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Choose Healthy Raw Food

A fair number of us know the celebs look spectacular because they count on healthy raw food. But it all sounds so extreme. We've been led to believe balance means that we can still eat refined foods just not too much. Take a deep breath and think about what this actually means. Refined foods are […]

Diet change improves dog's health – STLtoday.com

Dear Dr. Fox • My dog might have inflammatory bowel disease, and the vet wants to put him on a prescription diet for three weeks. He has been eating raw since we got him in January. I would really rather not give him kibble again, especially not one whose first ingredient is corn. Here is […]

Good Raw Food Versus Bad Raw Food

Good Raw Food Versus Bad Raw Food Get even more raw food health videos at my member site! http://www.rawlifehealthshow.com on https://www.facebook.com/healthwatchm… on https://www.instagram.com/paul_nison/ on https://twitter.com/Paulnison Music by http://www.audionautix.com Music by Joseph Israel http://josephisrael.com

Get Beautiful Skin Through Raw Food Diet

There is no doubt every woman desires to have to have beautiful skin. The beauty industry will never collapse because women all over the world are constantly on the search for the miracle product that can give them glowing, beautiful skin. Yet, to have a lasting transformation on our complexion, we should pay attention to […]

Why Do People Want Veggie Burgers That Bleed? – Eater

Protein is one of the few food groups that rarely gets a bad rap. Unlike carbs and sugar, which have been under attack for some time now, protein is a necessary nutrient; it’s associated with energy, muscle, weight management, and satiety. America’s love of protein hasn’t changed much over the years: A 2015 survey conducted […]