Best Exercise For Belly Fat

Bathing suit season is here. At this time many people are thinking "Did I keep myself in shape?", "Will I measure up on the beach?", "Should I get a one-piece this year?" They begin to wonder what the best exercise for belly fat is, and how quickly they can create that toned look.

The need for a one-piece bathing suit is not the only reason for concern when it comes to belly fat. Fat that collects around the waist has been linked to a host of problems like some types of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Other maladies including constipation, back pain and stress are noticeable treated with the loss of belly fat.

Once upon a time, the accepted wisdom concerning how to achieve a slender waist, or even the holy "six pack", was to perform sit-ups and crunches. Hundreds of them. While these exercises do work to tone and strengthen certain core muscles, those now sculpted muscles remain hidden under a layer of fat. One can not spot train a particular area of ​​the body. It is a myth that any diet or exercise can target one area of ​​the body and not affect the others. Fortunately, one does not need a gym full of equipment and an expensive trainer to whittle away at the waistline. The only requirements are good walking shoes and some motivation.

In order to reveal all the hard work put into the abs, one must combine the crunches with cardio exercise. This is the best exercise for belly fat. It is recommended that one exercise at least 5 days per week at a level that causes one to sweat, but still carry on a conversation with only a small amount of difficulty. A brisk walk for one hour several days a week should do it.

Another way to lose some girth is to modify the diet. Eating several small meals throughout the day, drinking sufficient quantities of water and choosing whole foods will help one lose weight. But without exercise, even a thin body looks flabby and cellulite-pocked.

Of course, some other options to consider are liposuction, fad diets and supplements. This list could go on. While some of these will give the quick fix they promise, none of these choices are effective for long-term weight loss because they do not alter habits. Once one's pattern of eating and exercise has changed, that is when the fat leaves forever.

In conclusion, the best exercise for body fat is a lifestyle change encompassing diet and exercise. They work as a team and yet is independent of the other. Even if one has to wear a one piece suit this year, the habits learned now will allow more belly-revealing suits in the long run.

How to Get Your Penis Hard Real Fast – Quick Erection in 40 Seconds

Young guys usually get instant erections but as men get older things change. It takes more and more time to get an erection. Not only this, getting a hard erection requires a lot more manual stimulation. Another problem that most men face is that even when they get an erection they are not able to sustain it for long. And this can be really exasperating.

How to Get Your Penis Hard Real Fast

Pills can help you get over erectile problems but whether they can ensure quick erections is anybody’s guess.

I am afraid, you have to wait for at least half an hour to get an erection after taking a pill. Same is the case with male enhancement patches. They also take a while to help your penis get hard.

Instant erections are possible with the help of a good quality erection oil. Such an oil also turns out to be a great aid when you are somewhat drunk and need little help to get a hard erection.

It can actually help you get an erection within seconds. As soon as you rub it on your penis, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream. As soon as this is done, blood flow to the penis is increased. The rush of blood into the penis ensures a rock solid and stiffer erection. As such, with little stimulation you can have a stiff and longer lasting erection.

Ingredients such as l-arginine, horny goat weed, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, ascorbic acid or Vitamin C, pomegranate 70% ellagen etc., ensure increased blood flow to the penis and also boost nitric oxide production.

Another major benefit that can make such an oil highly desirable is that it can help you stay hard for 2 long hours. This can provide immense relief for men who suffer with premature ejaculation.

Not just this, such an oil is free of all kinds of side effects. One of the best advantages of such an oil is that you use it only when you need it.

So, If You Want to Get Your Penis Hard Real Fast, Check out the Best Erection Oil that has Helped Many a Men Enjoy Absolute Sex Ever!

The Weight Loss Magic of Green Tea

In the quest to lose weight by people who may be on the fat side, it is necessary to combine a few effective lifestyle practices to achieve the weight loss goal. Routine daily exercise and a good diet plan are major keys to help get rid of those extra pounds. Anyone who has been actively seeking for ways to lose weight must have heard some good things about drinking green tea, as a weight loss strategy. You probably would like to get more information about this wonder brew and how it aids in weight loss. Here it is;

Green tea is a powerful drink that has been regularly consumed by people in Asia for several thousand years now. It has substantial health benefits that are believed to play a direct, positive impact on weight control, which can be attributed to the fact that this beverage contains many polyphenols. Polyphenols contain anti-oxidants that can fight free radicals from attacking healthy cells.

What makes this tea so special is the production process. With most black tea that we commonly drink, the nutrients can be lost during processing. This is because dried tea leaves are used, whereas with green tea, only fresh leaves are used. The fresh leaves are usually steamed at very high temperatures.

Although green tea isn’t exactly caffeine-free, it has much lower milligrams of caffeine when compared to other tea drinks. Even though it gives you the pep of coffee, it does something that is nothing short of a miracle for people looking to lose weight. Coffee raises insulin levels, and insulin can sabotage fat loss. Green tea lowers insulin level; as a result your body fat reduces.

Drinking 3 cups of this amazing tea during the day can raise your metabolism by 4% over the course of 24 hours, which means better efforts at losing weight. Green tea also helps inhibit glucose from turning to fat cells The drink itself is low-calorie, and many people like to include it as part of their weight loss plan, because it can help control your appetite.

In a nutshell, green tea helps your body to be more active, and this goes a long way in helping to burn fat. Without a doubt, these interesting facts and benefits about the precious tea would surely be helpful in your weight loss goal. Does this not make you want to start incorporating it into your diet plan?

Three Natural Ways to Enlarge Your Penis – Indonesian Style

China and India may be known for their great methods to improve the length and girth of the male vital organ, but how about the other parts of the world? Surely, other countries also have their own distinct methods to enlarge one’s penis size naturally. One country that has a unique way to do this is Indonesia. This country has distinguished methods that are hard to find in other places. Here are a few of methods used by Indonesians to enhance male vital organs.

1. Leech Oil

The leech (Hirudo medicinalis) is one nasty animal. It sticks its fang-like sucker to your skin and feeds on your blood until it is finally full. While sucking, leeches produces hirudin, a protein that prevents your blood from coagulating. This blood-sucking animal turns out to have a useful advantage towards the human body. In Indian Ayurvedic and Ancient Greek literature, the anticoagulant enzyme found in these hermaphrodite animals was used for bloodletting therapy to balance the four humors in the body (blood, phlegm, black, and yellow), thus promoting health. Meanwhile in Indonesia, especially in Java, leech oil is commonly used for enlarging the size of a male vital organ. It is believed that massaging your penis using warm leech oil for around 10 minutes daily will increase penis size permanently. Leech oil is made by cooking the leech and other herbs inside fresh green coconuts that are boiled over charcoals. While there are many types of leeches (most of them don’t feed on human’s blood, surprisingly), similar to Greek and Indian therapy, the Javanese only use the Hirudo medicinalis over other species.

2. Daun Bungkus Papua

Daun Bungkus Papua (meaning “Papuan wrapping leaf”) is a plant indigenous to Papua, an Indonesian province at the border between Indonesia and its neighboring country Papua New Guinea. The leaves contain trachoma, which can trigger itching of the skin during contact. Wrapping the penis with the leaf is believed to be able to increase its length and girth in significant amounts and in a relatively short time. No massage or additional apparatus is required. The method of this treatment is easy. Make a thin film of coconut oil on the leaf’s surface, wrap the penis with the leaf and cover it with a bandage. To avoid irritation, the bandage should be immediately removed if any hotness or itchiness occurs. The treatment should not be done every day. Do this once every two days at the most to give the penis chance to adjust to the change. With regular practice, Daun Bungkus Papua produces a larger penis, but it will also make the penile skin turn darker. In Indonesia itself, there have been no medical studies to prove the property of the leaf. Even experts are having problems to determine its Latin name. If not used carefully, Daun Bungkus Papua can irritate and trigger an infection of the penis.

2. Pasak Bumi (Eurycoma longifolia)

Eurycoma longifolia has different names in different parts of the country including bidara laut, babi kurus, and tongkat ali. It is a flowering plant indigenous to South East Asia, especially Indonesia and Malaysia. Pasak Bumi is a small evergreen tree that can grow up to 15 m (50 feet) in height. All parts of the plant taste bitter but have great medicinal properties. Although it functions as an anti-malarial and anti-diabetic herb as well, pasak bumi is mostly famous for its ability to enhance libido and enlarge the male vital organ. The plant’s root is used in traditional herbal supplements to increase testosterone levels in men. The herb contains ethalonic essence, which improves the work of chorionic gonadotropin, which in turn helps increasing testosterone levels. Higher testosterone in the male body triggers an increase of muscle mass, stronger bones, better sexual performance, lesser body fat, increased body metabolism, lessened stress, and improved brain function and memory.

How To Liver Cleanse From Home

Natural health practitioners recommend liver cleansing as the ideal way to remove gallstones. A liver cleanse helps to improve your digestion, which is essential for good health. Several allergies start to disappear, when you periodically cleanse your liver. Liver cleansing can also help to boost your energy levels. In addition, cleansing of the liver reportedly helps in alleviating upper back and shoulder pain.

One of the main functions of the liver is the production of bile. The bile is moved into the common bile duct through numerous biliary tubes. The common bile duct passes it to the gallbladder which acts as a storehouse. The stored bile is released for the digestion of fats. Apart from this, the liver stores glucose and vitamins. It also helps in the metabolism of protein and fats. Liver is also an important detoxifier.

The formation of gallstones affects the functioning of liver. You will only notice the presence of gallstones in an advanced stage. This is one of the reasons why many people opt for periodical liver cleansing. This helps in flushing out the gallstones in their initial stage of development.

A liver cleanse can be easily done from your own home. Here is a widely known liver cleansing recipe, using the following the ingredients:

* 1 cup olive oil

* 4 table spoons Epsom salts

* three cups of fresh grapefruit juice

* grape fruit

Choose a day that you are generally feeing well for the liver cleanse. No medications should be taken on that day. For breakfast, eat food without fat. The best method is to have a fruit diet. Select a time to start the liver cleansing procedure. It is better to start in the afternoon. You should stop eating four hours before taking the first course. So if you plan to take the concoction at 1900 hrs, stop eating at 1500 hrs.

First, mix 4 table spoons of Epsom salts with the three cups of fresh grapefruit juice. This should make four servings. Drink the first serving now. After two hours, take another serving.

After another two hours, squeeze the grape fruit into a cup. Remove the pulp. It should be at least half the cup. Now add this to the olive oil and shake well to make it watery. Take the concoction and lie down immediately and go to sleep.

Next morning, on awakening immediately take the third serving of Epsom salt mixture. After two hours, take the remaining serving. After another two hours you can start your normal diet with fruits.

After completing the recipe, you would probably get diarrhea. When this happens, gallstones will be flushed out with the bowel movement.

You can undertake a liver cleanse twice in a year. Spring is an ideal time. Never undertake liver cleansing during winter.

If you are doing a liver cleanse for the first time, it is best to go under the guidance of a natural health practitioner. You want to ensure that you are getting the procedure right and take all necessary precautions. The maintenance of your liver health is crucial; do not overlook the importance of cleansing away your gallstones.

Freshwater Tropical Aquarium Fish and Commercial Breeding

A number of fish species are raised on fish farms to keep pace with the thriving aquarium trade industry. Fish farms are of particular importance in providing freshwater tropical fish for the aquarium trade. These fish are raised in ponds typically located in the more tropical regions of the world, Texas, Florida, South America, and Asia.

There are a number of benefits in purchasing fish cultivated in commercial breeding facilities as opposed to ones caught in the wild. Commercially raised fish are brought up in a smaller volume of water per fish than those found in nature. These confined conditions naturally boost the fish’s immune system. They have already been exposed to and developed immunity against a number of ailments common to home aquariums. These fish are conditioned from birth to receive food rather than forage for their survival. Consequently, they do not have to be acclimated to accepting standard aquarium food fare. Fish raised for the fish hobbyist industry are healthier, more disease resistant, and much less to apt to suffer the trauma experience from a species suddenly yanked out of its natural habitat. They are accustomed to functioning in an environment surrounded by other fish rather than the vast expanses often found in nature. Probably the most important aspect of purchasing a commercially raised product falls in the realm of ecological impact. You are not playing a role in further depleting our planet of one of its most valued resources.

A prime example is the bala shark. These freshwater sharks are native to Southeast Asia. They inhabit the streams and rivers of Thailand, Borneo, Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula. The industrialization of these regions is threatening the Bala shark’s natural habitat. Their numbers have drastically diminished in the wild. Bala shark’s rarely breed in captivity. Fortunately, for their continued viability as a species, they are commercially raised in Asia with the use of hormone injections to help induce the spawning cycle.

The commercial breeding of bala sharks not only supplies the needs of the fish hobby trade, it also provides stock vital to repopulating what is left of the bala’s natural breeding grounds. Freshwater breeding programs are proving both economically feasible and ecologically beneficial. Captive breeding programs will help insure the continued viability of freshwater species in the wild.

Completely Clear Your Acne With a Few Lifestyle Changes

Stop buying harmful creams, lotions, anti-biotics, and other 'acne cures.' They do not work. I know, because I had SEVERE acne for over 12 years and tried everything on the market with little to no success. All these products do is mask the symptoms of acne, not deal with the root cause (which is inflammation and hormonal imbalances.)

So why do you get acne? Unfortunately, if you get acne it's because you are genetically predisposed to the disease. This is why your friends might be able to eat whatever they want and have clear skin, but you can not. It's an unfortunate hand that we were dealt, but it's also one that can be overcome. Here are 3 tips that WILL help you clear your acne for good if you are disciplined enough to follow them.

1. Change your diet. Diet is one of the largest factors when dealing with acne prone skin. You need to eliminate inflammatory foods and start adding alkaline foods to your diet, preferably whole foods. Vegetable oil is one thing you need to stop eating TODAY if you want to get rid of acne.

2. Supplementation. A few inexpensive supplements will give your body the nutrition it needs that it can not get from diet alone. This will help regulate your hormones and reduce inflammation dramatically. One supplement I highly recommend is Spirulina, which is one of the most nutrient dense super-foods on the planet.

3. Exercise / Sunlight / Fresh Oxygen. These can all be done at once, which is convenient. Exercising helped regulate out of whack hormones and improvements circulation, which in turn forces toxins out of your body. Sunlight and fresh air exacerbate the process in a positive way. Getting just 30 minutes of moderate exercise (try running, basketball, or light weight lifting) 4-5 days a week is enough to get you started.

These 3 things combined in the proper manner WILL cure you of acne in a relatively short period of time, and as long as you stick to it you will have clear skin for good.

If you want a more detailed blueprint on how to clear your acne starting today, check out my blog. You will thank yourself later.

My Experience With Meal Replacement Shakes

I started researching meal replacement or weight loss shakes several weeks ago. I went online to find which shake I could use to lose a few pounds as well as to provide good nutrition and a good hunger blocker.

I tried one because it was convenient, one because it was free and the third as a result of my online research.

Slim Fast: The first shake I tried was Slim Fast. Since I am a chocoholic. I chose the chocolate shake. I must say I really like the taste of the Slim Fast chocolate shake. The convenience of Slim Fast was another big plus. It can be purchased at most grocery stores, drug stores and Walmart. I can also be purchased already mixed in a handy plastic bottle at a price of $1.30 to $1.80 per shake.

The drawback for me was 200 calories and 22 grams of sugar. Since my goal was to lose weight and to get the proper nutrients I just thought I could find something better. Another drawback was the hunger blocker. Although I very much enjoyed the taste, I was hungry an hour later.

Advo Care: The second shake I tried was Advo Care. A package of chocolate shake mix was given to me by a distributor. The flavor was good but I preferred the taste of the two other brands I tried. The hunger suppressant was very good. I felt satisfied longer than with Slim Fast.

One drawback for me was 220 calories. Another was the price of about $2.57 per serving. The product is only available through distributors.

IdealShape: The last shake I tried was IdealShape. I am still using IdealShape to replace two meals each day. I like the taste and I think it is comparable to Slim Fast which was my favorite taste wise.

Nutritionally IdealShape is great with 50% RDI per serving and only 100 calories and 2 grams of sugar. The hunger blockers seem to work well. I am usually satisfied after each shake until my next shake or mealtime.

With only chocolate and vanilla flavors available some might think that would be a drawback but for me it is okay since I am very happy with the chocolate. The website does have recipes available for adding different flavors.

IdealShape can’t be found in stores and must be ordered through their website. The good news is that it is not MLM so there are no hassles when ordering and it comes with a guarantee. At a price of $1.33 to $1.66 per shake it comes with a handy blender bottle that works great.

My Results to Date: I have been using IdealShape for about two weeks. I enjoy the flavor and I feel satisfied from one meal to the next. The blender bottle works great. A few good shakes of the bottle and I have a nice smooth shake.

I have lost 7 pounds so far but at a beginning weight of 235 I still have a few pounds to shed. The great thing is I have noticed an increase in energy. I am not very good at eating the right foods so I think IdealShape is insuring I get the right nutrients.

What to Eat to Get Your Biceps Growing

Get Calories Over Your Maintenance Level

First thing that you should know is that in order to build muscle, you need to eat more calories, so your muscle can have a calorie surplus. This essentially means that you need to eat more than what your body needs as maintenance in order to put on weight. Your body maintenance level of calories is just the amount that your body needs to maintain as a consequence of your metabolic needs. Consuming more calories means making available lots of calories for muscle build-up. But then note that everything in excess is bad. Too much will result in a build up of fat instead. Be wise and eat only up to 500 calories a day over your maintenance or basic need to put on weight and muscle. Make sure that it is balanced along a combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Consume At Least One Gram Of Protein Per Pound Of Bodyweight

In building muscle protein, it is vital to consume protein also. Without it, there would not be any obvious build-up of muscle mass and this will instill a pause in your results. Our bodies require protein to heal, repair and rebuild muscle tissue, and making ourselves have readily available protein would help our bodies build protein inside us fast. Note that if your muscles are not fully recovered before your next workout, you will feel weaker than before and less able to lift weight, since overtime will lead you to lose both muscle and strength which is contrary to what you want to accomplish. Working out means subjecting your muscles to stress and will even possibly tear them apart. Therefore, good nutrition, rest and an adequate amount of protein is necessary to rebuild your muscles and make them quite stronger prior to the next workouts. Thus, you need to consume at least one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. If you are skeptical about eating 160 grams of protein per day (if you are a 160-pound person), you will find it easy if you are eating a complete protein source with every meal. Ensure that you are consuming not less than 4 meals a day; Preferably 6 to 7 meals which are spaced through the day, taking your post workout meal into consideration.

Clean And Healthy Food Is Always A Yes

Since we are talking about health and fitness, it always necessary to stress that building muscle has a lot to do with nutrition and a healthy diet, so you need to include clean and healthy foods in your diet. Focus however on foods rich in protein, so make sure your diet includes lots of chicken, turkey, lean beef or steak, tuna, fish, low fat cottage cheese, milk, as well as whey protein. These are all foods where you can derive lots of proteins and will be a great help in achieving your desired protein intake.

Beauty Ideas for Women

A woman wants to look beautiful all her life and a beautiful you will come with boosted confidence and a high self-esteem. It is important to know the best ways to take care of your skin, hair, eyes and nails in order to remain beautiful. Among the beauty tips for women is a lifestyle change that involves a healthy diet and healthy habits. The skin responds to what we eat and a healthy looking skin indicates a healthy diet. Eating a balanced diet is necessary and the skin will flourish in diets that are high on fruits and vegetables. These help in replenishing the skin to give it a healthy glow. Taking up to eight glasses of water daily is another beauty tip that will ensure that your skin is well cleansed.

To keep that skin glowing, it is advisable to embark on the three-phase treatment for the face that includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing. The first thing you do is to wash your face with the appropriate face wash, which is followed by cleansing. Toning comes third followed with moisturizing which ensures that your face does not dry up. Using a sunscreen is highly recommended at all times since the skin is very sensitive to weather changes. Overexposure to sun is a known cause for skin cancers and it is therefore important to ensure that you wear your sunscreen in all weather. The lips are a prominent feature on the face and you do not want to walk around with dry chipped lips. It is therefore best to apply lip balm, Vaseline or a petroleum jelly to ensure that they are well moisturized through the day. Hair defines a woman and the healthier it looks the better.

Among the beauty tips for women is trimming your hair often to rid it of split ends. It is also advisable to keep it healthy using henna packs, natural proteins or amla-reetha-shikakai packs. Hair must be kept moisturized and oils such as almond, castor, and olive are highly recommended. To ensure that your scalp stays clean and dandruff free, it is important to shampoo your hair at least twice a week. Conditioning it is vital, as it will ensure that it is soft and manageable. Styling your hair appropriately makes up the beauty tips for women and it is important to style it according to your face shape. Another beauty tip for women is indulging in a body massage weekly to ensure that your body stays firm and hydrated.

To remove the unwanted hair, it is ideal to opt for waxing for the legs and hands. When buying cosmetics, it is important to test them to ensure that they do not end up harming your skin. This is done through a patch test to ensure that it does not react with your skin or cause allergic conditions. Beauty tips for women on cosmetics insist that you should stick to one brand that works for your skin since experimentation with many others may make your skin sensitive. Another important beauty tip is to ensure that you remove your entire make up before retiring to bed. This ensures that you do not take debris to bed, which may cause rashes, acne, and excessive oil secretions.