way of eating I had embraced in the past and see if it would give me the results I was looking for. I wanted to lose weight fast, improve my energy and stamina and improve the look of my skin and my overall health.

I started with a 14 day fruit and vegetable diet cleanse and I was blown away! The pounds came flying off so fast it made my head spin. I was never hungry and I ate lots of delicious healthy foods! You can imagine how excited I was to get on the scale after 14 days and see the huge loss of weight.

Force Your Body to Burn Fat With the Day Off Diet

Low calorie diets don't work in the long run because they slow down your metabolism. When your metabolism is slowed down your body turns to muscle for survival. What's that mean? In "survival mode" your body actually burns muscle for energy instead of fat. It doesn't take a scientist to see how bad this is for what you want with your body.

Muscle is good. Every pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day at rest. A pound of fat burns just 2 calories a day at rest. So many women have the wrong idea about muscle, they think that they are going to suddenly look like some sort of steroid using freak if they lift a few barbells. It's not that easy to look like that! It will not happen just by doing a little strength training. Anyway, I guess that's a bit of a digression. My point is that muscle makes you look better. Those really hot celebrities you see on TV? They are not afraid of muscle. You should not be either. What you need to be afraid of is fat! Fat is your enemy.

You need to choose a diet which keeps your body's metabolism boosted and running on high. Why? Because when your metabolism is running on high your body burns fat (and not muscle) for energy. This is exactly what you want. The best diet to do just that is The Day Off Diet. First of all The Day Off Diet's program is based around "green light foods" which are the perfect types of food for losing fat while keeping hold of your muscle, and secondly the diet's built in "day off" gives your body a much needed regular "calorie spike" which keeps the metabolism from ever slowing down. This is how The Day Off Diet actually forces your body to burn fat fast.

Christmas in July – Fun Facts and History!

The Australian ‘Christmas in July’ celebration is a somewhat unusual and some suggest even slightly eccentric festival that now attracts international travellers to the land down-under! Christmas in July’ or Yulefest as it is also known is believed to have been born by accident one snowy wintery night in July of 1980 at an award-winning boutique hotel ‘Mountain Heritage’ in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. A group of Irish guests noticed the irony of winter weather in July and wanting to recreate the feelings associated with winter back home, asked the hotel proprietor if he could organise a few Christmas-style food and festivities for them that night. Thus was born Christmas in July sporting Christmas decorations, snowmen, mulled wine, carols, roast dinners, mince pies, plum pudding, egg nog, bonbons, Christmas crackers, log fires and the occasional snow fall amongst a magical winter Yuletide wonderland of festivities.

The idea spread fast and now in July, the peak season for the Australian snow fields, Christmas decorations and special events are meticulously planned to attract visitors for snow themed Yulefest celebrations. Many families now enjoy winter holidays at the snow fields where they build snowmen as they watch Santa Claus in the distance zip zagging through the snow slops HoHOho-ing!

Interestingly, the earliest reference for the phrase ‘Christmas in July’ was in July 1933 at a girl’s summer camp in North Carolina USA. The term later gained momentum with the release of the Hollywood movie comedy ‘Christmas in July’ in 1940. Later in 1942, the Calvary Baptist Church in the USA celebrated ‘Christmas in July’ featuring a sermon ‘Christmas Presents in July’ which also included the erection of a Christmas tree, which by the end of the sermon would be covered with donations and gifts from the congregation. The donations and gifts are then distributed to missions worldwide. In 1946 this annual service began to be broadcast over local radio. It was not until the 1950’s that American advertisers lead the way for “Christmas in July” themes for sales.

While the Yulefest has become an incredibly popular annual Australian non-official holiday season, Christmas in July in Copenhagen, Denmark at Bakken is quite unique, featuring the annual World Santa Claus Congress. Bakken is a popular amusement park where hundreds of Santas, Mrs Clauses and elves from around the world come together to be jolly at this festival each year. They hold parades and love to go to the beach for an annual beach paddle. It’s known to be quite amusing to see all these Santas at the beach. The King of Santas for the year is named during this ‘Christmas in July festival’ and many challenging issues are discussed like what is Santa’s true homeland and what size presents should be given! There are even belly shaking chuckle competitions as part of the festivities at this fun event.

Here are some universal thoughts on some of the symbols related to Christmas in July:

– Red is the main colour of Christmas in July – represents the magical flow of life, the blood that flows within all of us – so remember to let your love, passion and energy flow. Commit to show your love a little more each day and do what you do, no matter how insignificant you may consider it, with a little more love and enthusiasm each day and you will discover a new passion for life within you and a new flow of energy.

– The second colour of Christmas in July is green – greenery reminds us to honour the everlasting transformative element of nature. Everything is radiating energy. Energy does not die it merely transforms. Green soothes our heart knowing we are part of an endless cycle that disburses and rebirths anew.

– The combination of Red and Green on the colour wheel – red and green are opposites and opposites create balance. These two prominent colours of Christmas in July draw us to a deep unconscious connection to harmony and peace that we all seek within. The Christmas wreath has both red and green and is tied with a ribbon to remind us that we are all tied together; we belong to each other!

Dieting For Health and Fitness With the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

By taking on the Mediterranean diet, you are entering into one of the top rated diet programs for staying healthy and in shape.

Imagine a diet that includes seafood, red meats, poultry, eggs, vegetables and fruit, legumes, nuts, beans, and even olive oil to not only lose weight and keep fit, but also to decrease your risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Dieters who have followed this diet plan say they do not feel deprived because the food is so satisfying and the meals are balanced.

The Mediterranean Menu

Nutritionists today believe that the best diet route to health and fitness starts with a well balanced diet of natural foods on which our bodies can thrive. The diet fills this bill completely, and the Mediterranean diet cookbook will help you plan and prepare healthy and delicious meals. The elevated numbers of Americans and Europeans fighting diabetes, heart disease, cancer, gallstones, and obesity are a flag that those diets, high in animal fat, unhealthy carbs, and junk food are making us sick, and crash diets as well as other unsafe dieting methods may be exasperating our chronic illnesses.

The Mediterranean diet cookbook can teach you to find and prepare foods that adhere to the diet guidelines to keep you slim and healthy. And, since the Mediterranean diet was well studied and researched to verify its safety, it only makes sense to adopt it for your weight loss plan.

The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

The Mediterranean diet cookbook comes with some interesting history of the diet's origins, including some facts about its three Mediterranean regions and their unique foods and recipes. The cookbook will teach you different food preparation tips that will guarantee healthy benefits in every meal, including salads, entrees and even deserts.

It is important to keep in mind that the cookbook is not intended to be used as a traditional cookbook. In other words, its purpose is not to describe how to cook meals and it is not intended for weight loss. The described Mediterranean diet is intended to guide you toward a healthy, balanced lifestyle through the foods you eat.

The key is, if you're overweight when you begin the Mediterranean diet it probably because you diet is not as healthy as it could be, and perhaps you're not getting regular moderate exercise. This diet is going to improve your eating habits and bring you into a new and healthy way of eating that will likely lead to weight loss, and a very healthy life.

3 Extremely Efficient Ways to Increase Semen Volume and Sperm Count

In case you are concerned about the quantity of semen you ejaculate, let me just say there are several natural methods to aid in increasing your sperm production.

Natural Solutions For An Increased Ejaculation

1. Stay well hydrated – Maintaining the body well hydrated is among the most crucial measures you’ll want to consider so that you can produce as well as ejaculate a larger amount of sperm. But if the body is not properly hydrated, chances are it will decrease the quantity of semen created. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consume a minimum of 8 glasses of normal water daily.

In case you exercise in a health club, you need to consume much more water because you usually sweat out considerably. The main concept is to maintain your body properly hydrated.

2. Zinc and Essential Fats must be integrated in what you eat. The reason being both equally are vitally important to the growth of the male sex hormone Testosterone. Zinc deficiency usually leads to reduced ejaculation volume and sperm count. This can also lead to fertility problems.

Different scientific studies and tests show that zinc health supplements will help you increase the ejaculation volume and sperm count.

Animal protein is definitely the ideal supply of zinc because zinc made by this source is most easily assimilated by your system.

Besides this, the body needs essential fats like Omega 3 to be able to create hormones such as Testosterone. Certain foods that include essential fats must consequently be an element of your everyday eating habits. Several excellent sources could consist of nuts and beans. olives, olive oil and so on.

3. Herbal Sperm Enhancers

This kind of natural health supplements is definitely a great aid. They aren’t simply a wealthy mix of minerals such as zinc oxide as well as different herbs but additionally include a great deal of amino acids like l-arginine, l-carnitine, l-glysine etc., which are vitally important to get the desired sperm count.

Cutting edge sperm enhancers will help increase your ejaculation volume by an incredible 500% if you take them for 4-5 months. In addition to this, these sperm enhancers additionally assist you to have hard and strong erections due to increased blood circulation towards the male member.

More than that, there aren’t any unwanted effects. For this reason these herbal remedies have grown to be very popular between men looking for sexual enhancement. Also, these herbal supplements are medically authorized and endorsed by physicians.

How Brooklyn Chef Brings Raw Foods to Life

Brooklyn chef Neal Harden has a passion for raw, plant-based cuisine that's all natural and he brings that passion to his head chef position at Maimonides of Brooklyn (also known as MOB). Supporting healthy lifestyles and community food economies, his focus is on developing delicious meals using fresh, organic, and bio-dynamic food from local providers.

With more than ten years of experience and education in the culinary arts, Chef Neal specializes in raw foods, vegan and vegetarian cuisine, healing and whole foods, and gluten-free cooking. But, what makes his vegetarian cooking so different from what other restaurants serve? With his focus being on fruits and vegetables and not meat substitutes, his cuisine is delectable enough to strike a cord with traditional carnivores as well. Rather than relying on soy powders, he uses real, fresh ingredients from local markets. According to Chef Neal at MOB, "we source what we can locally, which means greenhouse lettuce and a heap of potatoes and beets around March. . "

Chef Neal and MOB uses and sells locally produced items like honey and maple syrup. They also use organic products like flour, soy, corn, and other ingredients with everything being non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). They even provide gluten-free bread upon request. Chef Neal has discovered traditional brunch flavors in many creative ways, explaining, "We make a biscuit sandwich with tomato, avocado and smoked, thinly sliced, marinated eggplant that gives you the smoky sensation of bacon; spicy, coarse Cayuga Pure Organics grits with shiitake mushroom sauce and kale; and an apple wood-smoked sausage with chickpea flour, shiitake mushroom and white sweet potato.

Chef Neal was drawn to Maimonides of Brooklyn because of their core promise that "no disease that can be valued by diet should be treated with any other means." That is what they strive to do: bringing people together by making food "medicine" for the body and soul.

After graduating in 2005 from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health, Neal became the Executive Chef of Pure Food and Wine in New York, a fine dining vegan food restaurant. Since that time, Neal has learned cooking techniques from other cultures, traveling the United States, Bali, Tokyo, and Paris.

Food for Love and Romance

Throughout history much food for love have been linked to sexual desire, and many have been claimed to increase sexual desire and/or pleasure. Modern Western medical science does not however support this view and there is little scientific evidence that any specific food increases sexual desire or performance.

Science does however concede that many different foods have physiological effects, raising body temperature, encouraging increased energy levels, encouraging production of hormones, changing levels of neurotransmitters and lowering inhibitions. These kinds of observed effects coupled with a placebo effect, the belief in their efficacy, probably account for the reputation that some foods have gained for being aphrodisiacs.

Some foods claimed to have aphrodisiac properties are:

Dark chocolate– chocolate is a complex food, but it is now known that, amongst other ingredients it contains Phenylethylamine and Serotonin which are naturally occurring mood lifting chemicals in the human brain. Eating dark chocolate, which is rich in these substances, brings about a mild euphoria, a slight rise in blood pressure, and general feelings of well being such as are associated with being in love. Dark chocolate also contains flavanol antioxidants which are of positive health benefit.

The reputation of chocolate as an aphrodisiac originated in South America over a thousand years ago where it was prized by both Mayan and Aztec cultures. When chocolate was discovered by the Spanish Conquistadors so was its reputation which has lingered on.

Oysters– oysters have long had a reputation as an aphrodisiac, but with little scientific foundation. They are though a very healthy and well balanced food like eggs. They contain protein, carbohydrates, lipids, an array of vitamins (A, B1, B2, C, and D), plus a plethora of minerals (calcium, iodine, iron, potassium, copper, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, and sulphur). They also contain like other sea-foods, quantities of the health giving omega-3 fatty acids.

Some of the aphrodisiac properties of oysters have been attributed, at least in part, to their zinc content, as zinc is important in raising testosterone levels, but it is most unlikely that any such effect would be immediate. Recent evidence suggests that oysters contain varying amounts of Dopamine, a neurotransmitter that stimulates the “arousal” centre in the brain, and this may have some bearing.

Plant-Based Foods– There are many other natural substances, mostly plant based, that have supposed aphrodisiac properties but there is no specific evidence for any of them being able to independently spark erotic arousal. The list includes such diverse substances as: avocados, asparagus, arugula (rocket), bananas, blowfish, caviar, celery, chilli pepper, figs, gingko, ginseng, kava, lobster, passion fruit, pomegranate, saffron, sea cucumber, truffle, vanilla, and wasabi.

As far as we know the concepts of love and romance are peculiar to us humans, and not shared by the animal kingdom in general. This is probably due to our large cerebral cortex and our hence vast imaginative powers and sensitivities. Our feelings of love and romance reside in the brain, self manufactured, but capable of being affected by tastes and smells. In this way it is possible that certain foods can contribute to a romantic feeling if the ambience is conducive. Exotic foods, a candle-lit table, and low music can lift one out of the mundane into the sphere of romance.

The Paleo Diet – Nutritional Differences Between The Current Western Diet

We know that time has installed many changes in our lifestyle, so much so that today we have a totally different diet of our ancestors. To clearly notice the changes in food quality, we show you the nutritional differences between the Paleo diet and Western diet today.

Recall that in the Paleolithic humans were hunter gatherers, dominated by vegetables, raw fruits and game meats of all kinds. But today, dominated by processed foods on natural and fresh. So, below is a table where you can see the nutritional changes that have occurred over time and we can compare our diet and our ancestors with current recommendations.

If you look closely you will see that since a high consumption of meat, fats in the diet of Paleolithic were much lower than the current ratio and polyunsaturated fatty acids (AGP) / saturated fatty acids (SFA) were better, this is that the game animals were lean, had a high level of activity and fed with natural products so your fat percentage was lower and the quality of it better than we have in today's meat.

We can clearly see a change in the amount of fiber consumed, primarily due to the high fat processing of our foods today, and because of this, we have a high sodium intake that far exceeds that of our ancestors.

The cholesterol level was similar as we can see, due by the high consumption of meat and today, it also and even more consumption of meats, sausages, cheeses and more.

While today we have many dairy products, calcium intake is lower and this is due to low intake of foods that are naturally in the mineral, for example, nuts and seeds. Furthermore, the antioxidant level marked by vitamin C in this case, also greatly reduced.

In conclusion, our diet has changed much, especially with regard to quality of ingested fats and micro-nutrients we get to what we eat. Undoubtedly, these differences deserve to know to understand a bit more because our ancientors were healthier with what they ate (and also because they moved much more) than we are today.

Of course, those with a Paleo diet will have some differences from the Western diet that is referred here, it is this model of diet which tends to globalize and expand globally, but with nuances of each country and culture.

So do not ever eat anything that has to do with the agricultural revolution, that is, neither cereals nor derivatives, forget the cheese and yogurt, eat as their ancestors did and get to eat so much donuts and that crap, run through the meadow for sports as men did and imagine Paleolithic behind him being chased by a saber tooth, eat lean meat, vegetables and nuts and become a true Cro-Magnon who goes in search of natural harmony, let the pansy and start to decorate your home with style Lascaux bison.