An Update On Our 2 1/2 Year Old Raw Food Toddler

Since our raw food toddler Elanie turned 2 1/2 years old, we though it would be a good time to post an update.

So in this latest video we talk about our raw vegan kid, her height, weight, as well as her overall development on this diet.

Are you also raising raw vegan or vegan children? What has your experience been? Post your comments below!

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* Personal coaching:

* Healthy Raw Nutrition For Children And Teenagers

Wishing you abundant health,
Paul and Yulia Tarbath

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29 replies
  1. Goat Girl
    Goat Girl says:

    Love seeing healthy vegan children. Agree with everything you say. I've worked on a kindergarden and you can notice a huge difference in behaviour between children who doesn't eat dairy or gluten for example vs those who do.

  2. iBeauty Addict
    iBeauty Addict says:

    Hi! PLEASE HELP! I love your channel. It does make sense to me. It sounds like a happy raw vegan lifestyle. There are so many websites about Candida and it is so confusing. I just want to know what you think about the ….. Personally, to me.. I feel like it might kill my whole mood and energy levels. I can't think of eating only greens and quinoa/millet/buckwheat For 6 months either. It sounds like a dead diet to me.
    Is that what I need or should I go raw vegan with fruits and veggies? So confusing. 
    I am 21. Had depression and anorexia since age 13. Lots of antibiotics, anti inflammatory pills, painkillers in the past 10 yrs for health issues. I now have low energy and weight gain and bad fatigue. Also face acne and stomach ulcers. Please help me! :(

  3. Loveolution Austin
    Loveolution Austin says:

    it's nice to see your daughter doing so well on a raw vegan lifestyle. my daughter has slowly transitioned to a fully vegan diet since february of this year; i went vegan in february of last year, but we never ate much animal products/ate lots of vegetables and fruits before. i'm interested in being raw vegan or mostly raw vegan, but she is only interested in eating cooked and raw vegan foods. i'm sure it's her age and genetics but she is very tall, slender, and athletic. so her growth and strength are not affected negatively by being vegan. maybe they are even helped, but idk kids grow a lot between 4 and 6 either way. :0) she also was breastfed until she was 3.25 and we still cosleep and practice attachment parenting. there are so many ways to treat your child with love and see your child grow with love. i say that because i have lots of attachment parenting, whole foods omnivore friends and their children still are healthy, bright, calm, and compassionate. i am drawn to veganism for my morals because i've been on and off vegetarian and vegan since i was 12. but i don't think it is the only healthy lifestyle you can choose. i am never going back to eating my friends and their bodily secretions. and my daughter is also very passionate about not eating animals. and people do ask more about her health since she is vegan than when she was omnivore. so it's just really nice to see your family be a reassuring example. sending love to y'all! ps. my daughter says she is still vegan and she loves animals so much!

  4. Linda Murphy
    Linda Murphy says:

    Your child is drinking breast milk, therefore she is vegetarian and not vegan. This is extremely important because children must have vitamin B12. I'm guessing she is getting her B12 from your breast milk. Hopefully you are getting B12 either by supplement or in your diet. B12 is extremely important. There have been vegans who have not taken B12 supplements that have gotten either irreversable brain or spinal degeneration. This can take up to 10 or 12 years to happen to an adult vegan who does not take a B12 supplement. It may happen sooner to a child if they don't have stores of B12 in their body from their diet. Dr. Gregor who is an advocate for plant based diets does not recommend a vegan diet for children.

  5. Chelsea Heal
    Chelsea Heal says:

    what a beautiful family you guys are! and what a lucky child. I so so wish my children were brought up vegan, and never once ate meat. Sadly I was not vegan or vegetarian until years later, but they are vegan now and have been for a few years :-)

  6. Freebirdy Peeps
    Freebirdy Peeps says:

    Hi this was so important for me to see and hear, great video 🙂 can you please share the ratios of fat, protein and carbs Eleni eats? Or is there some kind of book where I can see what small children should eat during the day except milk. Thank you

  7. BluestSkypsl
    BluestSkypsl says:

    Problem comes when people do not educate themselves to make sure all requirements are met . A child on only fruit and veg without nuts seeds breast milk etc are are risk . Just to feed fruit and raw veg can lead to malnutrition due to the fact these foods contain so Much fiber and children need more dense foods so food choices and choosing the vegan foods to nourish is extremely important .

  8. SJ Calderon
    SJ Calderon says:

    We are a vegan family, not raw, but we do keep to whole food plant based diet. Everything you've described about your daughter is remarkably how our 5 year old is and has been since birth. Yes, diet and the ethics taught have a lot to do with our children's behaviour, but it also has a lot to do with the attachment parenting you (and we) practice, as you mentioned. As our daughter gets older and we have more contact with her friends who live a SAD diet, the happier we are with how we have chosen to live. Our daughter now is quite keen on educating her friends about compassion to all and veganism. She's our little hero!

  9. Mari Marukou
    Mari Marukou says:

    It's so great to see her growing and changing in so many ways. I'm currently trying to transition us into a mostly wholefoods diet and it's been difficult with the grandparents in our family. It's really important they are involved in their lives growing up but I'm finding that our decision to give them healthy foods like mostly fruits and vegetables with a little cooked vegan food is only followed if we are around. Many times now they've been given crisps, lollies and highly processed foods. I've been communicating to give them alternatives, which the kids love, but they still give them these unnecassary foods which makes it more difficult at home when they ask for these things since we don't consume them or have them in the house. The behaviour issue is something I've noticed that happens after they have been given these foods when they come home and that's really sad to see as their mother because they are normally so happy and kind, when after they have had these foods they become aggressive and their attention span or interest in the world around them becomes very uncontrollable. I hope that things change soon.

  10. Marcus B
    Marcus B says:

    so great to hear all this! 🙂 just want to point out, however, that even kids who eat cooked food and junk food, or maybe despite the fact that they eat it, are still very compassionate and intuitively loving and curious. love your vids, thanks!

  11. Inna Gornovska
    Inna Gornovska says:

    Elanie is such a cute little angel. So awesome to see educated parents who think how to raise their children and give their full attention, care and love in this process. A conscious and mature way of bringing souls to this world. Love your family

  12. Tallie Allen
    Tallie Allen says:

    I'm eating mostly raw (100% vegan).
    Fruits n greens for breakfast and lunch.
    Cooked whole food vegan for dinner.
    I wish my kids (4&8) would do the same.
    I set the example every single day. Even at vegan restaurants.
    Myself, my husband, and my 2 kiddos are all vegan.
    But…my husband is quite happy to eat lots of oven baked store bought French fries & soy bacon every single morning. Followed by other cooked and processed vegan foods for lunch and dinner. No one wants to eat like me.
    The kiddos will not even try greens at all.
    The kids want what my husband eats??
    Also, there are always pretzels in the house. I never eat them. If I elect to not buy them, everyone is upset at me.
    Is there any hope for getting the kids to want to eat more like I do?


  13. G Vas
    G Vas says:

    Your child is sooo cute 🙂 I do not have children but if I had any I would definetly try my very best to give them fruits and veggies only. It would be a challenge because I am the only person in my family, and my job, who cares about eating helthy. I am not fully raw but I try to eat lots of raw fruits and veggies and avoid animal products or processed products. Thank you for sharing this. I think it is of good information to all the parents out there to educate themselves on this topic. Education is key if one wants to live a more healthy life stile.

  14. Camifruit Le peuple en marche
    Camifruit Le peuple en marche says:

    You are so inspiring! My lover and I wish to bring on this world mindful being by building a familly soon. Your video are a great source of informations and inspiration for us. Thank you! P.s: I will be in Chaing Mai next month, are you making or taking part of some fruitluck time to time? It's could be awsome to meet you in real. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

  15. Grace Allaby
    Grace Allaby says:

    You and Paul give me so much hope. The only area of being vegan that has given me anxiety is the possibility of having children in the future and what rout to take… I think even the thought of possibly having children makes me want to eat more raw and get more confident about my stance so that If I have children I can be a good rolemodel and give them a high quality life. Thank you for putting yourselves out there. you don't know what a motivation and source of strength you are.

  16. A Earhart
    A Earhart says:

    Thank u very encouraging-my daughter is the opposite of your daughter–she is moody-frustrated-tired-bloated-low energy-says she is dizzy feels bad all the time-we eat very healthfully grains- meat- veggies-potatoes- she has been a sickly child since birth-she was born c-section and was in hospital for 4 months- she was also vaccinated – which we recently stopped doing
    She and her daddy both say they would not be happy eating raw vegan all the time…I don't know what else to do

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