Can You Eat Beans & Legumes on the Raw Food Diet? Ep214

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Today I answer a question about eating raw beans, legumes, lentils, etc.. Can you eat them raw?

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44 replies
  1. MrKite'sStrawberries
    MrKite'sStrawberries says:

    why soak and sprout the beans before you cook them? i thought the whole point of people soaking and sprouting the beans was to eat them like that, and avoid cooking.. if you're going to cook them, why not just cook them? why soak and sprout first

  2. Matt Reis
    Matt Reis says:

    I've been raw for almost 2 years. I feel great, but I wanted to try these spouted beans I found in the store. It was a mixture of sprouts, chickpeas being one of them. I tried it raw but like you said it was way too tough and starchy. So, I figured "why not, it's already sprouted, a 10 minute steaming wouldn't hurt," and my body is digesting those steamed/sprouted beans just fine. I have no strange feelings, weird pains, lowered energy, etc. If anything they give me MORE energy. It might be something for me to do before going to the gym on gym day, maybe. In any case, it's helped me go beyond the "you need to be 100% raw all the time" mentality. I never really had that mentality, but I'm glad to have actually incorporated some cooked food without issue. Everyone really is different though. I remember last year I tried a few bites of a boiled sweet potato, all by itself with nothing else added, and it really really made me feel messed up a few hours later. I was waking up in the middle of the night with bizarre feelings, then the whole next day I was dragging ass… just all around not a good experience. This time, even though I was still apprehensive, everything turned out totally fine. No tiredness, no weird feelings, just a nice full feeling and more energy. I also started steaming a bit of kale to go with it every once in a while. No problems there either. And no I do not feel some kind of "cooked food addiction" coming over me lol. I'm just not going to limit myself dogmatically to raw food literally all the time until the day I die. I'll still eat very, very high raw though.

  3. Regenerator
    Regenerator says:

    this is the first video of you i watched. i like you already. right now i feel an uncomfortable heartburn from eating refried beans. im vegan by the way and i believe raw vegan is a something i'd like to try to avoid any digestive discomforts

  4. Stephan Nanni
    Stephan Nanni says:

    Hi Natasha please advise all of your listeners that there is a way now to get legumes into their Raw diet without worrying about all the things you mentioned in your video Ep214! Check out TOLERANT foods com – an organic, non-GMO legume based pasta that's incredibly high in protein and can be prepared by soaking in lukewarm water for a minimum of 60 minutes. Cheers!

  5. a gravante
    a gravante says:

    The medical profession made up some symptom I had called pylori and wanted to have me take drugs.I said no thank you and figured this out on my own.What really gets me is I told them I had lima beans to eat the night before and they said that is probably not the cause.I will tell you,they(medical profession) harm(even kill) more than they ever help.

  6. a gravante
    a gravante says:

    The typical medical profession could not find what was wrong with me (I had intense pain when I took a breath in my stomach,chest and back). They said all my vital signs were good , my lungs and chest were clear and no problem with my blood.I had to figure this out on my own.Thank you,for the internet.

  7. a gravante
    a gravante says:

    Lima beans should always be cooked well because they contain linamarin, which releases a cyanide compound when the seed is opened; however, cooking deactivates this compound. I had to go to the emergency room because I had frozen lima beans and did not cook them ,just heated them up.

  8. Tramon Walker
    Tramon Walker says:

    come on guys. are you all really this stupid! afraid of cooked foods! LOL. mankind would not even be here without legumes and grains. Men, if you want to look like a pansy, stay away from high protein, cooked foods! do you want to be a flimsy frame of a man, or do you want to be strong and have the energy to protect your loved ones? when gladiators when out to fight do you think they pick fruit and leafy greens all day? and no you don't need to eat meat.

  9. RelatedGiraffe
    RelatedGiraffe says:

    Some legumes are good to eat soaked, sprouted and raw. Google for example "raw beans" and click on the first hit. Green peas are a good alternative too, they don't even have to be soaked if you buy them fresh or frozen.

  10. dishy200
    dishy200 says:

    yeah the only foods i love …my system wont digest… all the yukie foods obviously van be digested easily like seaweed… greenss stuff.. non of that is yummy… ots all grose… i chose burger over avocado… or spinach… grrrr! but i have to try this grrrrr!

  11. TheBrownViper
    TheBrownViper says:

    False. Cooked food is easier to digest and gives more energy because fewer calories are spent digesting it. That is why raw vegans have to eat a lot more than people who eat cooked food. They have to make up for loss in calories spent on digesting raw food.

  12. MrNarchya
    MrNarchya says:

    Why would you want to eat everything raw anyway? The human body is not made for raw food only. Don't get me wrong, I love raw food, I juice every day with loads of raw superfoods, but nobody takes my cooked meals away from me. Even if you would want to go raw completely, you need to give your body a lot of time to adjust to your new diet, you can't just overnight change everything.

  13. Heidi Kole
    Heidi Kole says:

    I'm still confused – how is cooking lentils & beans considered raw? want to know how to incorporate in raw foods diet but not sure how w/out cooking …Thanks for your info! Look forward to your response 🙂

  14. Mango Moses
    Mango Moses says:

    Pythagoras the Samian, son of Mnesarchos, said that the monad is god, and that nothing has been brought into being apart from this. He was wont to say that wise men ought not to sacrifice animals to the gods, nor yet to eat what had life, or beans, nor to drink wine.(Saint Epiphanus).
    We agree beans in any mode have not place in the raw vegan food regime.

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