CARNIVORE DIET Day of Eating Raw Meat


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50 replies
  1. Veero A
    Veero A says:

    Your meals are so quick and easy to prepare compared to the vegan meals that take all day!! And not only do vegan meals take long to prepare they take even longer to clean up after I know from experience 🙁😬 but with the kidneys one of my grocery stores sells kidneys for super cheap but I have no idea how to prepare them or cook them, how do you cook kidneys??

  2. Cruelty FREE Gains
    Cruelty FREE Gains says:

    What's really psychotic about you guys using all these body parts for "nutrients" is pretty gross because you don't acknowledge those who had to die for it. Kinds funny seeing you eat this crap and pretending you can enjoy it. Pathetic flesh eating scum.

  3. Jera_rune
    Jera_rune says:

    New here..
    Are you a father? Those kidneys are great soaked in milk over night then break fasting on them. I have tried carnivore back when I was training (boxing mma) but pure meat doesn't work for me. I need some veg and herbs. I grow all my own food and catch some fish. Why are you doing this if you have achieved your goal? I have found pork in my mid to late twenties gave me the foundation for the 30s and at 39 I am strongest in my life and tend to all animals with out tiredness (my pigs are heavy, my goats want to challenge me and I am life coaching the crap out of life and it's because of my diet..
    Butter and meat plus plants and herbs once a day or if I ever get hungry, I am 6' 80kg and use no modern foods like sugars or refined oils. Oils are new in the scheme of things.
    That's my two cents.

  4. FB
    FB says:

    I must say the carnivore diet sounds good. But I don't really like the consistency of raw eggs, so I might mash them together or start with semicooked eggs I think. I have never tried raw beef but I do eat raw herring. Do you like herring or fish in general?

  5. robertjuh
    robertjuh says:

    how did you get 2 high quality rib eye steaks for less than 12 dollars a day? Like who is your dealer lol. My halal butcher has 3x cheaper ribeye than the main butcher and thats still 19 euros per kilo, i dont even know if i could it that raw

  6. Lady Water
    Lady Water says:

    I like you so much better than some other guy on YouTube. You are honorable, have integrity and so much more of a man IMO. The last part I mean having humility and wisdom. You don't have inferiority complex. I've subbed!

  7. Vpain90009
    Vpain90009 says:

    Interestingly enough I have the exact same experience you're talking about with the liver not being "tasy" necessarily but my body craving it and I assume it is because of some nutrient my body telling me I need more. I wonder if it's just from the crazy high cholesterol content of or maybe the vitamin A.

  8. Doug Kreitzer
    Doug Kreitzer says:

    Feel the exact same when eating raw liver. Don’t like the taste but Once I get into it I want more. My shoulders relax and body relaxes as if I’m being nourished. But then I bump into some real bitter parts I do not like and dont eat

  9. silas caldwell
    silas caldwell says:

    Hey Frankie you ever think about doing Uber and Lyft so you can have a flexible schedule and put all your quality time towards your passions… just a thought would love to see you rise and be successful maybe look up other nutrition people who are very successful find the common stepping stones and recreate them in your own way 🙂

  10. elvis manhattan
    elvis manhattan says:

    Hi man. Im your new follower. Great content and interesting videos.
    Liked/SUbbed/commented almost every one i watched.

    You look great…your hair ,skin,muscles. But i have question and i hope you reply fast 🙂 .
    ARE THOES TEETH REAL OR FAKE? i would give you my kidney for them if you ever need it 😉

  11. Robert Ingram
    Robert Ingram says:

    What you were saying about liver near the start of the video makes so much sense to me. I don't like the taste of liver, but I love eating liver. Maybe it is placebo but I feel like my body knows that it is extremely nutritious.

  12. Beast Mode
    Beast Mode says:

    Nice bro, what is your opinion on calories? In terms of amounts we're "supposed to eat"? I'm not convinced we need as many as the "health industry" says we need. My dad is in his 70's and has eaten a high raw paleo diet his entire life, not a particularly high amount of calories. below a "normal amount" for sure, doesn't touch processed foods. And makes people half his age seem like they're 3 times his age in terms of brain function, energy, zeal for life. Has no cavities, no health issues, looks about 50, he walks 15 miles a day, reads a book a week and is always seeking new adventures. I've been experimenting with calories last month or so, and I don't need anywhere near as many when I eat nutrient dense animal foods – especially raw organs, raw eggs, some indigenous fruits to here (Koah, Australia).. Which is tropical North Eastern Australia. We mostly eat game meats in my family, too.



  13. Janko
    Janko says:

    Totlly agree on the liver thing.

    I personally really dislike the taste of liver, but also, my body craves it.

    I usually slice it up and milk it down. Even the after burps, which bring back the taste disgust me.

    Which sucks, I wish liver had a normal muscle-y taste, but I guess the high nutrition content makes it taste funny.

    Maybe due to it's detoxifying nature, it ends up keeping the aroma of the toxins or something.. either way it's ew.

    And it's not a "Do NOT eat this" kind of bad taste, just an extremely unusual taste.

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