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Food safety concerns at farmers markets

A new study shows vendors at farmers markets may be taking risks when it comes to food safety.Researchers at Penn State observed 42 vendors in 8 farmers markets in Pennsylvania. They found vendors tended to have poor hand-washing habits and there was potential for cross-contamination. Less than a quarter had disposable gloves present at stands, […]

Damaged, discolored soybeans as cattle feed

The wet conditions that delayed harvest have resulted in some loads of soybeans being rejected or sold at a large discount. Rejected beans can be used as a feed for cattle. If beans have significant mold present, they should be tested prior to feeding. Feeding Damaged Soybeans Damaged or discolored soybeans can be used as […]

Healthy Steak Meals For Low Carb Dieting

Any diet can become unappetizing if it is too limiting or restrictive, and low-carbohydrate diets are no different. Without providing appetizing variations, dieters tend to slip back into old, carbohydrate-rich habits. The key to staying on track with a low-carbohydrate lifestyle is to consume a variety of flavorful proteins cooked to individual tastes. Steak is […]

Fruitarian: Mum has eaten only fruit for 27 years

A fruit salad is served up on special occasions like a birthday or Christmas. A Queensland mum has lived off a raw fruit diet for nearly three decades. Anne Osborne has been a fruitarian for 27 years, and raised her two children on the same limited diet. Each meal is one whole, raw, mono fruit, such […]

Using Exfoliation For Acne Scar Removal

It is difficult to be plagued with both acne and acne scars. Ideally, you should be able to address both problems simultaneously. Unfortunately, many of the methods used to eliminate acne scars can actually cause more acne. However, one technique that is good for both acne and acne scar removal is the age-old technique of […]

Pet Raw Food is Booming with the Major Players Like WellPet, Stella & Chewy Adopting Latest Technologies

Marketresearchpro has recently published a report named “Documenting The Market Growth Of Pet Raw Food Industry: 2017-2025” focussing on the Pet Raw Food which holds a huge market share in 2018 both in terms of value and volume. This report intends to study the developments of the Pet Raw Food market in, including its development […]