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30 replies
  1. Ten Head Club
    Ten Head Club says:

    A few of my favourite quotes that resonate with your words.

    "The more wisdom you attain and the more conscious you become, the crazier you will appear to others."

    "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance"

    "The more you know, the crazier you look"

    "They laugh at me because I'm different; I laugh at them because they're all the same"

    Keep sharing…. we're listening and appreciate your effort Ted.

  2. Clare Birschel
    Clare Birschel says:

    Everyone watch out for those elephants, gorillas, rhinos, giraffes, horses, cows, sheep (and most animals on this planet). They are one big eating disorder! OMG – only folk on SAD wd say this. But we (well, most of us) probably felt this at some point. Never in a million years wd I thought I would be one of these "weird, hippie vegans". My family think I am nuts for eating this diet. Well, stuff them. I know I am right…. ??????

  3. ArtofJCW
    ArtofJCW says:

    Hi Ted , I have a question for you . I've been following your videos for a few weeks now and following a lot of your advise primarily on eating fruit and lots of it . I've lost 20.4 pounds in the last 30 days and I'm feeling amazing and I'm eating on average 2,500 to 3,000 calories a day . Is that average weight loss for the fruitarian diet for someone my size ? I'm 39 years old , male and 30 days ago I was 232.8 pounds at 5'8" and I'm muscular but also have quite a bit of fat on my body to lose . This morning I was 212.4 pounds . Is that typical weight loss and can I expect to continue to see results like this until I'm closer to 160 pounds which is where I want to be as long as I'm healthy and feeling great . Thanks man , hope to hear from you . – Jonathan

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