A Lesson In Raw Feeding

A dog on a proper raw diet is a maintenance free dog

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33 replies
  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    This is probably going to sound like a stupid question but I'm just curious.

    All the videos I've been watching with dogs eating raw meat are all "Big breeds"

    Like Doberman, Rottweiler, Pitbull, German Shepherd etc.

    Can only those kind of breeds be fed raw meat?

    I was just wondering because I have a Collie mix, He's medium sized.

    Sorry if I sound stupid but I've genuinely not come across smaller dogs in these types of videos and it just made me curious

  2. Reggie Dukes
    Reggie Dukes says:

    my pocket bully is 4 months on Victor dog food, dine, red cell, bully pills an bully max along with ultra goat milk, once au day at night and 2 cups dry in morning should i chang anything at this age

  3. El Hombre
    El Hombre says:

    We feed our dog raw… for the most part, raw chicken. Occasionally we shoot a rabbit or a squirrel, and he eats the legs off them but leaves the rest. We think he likes the crunch of bones best. Not entirely sure if it's because of the raw diet, but he does not stink. We wash him maybe once a month, mostly because we feel we need to every now and then. Sometimes he'll roll in something and get a bath early, but that's beside the point.

    My point is he is a very healthy, happy dog. Much more happy and healthy than any of our previous dogs, who were fed mostly kibble.

  4. Lisa Robert
    Lisa Robert says:

    you have gorgeous dogs…i feed my yorkshire terrier raw…mostly chicken legs and wings…he gets one full egg per week and 4% of his body weight in liver…he's a very healthy 16 pounder. I dont give him pork as he gets the poops with any kind of pork..raw or cooked….little fruits and lots of veggies. Raw fed dogs/cats are healthiest. Good job.

  5. Kogaion78
    Kogaion78 says:

    funny the first dawg man…he switched sides there…lol
    anyway whats with the weird order man…and not equal feeding…the second dog ate instantly…and the last…didnt see too much diff in weight to any…

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