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Choosing The Right Dog Food For Sale

There are many animal stores that do have dog food for sale which many pet owners may choose from. It is a great way to stock up on your pet's food if it's bought on a bargain without too much trouble. It will be a great deal if what your pet loves to eat is […]

Will I Get Sick on a Detox Diet?

The many diet gurus who are popular today are really pushing doing a detox before trying to lose weight. Any good weight loss program will start with a detox program. Why? The simple answer is so that your body can start working right. A major cause of weight gain is that the mechanisms in the […]

Should You Try The Fruitarian Diet?

Highlights In a fruitarian diet, people only consume fruits and nuts and seeds Fruits contain many vitamins but they cannot provide all nutrients It is one of the most restrictive diets & has a high risk of malnutrition Steve Jobs, founder of Apple; Idi Amin, the Ugandan military dictator; Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, an Indian political […]

Raw: Fire Destroys Food Carts, Cars In Portland |

Authorities say two food carts were destroyed and 10 cars were damaged by a fire and explosion in downtown Portland, Oregon. Local officials say a fire began at one cart, and strong winds spread it to the second cart and to the cars. (Oct. 19) The Associated Press is the essential global news network, delivering […]

Diets That You Need to Stay Away From

Every diet you ever went on left you heavier than before? And there are hundreds of them – the ‘eat what you want’ diet, the color diet, the only meat diet. And even if you do lose some weight in the beginning, it usually comes back with some pile-on friends. The key to losing weight […]

The 3 Exchange diet…Exchange #3

At Stanly Wellness Center, in addition to neurological correction and cellular detoxification, we provide nutritional consulting and weight loss protocols and support. Upon consulting and reviewing a patients current dietary habits, I typically recommend 3 core changes that people NEED to make to improve their health, balance their hormones, and reverse chronic disease. In last weeks article […]

Mettler Toledo Introduces Safeline X39 System for Frozen Burger Contamination Reduction

Product | October 16, 2017/> Mettler Toledo Introduces Safeline X39 System for Frozen Burger Contamination Reduction By Staff Mettler Toledo has just announced the availability of the new Safeline X39 X-ray system. Now, manufacturers of frozen-formed burger patties (beef, pork, chicken, fish and vegetarian) can now meet retailer and fast food chain conformity standards and […]