Andrew’s Raw Food And Personal FAQ #3

I answer reader questions in this video. You can skip ahead to the questions you’re interested in:

1) Raw food and acne/autoimmune conditions: 9:00

I mention The Fruit Solution book, which I recommend for its great elimination diet for overcoming acne.

Check out the book here:
Get 30% off with coupon code: Andrew

2) Overcoming constipation and other digestive disorders: 15:01

3) Why did Andrew stop doing yoga? What are his favorite poses: 6:35

4) What is Andrew’s aesthetic, the aesthetic of the future raw food movement. I talk about solar punk, the evolution of technology, and where we’re headed. 0:22

5) How to make the right choices for your body and stay on track: 6:17

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11 replies
  1. RawKingKong
    RawKingKong says:

    Do you think since you normally eat mono meals of fruit or lower fat salads that when you eat things that have more protein like walnuts your kidneys aren't used to dealing with them? Maybe it's easier for them to just let some of any excess out through your skin. I have never been on a raw diet for more than a few months at a time so I am not sure how sensitive someone who has been following it longer may be.

  2. John Dow
    John Dow says:

    Things are many times worse. The future is dark and desperate. If you think happy days are ahead, you have not been paying attention. Climate change is not going to go away. The change we have already caused has delayed the next ice age by 50-70 thousand years. If you look at the data, the charts, graphs, etc… The realization of what we have done and what is coming is bone chilling. You are right about one thing: there will be plenty of sunshine.

    Seriously, be optimistic but be realistic. We are headed for a major bottleneck… The shit is about to get real. Be glad you are not a farmer in Bangladesh.

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