A Day In My Raw Food Life! – Episode 1

Remember in the old days, I used to do daily raw food videos?
Well…! I’m back and doing many videos per week.

Get a sneak peak into the life of a 20 year Raw Vegan Pioneer… I’ve been getting my body into shape through various exercises, which I share daily. On top of my exercise routines, you’ll get to see what me and my daughters eat, recipes, hiking adventures to waterfalls and rivers, and so much more… I’ve uploaded the first video today!

In the second half of this video, my friends and family go to Carnival, which is a crazy once-a-year Ecuadorian tradition. Just wait until you see what we get ourselves into!

These videos are created in ‘My Story’ on Instagram, and exported to Youtube and Facebook. I will be posting these ‘A Day in My Life’ videos frequently on all of these mediums. If you keep up daily on my Facebook or Instagram ‘My Story’, you will get all the unedited footage available.
I hope I don’t get myself into trouble lol…
Check out our first must-see ‘A Day in My Life’ video right here!

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10 replies
  1. Diane Bingham
    Diane Bingham says:

    Awesome Matt..good start for my morning ! Your light heartedness and humor always shines through. You're an amazing Dad. You may think about using more natural material toys and less plastic. Can you tell me of a video to start me on more raw on a small budget? I'd like to increase..I dont have enough molars for grinding foods, and my digestion is weak..what can you suggest? I eat up your videos and weekly chat.

  2. Keto Witch
    Keto Witch says:

    new subbie here 😉 Matt what is your haircare routine? i LOVE how natural and healthy it is! i quit dying my hair about 7 or 8 months ago and my Hubbie says it's much shinier! but i'm looking fror a vegan cruelty free shampoo and conditioner so we can quit supporting the companies that test on animals and use animal product ingredients. peace to you n yours!

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