CAN I FEED MY DOG RAW FOOD | #AskGTTSD 289 | Siberian Husky

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Looking for advice on Dog Training, Advice on dog ownership, or have any other questions for us? This is the video for that! It’s time for Fan Friday! A day when you submit your questions to us using #AskGTTSD and next week we go through them and randomly answer them! If we don’t get to your question, just ask again next week!
0:44 Do you feed your dogs raw? What is your opinion on feeding a dog raw?
2:08 Is YouTube your full time job and is the YouTube ad crisis hurting you at all?
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3:55 Do you ever go on vacation with your dogs that are close? And do you ever travel without your dogs?
4:39 Is the “Big Shed” for huskies a real thing?
5:37 Have your dogs ever been in a movie or on TV?

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42 replies
  1. ultimatemexicano3535
    ultimatemexicano3535 says:

    Can huskies handle warmer climates okay? Siberian's are resilient dogs, but I have hear how they could struggle in somewhere like Florida etc. I'm not sure if this is a rumor or not. I also plan on feeding my future Siberian Husky (possibly with Lab mix) a mixed raw and high quality kibble diet if you have any knowledge on that side. Nice looking dogs and cool video, keep it up! 😉

  2. Leah the Husky
    Leah the Husky says:

    #askgttsd I've heard several views of off leash huskies and wanted your opinion. Do you ever let the girls run off leash? I've tried and always ends in a 30+ minute chase. I want to let her off leash but afraid she'll be hit by a car or stolen. Thoughts?
    Afraid in Kansas

  3. Ghleehanna Leslie
    Ghleehanna Leslie says:

    I just love you guys!!!!!
    my Australian Cattle Dog blows 2xs a year…its crazy!!! I have dog bunnies always…but at those times a year…its crazy…i don't know if ring is do that same thing..orrrr somewhere in her lineage a husky snuck in…

  4. pheniks0
    pheniks0 says:

    10 million times more then normal 😀 😀
    you are soooo right 😛 my dog is now coming out of it atm… im thinking a week or two and he's done, on to the next 🙂
    man what a hair, ITS EVERYWHERE hahaha

  5. Dana Arends
    Dana Arends says:

    #askGTTSD how do you deal with jealousy with huskies? I have a 2 year old husky who has full freedom (no kennel) in the house. We have a 4 month old husky who we kennel when no one is home and at night. It seems like she is jealous that she has to be kenneled and our other girl doesn't. Do you have any tips for this?

  6. Natalie Rivera
    Natalie Rivera says:

    raw is in fact better. It's just scientific fact. feeding raw the wrong way will cause more harm so kibble will be best. feeding raw grind up would work. and the other dogs can eat raw. I guess some people are just lazy

  7. Melissa Torres
    Melissa Torres says:

    #AskGTTSD i know in a lot of videos when your huskies are with each other you remind us that they are playing, how do you know the difference of them hurting each other vs playing? And how do you know with other dogs playing with yours? Another question I had is do you prefer female huskies over male huskies and why? What is the deal breaker for you?

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