Cancer gone in six months with raw food diet!

Dave “the Raw Food Trucker” describes how he was able to get of diabetes meds in days and cure his colon cancer within six months when fellow truck drivers teach him how to eat a diet of raw foods and juices.

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26 replies
  1. sheldog cubeman
    sheldog cubeman says:

    Are you kidding me? Cancer has to do with a weak immune system and constand repedative damage to tissues, fruits and vegtables feed out immune system and combat free radical damage (oxidation). You cant possibly deny that the american diet increases the risk of cancer substancily.

  2. DarcProjekt
    DarcProjekt says:

    A little known fact: Gandhi and his close followers had to discontinue their vegan lifestyle because they were over-alkalized to where they were feeling sick near the end. Most of us are over-acidic so we initially feel amazing from the initial rush of symptom-relief and energy surge.
    Might I ask where do you get your raw meat and the portions/frequency of consumption? I doubt it's from the grocer's freezer at Ralphs or Costco XD

  3. bee ing
    bee ing says:

    Thank you for sharing. My family also started eating more raw food like organic raw nuts and seeds. These are expensive at our local health food store until we found, which not only has great prices for a huge range of natural products , plus cheap international shipping too at only $4 flat! iherb also gives $10 off new customers when you use discount coupon EJE156. 

  4. Camila Sablotny
    Camila Sablotny says:

    Kidneys do not leak protein into the blood, they leak protein into URINE. It's normal to have protein in our blood and even essential, the major one called albumin. If your kindneys leak, we first loose the monor blood proteins (microalbuminuria), and later the big once (albumin). That's when you know that your kindeys are leaky for sure. Because proteins exert something called oncotic pressure in our circulation, all blood that is foiltered out ouf capillaries, is later sucked in back into venuels. That's why we don't have edema (water retention and swelling). The message you are sending to people is dangerous Dave, since your don't seem to know what you are talking about. Sorry, not buying it. 

  5. les reed
    les reed says:

    Shame that this appears to come across as a "cure"! By all means eat healthier – but to put the notion that raw food cures cancer is foolish at best – and dangerous, to impressionable, people at worst…….

  6. sunila155
    sunila155 says:

    Food is medicine. Health is directly related to what you put in your body. Drugs are poisons created purely for profit. They suppress one thing but create many more diseases since it is not natural for your body to process chemicals!

  7. MeeksLp
    MeeksLp says:

    My dad has just been diagnosed with bowel cancer we want to help him to treat it naturally.Thankyou for posting this video.
    My dad is old school and it's going to be hard to make him listen to us and not to the doctors but we are going to do all we can.My cousin has healed from severe kidney failure through juicing and tumeric everyday and I watched it all happen it was amazing.I know raw foods and juicing is the way just need to get that through to my dad.He is 78 and im not ready to loose him yet.

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