Six Week Body Makeover – Body Type C Meal Plan

The 6 Week Body Makeover meal plan is about customization. The more you customize your meal plan, the less bored you will be with your diet. The less bored you are with your diet, the more likely you will stick to the meal plan and lose weight. This article is directed towards people who have taken the body blue print questionnaire and have body type C.

Body Type C people are known to have more lean muscle mass than the rest of the body types. This is good as lean muscle mass increases your metabolism. When your metabolism has increased, it will burn calories (energy) at a faster rate, which will allow you to lose weight faster. The majority of “C” bodies are allowed to eat simple and complex carbohydrates (in moderation) and fruit. They should stick to chicken and fish for protein and stay away from red meats as red meat will make them “bulk up”. Here is a sample menu using the Infinite Menu Planner for a body type c daily meal.


4 oz. protein A

1 cup carb A

1/2 cup fruit A

Mid Morning Snack

4 oz. protein A

1/2 cup of carb A


4 oz. protein A

1 cup carb A

1-2 cups veggie A

Mid Afternoon Snack

4 oz. protein A

1/2 cup carb A


4 oz. protein A

1 cup carb A

1-2 cups veggie A

PM Snack

1/2 cup fruit A

If you use the infinite menu planner, you will have an unlimited amount of food choices. Losing weight doesn’t have to be about suffering and being on a boring meal plan. Learn to eat correctly and eat for a lifetime.

Raw Foods For Babies and Children

Processed baby foods that are packaged in boxes and presented in jars are invariably disgusting to the taste. Any mother who has tasted proprietary baby foods will know that they taste absolutely revolting. However, if you extract some vegetables from your own meal and put them in a low speed juicer, you will find the blended result is delicious and so much easier to digest than the store bought version. It will also be full of nutrition.

Remember to give your baby only foods that have no added salt, however. This does not mean you are going to be consigned to a salt free diet; just take out baby's portion before you add salt. This also applies to sugar. Babies and young children do not require added sugar and it can seriously damage their teeth and gums by introducing them to a flavor that will result in a 'sweet tooth'. Young children may have honey but do not give your baby honey until he (or she) is a year old as there is bacteria present in honey which cannot be removed without caramelizing.

Sometimes children are 'put off' certain vegetables because the texture is unfamiliar. Use your juicer to make a concoction of minced vegetables that may be sprinkled on top of foods such as lasagne or Shepherd's pie or even Pizza or burgers. The topping will be colorful and probably more palatable to a child. Mix it with cheese to make a toast topping or sandwich filling.

You can make a fantastic 'dip' by combining raw vegetables and fruit such as avocado, spinach, a touch of garlic and onion and some carrot. Pile the dip into a scooped out half of red pepper and give your child some carrot and celery sticks to dip and share with friends.

Use your juicer to make fantastic milkshakes and smoothies. Children invariably love milkshakes and there is nothing quite as delicious as a recipe of fresh fruit and ice cream or fresh milk. Be sure not to overdo your child's daily fresh fruit intake, however, and remember that cooked fruit counts toward a daily allowance of 'five a day for fives and under'.

When giving very young children fruit drinks, remember that whole fruit juice sugar can damage young teeth. By all means serve it to children but try to restrict it to mealtimes. Do not serve peanut based recipes to your child until he (or she) is at least three years old and avoid whole peanuts to avoid the risk of choking. Some women opt to avoid peanuts while pregnant and later on while breast feeding, due to the risk of allergy.

Mince some boiled chicken until it is ground very fine and then add some carrot; spinach and potato. Taste it. You will find it tastes a whole lot better than bought baby food and it will be so much better for your baby than anything you can buy in a packet. Try using your juicer to add some fresh fruit to baby cereal and see how much more palatable it is!

Diet Plans for Indians

Most Indians spend hours every day browsing through the internet or reading various health magazines searching for valuable diet advice. But what majority of Indians don't understand is that they usually look for the right information in the wrong places that is general diet sites or general health magazines. None of them are India centric and therefore do not offer diet plans that will suit Indian diet plans. Yet every day we see people trying to follow the general plans, and they invariably get confused or simply give up. This stems from ignorance and nothing else.

Indian cuisine is diverse and distinct- there is a large ratio of the populace that eats only vegetarian food. Indian diet plans are also quite different from global diet plans, as food patterns are quite different.

Losing weight with an Indian diet is quite simple. Diet plans follow the same pattern no matter what kind of cuisine you follow. But understanding this is in order to implement it is an entirely different problem altogether, and then it's application depends on your dedication. Indian food is perfect for losing weight, it has numerous low calorie substitutes, for foods rich in calories. Avoid fried items, eat green leafy vegetables with the regular consumption of rice or rotis, and include fruits and milk with low fat content into your regular diet. Opt for food products with low fat content as much as possible.

Do not over eat! Eat only what the body requires.

Follow definite diet plans strictly if you're serious about getting rid of the extra pounds fat and burn calories.

Most people confuse dieting with total abstinence. Well, of course indulging at times won't send your diet haywire, but you would be advised to keep it to a controlled minimum

Breakfast should be light and can consist of items such as low fat oats, cornflakes with a glass of milk, fruit salads with fresh fruit juices which can help sustain the metabolism of your body. Make sure lunch and dinner are full of fiber rich food which can help you in losing weight and at the same time satisfy your hunger. This shouldn't be a big problem for Indians, as Indian cuisine is full of varieties of foods rich in fiber.

Meat and fish in small quantities can help you in retaining much needed strength, egg taken in few quantities during breakfast adds to the nutritional benefits of the diet.

Follow a healthy workout and a balanced and healthy diet and you should lose weight in no time!

Effects Of Raw Food On the Body

Those who have switched over to consumption of raw foods experience the effects of these foods on the body. They report a wide variety of benefits on several aspects of health. Knowing in some detail about how these foods function will give you more insight in understanding the nature of these foods and their effects on the human body. The following are some of the major benefits of consuming this kind of foods.

1) Raw food provides digestive enzymes. As you know, the human body produces various enzymes as a part of the metabolic process. Consuming raw foods can save the body's own enzyme production.
2) The body needs oxygen but when some of it is lost due to oxidation, the availability of oxygen to the body is reduced and this weakens the immune system. These foods supply high levels of antioxidants. These substances fight the reactive oxygen species, thereby preventing the loss of oxygen due to oxidation and boosting the immune system.
3) Taking these foods has the effect of increasing the potassium to sodium ratio. Such a high ratio is essential for optimum cell function and for maintaining the ph (alkalinity) balance.

Some of the benefits listed above may sound too technical for some people. So, for better understanding of the benefits we derive from raw foods, we can look at the practical benefits we can get, benefits that can be experienced by oneself and noticed by others, as well.

1) You will feel revitalized. This will reflect in the way you look and act. You will

look energetic and act with alacrity.

2) You will experience improved concentration. Maintaining concentration is a big challenge for many people and we find that we are easily distracted. We find it difficult to focus our attention on a subject, with the mind drifting from one thought to the other. If a change of food can make you more concentrated, is it not great? This kind of diet achieves something that only a sustained meditation or yoga can achieve.

3) You will have emotional balance. This is achieved by gaining mental poise, again possible only through meditational or yogic techniques.

4) You have higher energy levels, a lighter feeling, correct body weight, improved concentration and balanced emotions. What can the combination of all these factors do to you? The combination of these positive factors will give you another greatly sought after benefit called enthusiasm. With enthusiasm generated within, you will be able to do a lot, with confidence, cheerfulness, conviction and confidence.

List of High Protein Foods

High protein foods are great for packing on extra muscle. To make sure that your diet is filled with muscle-building proteins, it is extremely important to consider which high protein foods you should consume during your daily eating routine. To help you select the best high protein foods for your diet, we've compiled a list of some of the most protein-packed foods that you can find in your average grocery store.

You will notice that the list covers a broad variety of high protein foods. This was done intentionally so that you can compare food types and have more options to add to your daily meals.

The list:

(all nutrition estimates are based on standard single servings)

Peanut butter (2 tbsp)

Protein- 8 g

Calories- 188

Fat- 16 g

Raw almonds (19 pieces)

Protein- 7 g

Calories- 180

Fat- 14 g

Almond butter (1 tbsp)

Protein- 2 g

Calories- 101

Fat- 9 g

Skinless chicken breast (1 cup)

Protein- 38 g

Calories- 258

Fat- 10.4

Ground beef (90% lean, 3 oz)

Protein- 23 g

Calories- 182

Fat- 9 g

Ground turkey (3 oz)

Protein- 22 g

Calories- 193

Fat- 11 g

Salmon (half fillet)

Protein- 39 g

Calories- 367

Fat- 22 g

Tuna (canned, 1 cup)

Protein- 39 g

Calories- 179

Fat- 1 g

Deli turkey (1 oz)

Protein- 4 g

Calories- 31

Fat- 1 g


High protein foods vary substantially in protein, fat, and calorie content per serving. Some of the best high protein foods have high fat counts; however, it is important to consider that not all fats are bad for you, and some can be very beneficial to your diet- even if weight loss is your top priority. Almonds, for example, are rich in omega three fatty acids but low in saturated fats.

In general, if you are looking for an efficient way to increase your protein count but keep your calorie and fat intakes minimal, than fish and lean meats are an effective option. Canned tuna (hold the mayo) tops the list as the most efficient protein source. Skinless chicken breasts, deli turkey, ground turkey, and lean ground beef are also highly efficient high protein foods.

Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and Micronutrients – Is Raw Food Superior to Cooked Food?

Micronutrients are critical for brain health. Unfortunately the average western diet is deficient in most vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids which have recommended daily allowances. The reason for this is the reliance on cheap sources of calories in grains which have most often had the germ and husk of the grain removed.

Very few vegetables are consumed. The animals are increasingly raised in high density farm factories with minimal exposure to green grass or sunshine. The consequence is that the meat has minimal omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin and mineral content.

Are nutrients lost with cooking? That depends on high the cooking temperature and how long. Immediately fresh and still raw when you eat the food means that cooking has not leached any of the micronutrients out of it. But some of the micronutrients may not be available to you because our bodies can't digest all of the cell walls in plants. If you cook below the boiling point and drink all the juice – the food is generally more digestible and you have not lost much of the micronutrients. However – some of the compounds that are very helpful to us will gradually be lost with prolonged cooking. Cooking above the boiling point of water, particularly frying tends to oxidize many of the compounds in food. When that occurs many of the anti-oxidants in food have become oxidized – and therefore their anti-oxidant benefit to us is gone.

Bottom line – Raw retains the nutrients in the food. Cooking gently makes the nutrients more available because the food has been partially digested by cooking. Frying oxidizes many of the helpful compounds. Prolonged high temperatures cooking likewise can breakdown micronutrients. My advice is to increase your micronutrients through more vegetables and fruits. Eat them raw or cooked according to your personal preference. But if you cook, always drink the juice. Never throw it away.

How is Gelatinized Maca Different Than Raw Maca?

In the natural health world the most promising superfood to emerge in recent years is Peruvian Maca. Maca comes from a tuber which is cultivated at very high elevation in the Andes of Peru and Bolivia. Normally taken as a powder or used in cooking, maca has been used by people indigenous for thousands of years to boost strength and energy in the oxygen deficient high altitude air.

Maca became popular outside of Peru and Bolivia in the late 1990s as travelers and then importers began bringing it into the United States and later Europe. The powerful healing properties of maca impressed thousands of people who began to use it regularly.

Maca is typically sold in powdered form. At its organic best, maca is produced with little machinery. Harvested roots are cleaned, cut, freeze dried then turned into a powder by large blending machines.

In the past few years maca sellers have touted a new form of maca as superior. It’s called “gelatinized” maca and they claim that it absorbs faster, is higher in nutrient content and contains less toxins and pathogenic bacteria.

But is gelatinized maca really better than high quality, minimally processed maca? To answer that question, let’s consider how gelatinized maca is produced.

After harvest, maca roots are brought down from the mountains to a factory where they are washed and disinfected with solvents. Then they are dried at a very high temperature pressure and heat, presumably to kill even more potential pathogens and to remove any toxins in the herb.

The people who sell gelatinized maca say that it has the same properties as the root as consumed by ancient dwellers of the Andes. This claim seems very hard to substantiate since such high pressure and heat are used to process the raw root. High heat destroys properties within whole foods such as enzymes, vitamins and mineral content.

The gelatinization process is said to do two things: remove starch to make maca easier to digest and to kill bacteria. This destructive process seems totally unnecessary if you are buying high quality maca.

The best maca is always certified as organically grown at high elevations in Peru. Most people get powerful benefits from it. For those who don’t like the taste, it’s possible that gelatinized maca will work better as it may be easier to take.

One final important note about gelatinized maca is that there are several retailers out there who claim to provide it, but are actually just selling average quality maca powder. If you do decide to buy it, do your research. Alternatively, just get some high quality raw organic maca. You’ll be glad you did.

Raw Food For Weight Loss And Better Health

The first known heart attack was recorded a little over 100 years ago. The industrial strength breeding of livestock and the refining of manmade foods began shortly over 100 years ago. Could this possibly have anything to do with the nation of overweight, unhealthy beings we are today? We all know it does, yet only a handful of us have taken control of our own fate. It's simple. Eat raw food for weight loss.

Eat raw food for good health. Oh there are many diet and low calorie foods available for you to just pop into the microwave. There are also many healthy raw foods available. Do your research. You will find that the very processed foods manufactured to help you lose weight contain ingredients that make it impossible for you to lose weight and endanger your health as well. You should eat raw food to lose weight instead. Again, do your homework. You will find that raw foods are full of the nutrients your body needs to propel you towards a long, healthy life.

The decision to go raw isn't a "going cold turkey" type of transition. No one expects you to toss out everything in your kitchen and go stock up on carrots and celery. In fact, that would be a big mistake. What you want to do is modify your diet so that the transition to raw is more gradual and isn't a great shock to your system. Have two raw meals a day and one cooked, making lunch your cooked meal. You can be versatile to fit in any social events.

One of your raw meals should include a large salad consisting of lots of leafy green vegetables. The one thing you want to do is to maintain a nutrient rich diet. Cooked and processed foods offer little or no nutrients. If you're having cravings, by all means, satisfy those cravings. Just eat a slice of that chocolate cake instead of half of the cake. A smaller amount will satisfy those cravings and eventually you will find that those cravings are mere memories.

The body is in its natural cleansing cycle in the morning and fruit is a cleansing food, so breakfast is a good time to eat some fresh fruit or have a glass of fresh squeezed fruit juice. It is best to stick to one type of fruit when you have it for breakfast. A few raw nuts or seeds are good for protein if you are accustomed to having protein in the morning and feel a need for it.

Transitioning to raw foods should be done over time. There are people who can get up one morning, decide to go raw and never look back. For most of us, change isn't instantaneous; we need time to adjust as we move along. One of the most harmful things to our diets and health is processed food and processed food is the first thing we need to eliminate from our diets. Eating raw is going to be a futile endeavor if we only refuel our bodies with the poisons we're trying to rid them of.

Salt is another food item we don't need in our diets. A lot of publications recommend using sea salt, kosher salt or other substitutes for regular iodized salt. Salt is still salt and it contains sodium chloride. Every dash of salt you use raises your blood pressure. All the natural sodium a person needs can be supplied through nutrient rich foods.

Sugar is nothing more than pure, refined carbohydrates. If you need a sweetener, try substituting sugar with honey or raw dates.

A good raw food diet can consist of just 70 percent to 80 percent raw foods. Remember, if it comes from the earth, it's natural and, if Its manufactured, it's processed and we really want to avoid processed foods. The more raw foods you eat when you eat raw foods for weight loss, the better and healthier the results.

Getting enough protein shouldn't be a concern; just know that you will get a lot of protein from fresh leafy green vegetables as well as raw nuts and seeds. If meat and fish are your main sources of protein and you're having a hard time giving it up, try cutting it down to once or twice a week. Do a little research and you may find yourself more inspired to get your protein from raw foods.

Enzymes are necessary for us to digest and assimilate dairy foods. Because enzymes are destroyed during the processing and homogenizing of dairy products, they form mucus, create allergies and cause sinus and intestinal problems. We've always been told that we need products like milk, cheese and yogurt to get the calcium our bodies need. The truth is that beyond a very young age our bodies lose the ability to properly digest dairy products. There are very high volumes of calcium in fresh, leafy vegetables and raw seeds and nuts.

Grains like rice, breads and whole wheat are some food items that are difficult for our bodies to digest in their natural state (without cooking). Grains will probably be the hardest of foods for some people to eliminate when going raw; especially bread.

Steamed vegetables and hot soups may be hard to give up if you are a vegetarian or a vegan. 70 percent to 80 percent conversion to raw foods is a phenomenal accomplishment, so don't push yourself. Take small steps to reach your ultimate goal.

Conversion to a raw food diet is a lifestyle change which can be a devastating experience, so if you are using drugs, alcohol, caffeine or tobacco it can be even more difficult. There are a lot of people who can go 100 percent raw and toss the cigarettes, drugs, coffee and booze all at the same time and be just fine. For most of us the dependencies we've formed are a little bit harder to break, but not to worry. You'll find these dependencies diminishing as your body cleanses until you find you no longer need them. Reaching your raw food goal can take anywhere from a few months to a few years.

Reasons For a Homemade Colon Cleansing Diet

Colon cleansing is removing the buildup of toxic waste from your colon. This build up of waste can easily lead to many types of illnesses. The best reason to cleanse your colon is to remove these wastes and restore good health to your digestive system. It has been recognized that a digestive system that is healthy can also result in overall better health.

Build up to the colon walls and the rest of the digestive tract is due to foods you eat. Over a period of time they can tend to get lodged against the walls of the colon and the waste material will get reabsorbed into the bloodstream leading to illness rather than being expelled. To avoid this, it is a good idea to occasionally cleanse your colon.

Homemade colon cleansing recipes typically include Bentonite clay because of it’s binding power. It will bind with the toxic build on the walls of the colon and help with elimination. It is recommended that one consume the clay over a period of weeks while drinking plenty of water and eating whole raw fruits and vegetables.

Homemade, fresh juice is also a natural colon cleansing ingredient. A diet comprised of fresh juice is an effective way to help eliminate the build on the walls and cleanse the colon. Fresh juice contains enzymes that will help with this process. However, pasteurized juice bought from the local market is not fresh and does not contain these enzymes. Therefore juice purchased from the local market is not an effective source to cleanse your colon. It is also suggested that one consumes a large amount of water to work in conjunction with the juice to help cleanse your system.

Occasional colon cleansing is a good idea to help keep your digestive tract “in shape”.

Raw Food Juicing

Raw food juicing may not be a usual practice among several households. But if you are up for the healthiest way to lose weight, you can consider shopping for raw fruits that you can squeeze in your blender and drink for detoxifying and dieting days. Drinking juice that is not mixed with any artificial sweetener is less health threatening than purchasing an already-blended shakes and smoothies from your favorite café. If you want an antioxidant which is stomach-filling at the same time, drink some juice out of raw fruits and juicy natural foods.

What's greater to actually hear about is that vegetables can also make up a healthy juice, not just fruits alone. Through raw food juicing, you can prepare a fiber-rich vegetable juice that can excellently work wonders if you are trying to manage your weight or expel out extra pounds. Instead of waiting for a month to drop five pounds, you make it in a week or two with raw food and vegetable dieting. The bad side about fruit juicing, however, is that it can potentially increase your insulin levels when consumed beyond limits. This is something you have to monitor. After all, too much of anything good could be bad enough to alarm you. Moderate feeding is the key in whatever diet plan you are embracing.

Fruits like mango, apple, strawberry, watermelon, melon, pineapple, lemon and banana are among the popular juice flavors that people love to plunge in. Didn't you know, though, that eggplants, tomatoes, carrots and lettuce can be juiced as well? Yes, it is possible with raw food juicing kind of dieting? Sure, our body requires water which we can get healthily from fruits and vegetables. Now is the time when you'd have to cut down on soda and alcohol drinking, or sweet drinks for that matter. With vegetable and fruit juices that are blended naturally, you can get an assurance of being sick. It's largely high in good carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which the body system naturally requires due to all-day exposure to bad toxins and free radicals.

Life-changing enhancements in your recovery from being fat to getting leaner may be possible if you embrace a healthy diet in the first place. Exercising alone without being watchful of your food and beverage intake certainly won't work. Why not try getting into raw food juicing so that you get the necessary levels of good nutrients you need? Poor food diets will only compromise your bodily situations and they can even awaken some formerly non-existing illnesses. With fruit and vegetable diet, you're likely to notice that your metabolism has been enhanced while your skin texture smooths gradually. Above all, you'd experience a completely newer, lighter and healthier version of you.