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Healing Acne & Scars On A Raw Food Diet – My Story | 40BelowFruity

I had cystic acne for nearly 10 years and was on medication for 7 of those years, I healed acne & scars with a raw food diet.I’m sharing my story and tips to heal your acne and scars! 100% Pure Makeup: http://www.100percentpure.com/ Nature’s Aid Skin Gel: http://www.amazon.com/Natures-Aid-Skin-500mL-Brand/dp/B0031YCM1C/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1457138598&sr=8-1&keywords=natures+aid –Support 40 Below Fruity Through Patreon– ★https://www.patreon.com/40belowfruity?ty=h –Get […]

5 Pros and Cons of Raw Diets

The costs, the myths, the cured…all examined with the least bias I could muster. Yes I am talking about vegan diets. Instragram.com/micthevegan | Facebook.com/micthevegan Sources: Lissa’s Raw Food Romance (Butt Footage) www.youtube.com/user/raimondiphotography Youtube.com/Plantriotic (Fruit Luck Footage) Type 2 Diabetes Likely Cured by Weight Loss Alone: Smoothies Dental Risk Study: Meat Immune Response Discover Article: Annette […]

Three Simple Tips for Making Raw Food Recipes for Beginners

Raw foods can be thrilling when thoroughly explored. However, it can also be daunting to those first learning about them. Many recipes include the use of several kitchen appliances that are not the staple of every household including dehydrators, food processors, and Vitamix blenders. Such factors can deter many new raw foodies who simply looking […]

160lb Weight Loss On Raw Vegan Diet

If you are looking for motivation to lose weight and gain health and energy, look no further than Phillip Henderson aka the Chocolate Vegan. Phillip shed over 160 lbs and transformed his life after adopting a raw vegan diet and lifestyle. Hear his inspirational story in this fun interview. Join Phillip on Facebook at: Phillip’s […]

The Connection Between Weight Loss and Raw Food

To those of us who don’t know better, the concept of eating only raw foods or foods cooked in dehydrator can be a bit overwhelming. However, vegans who thrive on these foods and no animal products whatsoever are extremely healthy and fit. Anyone looking to lose a bit of weight should undertake a raw food […]

Tips on Raw Feeding – The New Indian Express

BENGALURU: 1   What is It? Raw feeding is the practice of feeding domestic dogs and cats a diet primarily of uncooked meat and bones. This is also known as BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods). 2   It is not Complete: Occasional feeding of vegetables and fruits cause no harm as long as they do not contribute […]

Raw Foods Diet

Expert Panel Hosts: Dr Brian Clement, Cherie Soria, Dan Ladermann, Steve Meyerowitz (A podcast version of this video is available on iTunes.) • Many people have heard of the Raw Foods Diet, One may even say that it is the original diet. The reason it has been around for so long is not only because […]