A Low Carb and High Protein Diet

A word of warning if you go by the low carb, high protein diet plan, if you consume to much protein it is not healthy for you. I know a lot of the big weight loss diet plans suggest it and I am here to let you know that it can potentially be very harmful. Especially to your kidneys and problems with your digestion, it can also have you sporting undesirable breath. They say if you eat a lot of protein it will leave you feeling more filled up than just carbohydrates and fat alone and that it will help you stay with the diet, this is of course your choice but it is the worth the risks involved.

Of course we do protein in our diet, it is a very critical part of our metabolism and for healing our bodies. It just should not make up a big part of our diet is all, it can be found in a large number of products, such as meat and dairy just to name a couple but should be limited.

It is a good practice to begin every morning with a high fiber cereal or any other product that you may like. Our bodies do not store much of our energy while we sleep so you might find yourself filling up on to much carbs to remedy that. It will only add to your weight loss problem, having fiber instead will let your system rejuvenate itself and will certainly help those with constipation, which is also known to leave us feeling bloated and looking even heavier.

While you should monitor your protein intake you should definitely still be eating some just make sure it is a high quality type. Lean meats are a good source and so is a low fat content fish, any dairy product should be low fat as well, grains and seeds are a great source of protein to. beans are a great source also and can leave you feeling filled for prolonged period but they do have a drawback for some people. They are known to cause excessive gas build up in some, but they also help fight off disease, its just a matter of being able to eat them.

You should try to have some protein in all of your meals during the course of the day, and avoid having it all in one meal itself. The one meal you should have more protein in than others is with your breakfast because of the amino acids it provides and will help you be more focused. Including some protein with each meal will gradually send energy into your body and help raise your metabolism which helps with weight loss.

When you start to follow the low carb diet, avoid drinking caffeine. We all know that too much coffee is bad for you but do you know that it can make you fat. Caffeineine insulin production and we need to keep our insulin levels low to inhibit fat production. So cutting out our regular coffees will not only save us money, and save calories; but it will also help us to keep our insulin levels low. The end result will be a healthy weight loss

If and when you do decide to implement the low carb diet plan, you should also be aware of not having to much caffeine as well. While some say it is good for you and others say it is bad for you it has been stated that it can make you fat too. It somehow increases our insulin levels which make that possible, so by keeping our insulin levels lower it will assist in fighting fat. Anytime by cutting down on coffee drinking it will save you money and cut down on calories which will lead to a healthier body and better weight loss.

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