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Andrew’s Raw Food And Personal FAQ #3

I answer reader questions in this video. You can skip ahead to the questions you’re interested in: 1) Raw food and acne/autoimmune conditions: 9:00 I mention The Fruit Solution book, which I recommend for its great elimination diet for overcoming acne. Check out the book here: https://goo.gl/wAVuNi Get 30% off with coupon code: Andrew 2) […]

How to Sharpen Mental Clarity With a Raw Food Diet

Eating raw food offers a number of unexpected improvements to your quality of life. For one thing, energy levels are increased dramatically with the raw food diet. For another, raw foodists report noticeably sharpened mental clarity starting about 1 week into the diet. In this article, we’ll cover three ways that raw food can improve […]

Keeping food in the raw – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Who would have expected such flavor bombs, total treats to the senses, from dishes prepared exclusively from uncooked foods including bland yellow squash or flax seed? And who knew that raw foods can include breads, crackers, cakes and cookies made using a dehydrator? Even chocolates and ice cream. Prepare to have many of your preconceptions […]


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