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Markus Rothkranz-Raw Foods And Healing

Markus Rothkranz has been spreading his inspiring message about raw foods through media (his You Tube video has had over 170,000) and through speaking to standing room only crowds. He released a documentary about free food and medicine. He has been traveling internationally for speaking events and is the nutritional consultant to the national guard.

What is a Raw Vegan Diet or “High Raw” Diet?

A high raw vegan diet is a dietary practice that involves consuming 50-70% of the foods you eat in their uncooked, natural living state. Eating a combination of some whole cooked foods along with ample amounts of raw fruits and vegetables helps to provide fiber, nutrients and enzyme content. While not advocating that it is […]

Q&A About My Raw Food Vegan Pregnancy And Birth

Detox, achieve natural weight loss and boost your energy with raw foods! Get your instant FREE raw food detox plan here: I received a lot of questions about my fruit/raw-based vegan pregnancy and would like to thank those of you who sent them to me. Elanie has turned one month old and we would like […]

How to Switch Your Cat to a Raw Meat Diet

In case you missed it, a great question was asked at Jackson Galaxy’s Google Hangout. How exactly should you begin the transition to a raw meat diet, especially if your cat is picky or refusing to eat the new food? Jackson answers it in this episode. Subscribe here: Like Jackson on Facebook: Follow Jackson on […]