Ayurveda and Raw Food

Ayurveda practitioner Kumudini Shoba speaks about nutrition and the pros and cons of Raw Food from the Ayurvedic standpoint. The interview was conducted in New York in August 2011. Length: 14:31 min.

See also my interview with Kumudini on Ayurveda here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS41-iXuPnE

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14 replies
  1. ilinaeternity
    ilinaeternity says:

    On the concept of fruit being eaten raw at best- for very vaata people, this is not always the best. Adding garam masala (or black salt) and lemon juice will allow the fruits to be digested much better. It's important to remember that what's good for one dosha will be detrimental to another (for example, raw food can cause problems for vaata people but great for Kapha people). On top of this, people usually have 2 doshas which are predominant in them.

  2. TheDarshanProject
    TheDarshanProject says:

    Actually very few raw foods are recommended in the classical Ayurvedic texts, what sources are you using for this information? Also dosha is not a direct correlation to agni, they are different assessments nor do you eat for your dosha as the person below is suggesting, you eat for the season and adjust for imbalances accordingly.. 

  3. Deyan Dachev
    Deyan Dachev says:

    This is such a life-saving information for me. I am predominent vata dosha and I was on raw-foods the entire winter. Even though my focus and energy were kind of fine my digestive fire was so low, my hands extremely dry and cold most of the time. Even though I believe in the power of raw foods one should be very aware about what and when to eat in order to be balanced.

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