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Lansdale Small Business Spotlight: Fruit Powered – Patch.com

LANSDALE, PA — There’s a story lurking behind the glass pane of every shop, and there’s oftentimes an innovative individual whose entrepreneurial spirit is helping to shape the town. Our small business series shines a light on local business owners in the community. Business name: Fruit-Powered Owner: Brian Rossiter Address: No physical location but based […]

Difference Between Raw Honey and Commercial Honey

The major difference between raw honey and commercial honey is the method of preparation where the former if filtered while, the latter is pasteurized. Honey is a naturally made viscous sweetener from bees. It is a very versatile substance since it is widely known as an effective ingredient in several products like: moisturizer, bath soap, […]

Doberman eat a whole chicken | Raw Diet

Kaia the one year old 90lbs female doberman enjoying one of her favorite treats. Filmed on Gopro Hero 3 Black: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: Tumblr: Sponsor: *Note when feeding raw chicken make sure dog eats slowly and takes time chew up the bones.! Never feed cooked chicken bones to your dog. Do your own research […]


I take you through what I ate today on a Raw Food Diet. I generally eat more than this but today was a gourmet raw day. A Raw Food Diet or a Fullyraw Diet has many health benefits once you stick to it long enough. Even short term the Raw Food Diet or High Carb […]

7 Techniques To Finally Stop Gout Pain

Statistics indicate in 2006, that gout affected approximately 3.5 million people in the United States. Gout is a form of arthritis which is caused by uric acid deposits in the joints. A rise in the blood's uric acid level is called hyperuricaemia. It occurs predominantly in men over 30, and in post menopausal women as […]

Ancient Sumer – Food Habits

Sumerians were the first culture to quit hunting and gathering food and begin cultivation. Like many other inventions that Sumerian culture gave to the world, they also contributed in farming and food. Sumerian food consisted mainly of barley. The raw material of most of Sumerian food was barley, barley cakes and barley paste were accompaniments […]