Build Your Ideal Raw Vegan Pantry With These 15 Essentials

If you’re new to eating a raw vegan diet, stocking your brand new pantry can seem like a daunting task. Whether you’ve tried an abundance of different raw recipes, or are only just beginning your raw, plant-based journey, we want to help you take the intimidation out of eating the way you want.

While it’s easy to stock up on fresh seasonal produce at the grocery store, you can also give yourself a hand by buying shelf-stable, raw items in bulk. You’ll find yourself reaching for these raw ingredients again and again as you begin to learn how to assemble amazing, raw, and easy plant-based meals.

We’ve compiled a list of some basic items you should have on hand when you begin your raw food dietary adventure. We’ve provided a list of some different oils, sweeteners, kinds of vinegar, as well as some seeds, nuts, and more to get you started. Enjoy!

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