Balanced Meals Vs Extreme Dieting

When it comes to weight loss, weight management, eating trends and diet variations we are inundated with a wide array of plans, techniques, choices and options to choose from.

With all this information and a multitude of options, choices that will best suit our personal needs are invariably difficult to make and this can cause a lot of confusion as to what is best for our personal requirements. The combination of these external influences, mixed with the frustration of knowing what results we want but do not know how to get them can often shift our focus, dampen our enthusiasm and lead us to take the easy (and unhealthy) route with regards to nutrition choices.

Often the end result is that we progress down a path of a fad diet or extreme eating and this eliminates balance / options and the full value we are looking for.

This type of diet or eating strategy can often be detrimental, as results are achieved by displacement or substitution of certain food groups, which, when the diet is over or a target is reached we revert back to type and eat according to our old habits; or our bodies consume something they are not used to and then our physiology goes a little bit hay wire with a recurrence of weight gains or increased fat content.

Developing a strategy that entails having a series of regular meals, with a well-balanced combination of food groups and types, and appropriately sized portions is more beneficial in the long term. This is because as the nutrients we take in activate our bodies' metabolism systems which in turn is combined with the more frequent smaller portioned meals which have the effect of enhancing our metabolism.

Having a well-balanced meal plan provides the opportunity to ensure that we are getting essential nutrients from as many varied sources as possible. This benefits our body by providing diversity and stimulation to our metabolic processes which increases the rate of metabolism and consumption of calories. Targeting the specific foods or Wonder Foods that enhance metabolism and incorporating these into our daily eating plans gives a constant source of stimulation to our metabolism which is easily consumed, digested by our body's and the calories used up natural processes without the pitfall of excess fat storage or deposits.

When we shift our paradigm in relation to healthy eating, the balanced choices have a longer term benefit and gain. This is as that once we have become habitual in eating smaller more frequent meals with more nutritious, diverse and beneficial food groups, the positive effects become longer lasting and the basic physiology of our body's approach to food and calorie consumption is ingrained in our natural processes ie we train our bodies to do the hard work.

So absolutely it's a personal choice to be made, fad diets and extreme eating can get a specific set of results quicker although taking a long term view may prove more beneficial and enjoyable in the long run as we do not have many limitations and the positive variety of food groups we can partake of each provide a wonderfully beneficial and source of nutrients which are more consumed consumed through our natural processes.

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