Amazing FullyRaw Juice to GET THE GLOW!

Get the Glow! Delicious FullyRaw Juice recipe for clearing acne, kidney cleansing, inflammation reduction, weight-loss, ridding headaches, and more! This juice is made with carrots, turmeric, apples, celery, lemon, and orange juice! You can enjoy this for breakfast, lunch, or dinner…feel the benefits! Enjoy the smile you get on your face while drinking it! It does the body good!

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32 replies
  1. Aysar Drabick
    Aysar Drabick says:

    Kristina, you're such a bright light of inspiration! Many thanks to you for continuing to share your wisdom and recipes with your viewers, despite any discouragement coming from the off handed negative comments here and there. Know that you are greatly loved and appreciated by far more viewers than the few sour apples who choose to leave comments! You've brought such excitement for healthy eating into my life, since I found your channel back in 2014! Be blessed and be well, friend! ?

  2. Alice Corrie
    Alice Corrie says:

    Kristina, this juice looks amazing! So vibrant and clean and cleansing! I admire you so much for being so fully committed to your lifestyle! I have a couple of practical questions about this recipe: why do you strain the juice you get from the blender? Surely there lots of good nutrients in the fibre you're taking out. And does the turmeric stain your juicer or blender? How do you stop it doing that?

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