Are Raw Food Diets Better Than Cooked Vegan Diets?

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Bananiac asks what Dr. Greger thinks about raw food vegan diets and what the research and studies shows. Are raw vegan diets superior to just regular vegan diets?

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28 replies
  1. Happy Healthy Vegan
    Happy Healthy Vegan says:

    great info from the doctor. makes total sense about eliminating junk and processed vegan food. this vid and the one i put up today about harley being a so-called junk food vegan make a nice pair defending the virtues of cooked whole foods.

  2. Li-San Loves
    Li-San Loves says:

    Dr Michael Greger has some great information to tell us. The examples he gives us about the raw vegetables not having the same amount of certain nutrients when cooked is a bit irrelevant to a raw foodist who is mainly consuming fruit. They don't usually eat broccoli or carrots to get their calories. But as always, it's fascinating to hear him speak.

  3. Healthy Vegan Life
    Healthy Vegan Life says:

    Very interesting to hear dr. Gregors take on this. I wonder if the studies done on long-term health of raw foodists were following 80-10-10 raw foodists (doubt it) or green juice fasting and nut-pie devouring raw foodists. Will have to go to his site to check it out for sure. Thanks for this great video Tino!

  4. James Bailey
    James Bailey says:

    Greger is ofcourse great! – srs…but even he, here makes basic erriors. Taking the most common one as an example, tomatoes and lycopene. Whilst cook toms makes the lycopene more absorbable, it also breaks it down meaning there is less to absorb. That this simple and basic fact constantly gets misunderstood is telling as to the understanding and clarity that mainstream science often approaches raw food…another being that the 'raw food diet' can be very varied in it's application and this never being defined by those attempting to critique it…and these people, in this case Greger thinks he's sharing a definitive position??

  5. High Carb Vegan Recipes
    High Carb Vegan Recipes says:

    +bananiac I have a specific question for you. I am going to college in about a month and my parents put me on the meal plan. The college claims to have lots of "vegan options", but most of it is a lot of processed foods, oils, and soy products/ soy meats. I try to not eat any of that(except some occasional tofu or edamame). I know you were vegan in college, how did you manage to be a Whole Foods Plant Based Vegan(like me)? I will have a kitchen in the dorm so I want to be able to do my my own cooking and shopping for food(the Whole Foods is 3 miles away and I have a bike), but I am worried that I won't have time with all the classes and work, or the kitchen will always be unavailable, or whatever. Eating this way has helped me overcome many struggles in my life(ED and other) and I really want to be able to continue it! Thank you :). 

  6. ecology1st
    ecology1st says:

    Truthfully, it's hard not to notice that people who do not have what it takes to go raw are always finding ways to knock the raw food diet. I think its obviously a no-brainer to understand that a raw food diet is healthier than a cooked food diet. Just for the record though, I myself am not a raw foodist. I'm to lazy to follow it, frankly.  

  7. Dairi Made
    Dairi Made says:

    It's absolutely GREAT Dr Greger recommends that Becoming Raw book as a guide to raw veganism. Notice it was written by two registered dietitians. Ha! take that Freelee, and all you raw vegans who are always bashing dietitians. ……..I will be purchasing this book.

  8. Tobias Brown
    Tobias Brown says:

    Can someone please tell me where these raw fanatics (like Bananiac) got their firm convictions around raw food? Does it come from "paleo" ideas? Do they think raw must be how humans ate in the past? Do they compare humans to animals and given that animals eat raw, they assume raw must be best for humans too? 

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