are you happy? a list of things to do | raw food | dara dubinet

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16 replies
  1. Happy TX
    Happy TX says:

    I am retired & have never been happier. My life is my own. I am free. I have eaten organic for the last 30+ & it shows. People tell me that I have beautiful hair and skin. I am healthy no medicine. Heck my dad is 95 & mom is 86 & they are medicine free. Just healthy food & supplements. Thanks

  2. Alison C
    Alison C says:

    Dara, thank you for this! I know what you mean about the old habits becoming intolerable – the Universe makes it so that you cannot go back, even if you're afraid to move forwards. I am journeying into raw food after thinking about it for a year! The time is now.

  3. sn232
    sn232 says:

    Thank you! Going for walks and deep breathing. Andrew Saul did a video where he told about depressed people being helped with eating a handful of cashews, or taking Niacin (B3) vitamin. Getting out in the sun for sure helps, or using a blulight (blue light therapy) if no sun is available. Eating greens and clean raw foods for sure :)

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