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Phlegm, Dampness and Chinese Medicine

Internal Dampness & Phlegm Dampness and phlegm are accumulations that occur in the body that may make us feel ‘phlegmy’ or just heavy and tired. When our diet is out of sync with our body, our mind is working overtime, or when the weather is very damp and humid, we tend to become stagnant with […]

Ashley Smaldino claims banana-only cleanses cured her chronic acne – Metro

(Picture: Ashley Smaldino/Caters) A health coach who suffered from chronic acne for years claims that her skin has finally been cured thanks to banana-only cleanses. Ashley Smaldino, 27, who also had IBS and chronic fatigue, first tried the ‘Banana Island fruit cleanse’ after discovering raw veganism. She was diagnosed as gluten intolerant in 2009, and subsequently cut gluten, sugar and […]