Calorie Shift Diet Review – Myths and Facts

Calorie shift diet is making a lot of buzz these days. It is a revolutionary approach towards successful weight loss. It involves our own system of metabolism to continue the comprehensive reduction in weight. Earlier, it was told that we needed to control our diet drastically. Even some of the regimen would advocate for starvation. But these theories are things of the past now. This novel diet regimen does not require any kind of dieting; neither has it recommended any vigorous exercise program. In this calorie shift diet review, we will try to understand how it works.

While we are starving or reducing the amount of food we take, all the metabolic processes go on at a slower pace. Our diet is comprised of different types of carbohydrates, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins. All these nutrients are much needed to build our body. In case of starvation, the calorie burning process also becomes slow. As fat gives us the major portion of energy, burning of fat becomes severely affected.

In calorie shift diet plan, we try to deceive this metabolic process. First of all, we have to build a baseline calorie value. Our system will recognize it. Then we have to increase the amount of calorie take for 2-3 days. The system will intervene soon identifying it as a high calorie state for our body. All the metabolic process will speed up and there will be increased fat burning. Just after these, we have to reduce the amount of calorie take for 5-6 days. As our body can not slow down its mechanism so quickly, the process of calorie burning goes on. So we can make a huge reduction in weight.

In a calorie shift, we do not require to cut down our diet. We are free to take any kind of food that we may desire. We have to take four major meals a day, but only thing we have to remember that the amount of calorie from each meal should be different.

The concept of calorie shift really works. You will find thousands of calorie shift diet reviews both in the online and offline form. The decision you can make afterwards.

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