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Recipe: Sweet and sour tofu by Raw Chef Debra Garner

Most of us lead very busy lives. We are on the go. Taking care of our families as well as taking care of ourselves. The food aspect of taking care of ourselves is sometimes difficult. Food prep, a gazillion steps to make one recipe, I get overwhelmed just reading those recipes let alone actually cooking […]

One Week Is Enough To Lose Weight

To fight with excess weight is one of the oldest "women's sport". Especially this kind of sport is popular after holidays. And here we are now. Holidays passed and summer is coming closer. If you will see that your summer wardrobe sit tight on you do not hurry to change it on bigger size clothes. […]

Salad Days

Some forms of salad have been consumed for centuries, originally mainly made of cabbage and root vegetables, flavored with vinegar, oils and herbs. Ancient Greeks believed that raw green vegetables promoted good digestion, and the Romans agreed. Early records of lettuce appeared back in the 6th century BC despite it bore little resemblance to our […]

Shrimp in moderation can be part of a heart-healthy diet

Darlene Zimmerman, Henry Ford Health System Published 7:01 a.m. ET Aug. 19, 2018 Buy Photo Sweet and Sour Shrimp for Two.(Photo: Eric Seals, Detroit Free Press)Buy Photo Cooking for two has its challenges. Scaling back recipes created to serve six or eight people doesn’t always work well, and dining on leftovers night after night gets boring really fast. […]

4 High Protein Meal Ideas

Protein meals do not mean just all meat! Many vegetables are very high in protein. You will get carbohydrates in the veggies, too, but unrefined carbs are good for you. That is a great source of energy. The carbs to avoid are refined starches and sugars. A nice protein-based meal will include some meat, fish […]

As food-poisoning outbreaks sweep America, here’s what an expert says pregnant women should refuse to eat, Business Insider

caption Pregnant people need to avoid certain foods. source Getty Images With an uptick in news about food-poisoning outbreaks, pregnant women need to be aware of which foods carry certain risks. Foodborne illnesses such as listeria can be riskier for pregnant women and their unborn children than the average person. Food-poisoning expert Bill Marler advises […]


Day 1530 Raw Vegan/Fruitarian/whatever/Lissatarian! INTERVIEW WITH GRANT CAMPBELL FROM RAW AUSSIE ATHLETE || RAW FOOD VEGAN JOURNEY My Recipes can be found here: FOLLOW N8 HERE: Find Linda on YouTube: Or on follow Nate on instagram @rawnattyn8 and Linda @live_love_raw VEGGIE BULLET LINK: CLASSIC PADERNO SPIRALIZER: RECIPE E-BOOKS AND TRANSITION GUIDES AND ONE ON ONE […]

Eat Tomatoes for Cholesterol and Healthy Heart

Riddle: What's red, smaller than a breadbox, and has many health benefits for you? Answer: A tomato! You're baffled? Something as small, delicious, and versatile as a logo can help your cholesterol and keep your heart healthy. Believe it, friend. Let's set a well-known argument about tomatoes – tomatoes are a fruit! According to the […]