Avoid summer food poisoning with these tips – KULR8.com

Warmer temperatures can be the perfect time to go for a picnic but without the proper food preparation, you’re putting yourself at risk for food borne illnesses.

Wake Up Montana’s Mary Jane Belleza has tips on how to protect your food in these summer months.

According to the Center of Disease Control approximately 1 in 6 people get sick from food borne illnesses.

The rule of thumb is no food should be left out in the heat for more than four hours.

The CDC says said to keep raw meat, chicken and seafood cooled until you’re ready to grill.

Cook the meat thoroughly to kill harmful bacteria.

Remember to practice clean hygiene and wash your hands and produce before serving.

The CDC also says it’s important to never cross contaminate.

Keep raw meats away from drinks and cooked food and don’t use the same utensils on raw foods and ready to eat food.

Remember when in doubt, throw it out.

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