Biggest Mistakes I See on Raw Food Diet

Talking about the biggest mistakes I see on raw food diet. I believe you should keep your plant based diet simple regardless of cooked or raw. As I keep saying, don’t overthink this raw vegan lifestyle!
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13 replies
  1. Dave Law
    Dave Law says:

    I love how much you insist on simplicity! It’s so true. although I’m not fully raw I don’t see the need for a ton of ingredients when cooking and certainly not when eating raw foods. Simplicity is key. beans, rice, sweet potatoes are about all i eat cooked and they are perfectly fine on their own. I agree that most vegan recipes are too complicated

  2. Bree Thin
    Bree Thin says:

    Fruit does always make the day good☺. I used to eat a lot of nuts and i could tell that my body felt different after eating nuts. And farther more when i ate 1i ate 2 and so on. It wasn't hard for me to stop completely but I used to eat a cup of cashews every day.
    I stopped eating vegan junk because it gives me the worst acne. But as far as fats go I eat about one avocado every week if that. Love the video Mr. Jack😊

  3. Kenny Marklow
    Kenny Marklow says:

    Hey Jack. I'm back to your channel again., First time was around late 2015 or early 2016 and I was a McDougall Starch eater. I gained a lot of weight on that as with my blood sugar issues, it would cause mass cravings for things like fried chicken or whatever. From late 2016 until now, I've been following a Paleo diet. No cravings but no weight loss either.
    Love your delivery of the information. Simple is best as I am a self proclaimed simpleton hahaha.
    I want to urge you to write a book….perhaps even an Ebook. You have the info that men want to hear/read about….well, Iadies too as I see them commenting on your vids. You are a wealth of great info and it would be great to be able to access that info in ONE place.
    Thanks for the great vids bro!

  4. betzi
    betzi says:

    Well now that I'm thinking I shouldn't eat nuts every day I want to eat them more…sigh. I gave up peanuts 2 years ago and I thought that was the hardest thing I'd ever done…but I did it. So now nuts too…awwww nuts!

  5. Marcia Hershkowitz
    Marcia Hershkowitz says:

    Yeah, I binged on pistachios today! Cashews or walnuts and dulse taste like cheeze! I gotta stop eating them all together for a while. I consult my notes too. I like to keep an empty head! Keeps me sane! I don't want to eat ingredients that I can't pronounce! Keep it simple sweetheart! Hahaha! "Not every meal, a gourmet explosion!" Right some are quickies!

  6. UniqKoenie
    UniqKoenie says:

    I can eat fruits all day long! I can easily let go of nuts, I just never buy them anymore. The only thing I crave is BREAD! HOW DO I GET RID OF BREAD CRAVINGS? Bread just tastes so good in the Netherlands….

  7. Anon Anon
    Anon Anon says:

    Thanks for the video Jack. I dont exactly disagree, eating nuts really is like eating cement and although I gain no weight from them, they are very taxing. BUT I cant seem to stop going back to them and its not a mental issue. Fruit and greens after a while washes me out and its very strange considering that everyone else seems to thrive on little fat. The urge eat something that isnr sweet and is really dense becomes more and more stubborn over time. Im not sure if this is because im 22, underweight and my physiological needs are different. Though I cant say for sure, but this low fat approach seems to work for older people and ive yet to meet 20 year olds who arent finding themselves becoming deficient

  8. Tess Pernin
    Tess Pernin says:

    Totally totally agree on this.. I went through a period of trying to up my “healthy” fats for a couple months and my health took a dive. The biggest thing I noticed was my mental health. I felt down, depressed, mentally unclear, and just not myself. The past month I switched back to mostly raw (a few nights a week having steamed potatoes) and very low fat diet of mostly fruit and greens and I’m back baby!! Not saying this is for everyone, but for me, low fat, raw vegan is the way to go!! Namaste Mr. Jack.

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