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Three Reasons Why Baby Squirrels Die in Captivity

Did you ever take in a baby squirrel and start to feed and care for it, then have it go downhill physically and die? You’re not alone! The following are three common reasons why baby squirrels die in captivity: 1. The Wrong Diet. Improper diet is the number one reason why squirrels die. There’s a […]

Burger King’s meatless Impossible Whopper wouldn’t be possible Rutgers University Food Innovation Center

CLOSE Rutgers Food Innovation Center has helps food-focused businesses grow their companies. Impossible Foods, creators of Burger King’s Impossible Burger, is among its clients. Carly Q. Romalino, @CarlyQRomalino Buy Photo Chuck Behnke of Chank’s Pizza Cones works inside the Rutgers Food Innovation Center in Bridgeton. (Photo: JOE LAMBERTI/COURIER POST-USATODAY NETWORK) Anything’s possible.  If Tesla’s sports car […]

What is Raw Dog Food?

An Australian veterinarian by the name of Ian Billinghurst introduced the term BARF. It is the acronym that was once used by dog ​​owners who fed their pets meaty bones. At that time BARF stood for "bones and raw food." Over time, the acronym took on a new meaning. The term came to stand for […]

Nutrition and Weight Management Products Market Future Growth, Business Prospects and Forecast to 2023

MarketReportsOnline.com the exclusive leading provider of market research reports published research report on “Global Nutrition and Weight Management Products Market: Size, Trends and Forecasts (2019-2023)”. The main purpose of nutrition and weight management is to help each person to maintain a healthy body weight in the context of overall health. Another purpose of nutrition and […]

How a Simple Diet Can Help You Cure Tinnitus

The purpose of writing you this newsletter is to share information about tinnitus and how to cure it using diets. According to my research, there is a connection between food and tinnitus. Tinnitus or unwanted ear sounds are as a result of high blood pressure or arteriosclerosis. High blood pressure occurs as a result of […]

Do We Really Have To Eat Leftovers Within 4 Days?

We’ve all eaten leftovers that are likely past their prime — opened a container, sniffed and checked to ensure no signs of mold, taken a few bites to “check and see” and then dove in with little regard to the potential sickness that could ensue. Yet, according to the FDA, leftovers are ultra-time-sensitive items, to […]

Cancer Diet – 10 Super Foods to Fight Cancer

John Wayne called it "The Big C". More than 25 years after the famed actor's death, however, research has pointed the way toward cancer prevention through consuming a cancer diet, rich with foods to fight cancer. There are ten super foods to fight cancer that should be included in every cancer diet: (1) Garlic – […]