80/10/10 Diet VS My High Fat Raw Diet

Welcome to another Wednesday segment! In this video I’m answering the question of 80/10/10 vs my current diet, how does what I’m eating now differ from what I used to eat.

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21 replies
  1. Kim Cannon
    Kim Cannon says:

    I seriously had my doubts about me eating raw vegan because I didn't think I would like it being so low fat. Ty Tara for this video. We each have to find out what works for us as individuals. One size does not fit all. 😉

  2. the holistic in me
    the holistic in me says:

    Have you noticed any changes in your hormones since raising your fat intake? I've noticed that many women say eating more fat, like what you are doing, has had beneficial impacts on their hormones and menstrual cycles… just curious if this was the case for you too. Great video, thanks for sharing. I have raised my fat intake as well from strictly 10% and I feel much better "allowing" myself nuts, seeds, avocados etc. It's kinda crazy how we have to (re-)learn how to "allow" ourselves to have these yummy foods.

  3. Jessa Smith
    Jessa Smith says:

    Are you still no poo? Maybe you could do an update video for your hair? Did the fat increase make your hair greasy? Thanks. Glad you eat comfortably for yourself 👍 Definitely like that you answer people's questions every Wednesday.

  4. Lorra Fae
    Lorra Fae says:

    Girrrrrrl I hear you. I don't miss the big belly. Funny that I used to be proud of my food baby. I'm slimmer and happier now that I eat more fat and less calories. I don't feel bloated. It's so important to get info from multiple sources instead of just one, and to listen to your body. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  5. erika droghetti
    erika droghetti says:

    Hi Tara! What about healing some chronic health issues on a 80/10/10 diet? I'm trying to heal my chronic fatigue this way, but it seems so hard. I know it takes time to heal chronic fatigue, but i wonder if eating more greens and just a bit more fat would help? Any thought on that? Thanks xxx

  6. angelbe88
    angelbe88 says:

    I think the amount of fat depends on where you are in terms of health. For someone who is really sick, they would do best cleansing their body with fruits and greens mainly with some fats here and there. After that adding in more fats can be good. I don't worry about it much either. Just eat them when I feel my body calling for them. Peace

  7. Dharia Maria Lurie
    Dharia Maria Lurie says:

    Hi Tara, I am resuming my raw diet. I find that my body does better on raw veggies and sprouted grains then sweet fruits and nuts, so I eat those more. For instance today I had a sprouted buckwheat for breakfast, and yesterday soaked oat groats. Keep up your updates, you are an inspiration!

  8. Rodney S
    Rodney S says:

    this is how we ate as a kid in the 70s. these damn food videos are aimed at the ppl that were raised on mcdonalds and fast food.. the only advice you need is . only eat FAST FOOD ON SPECIAL OCCATIONS . back in the day. .it was a once a year trip to frisches big boy. and it was a treat!!! but it was once a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! think about it.. these idiots are eating this shit daily .. and wonder what is wrong.. let me tell you all something and if you don't listen then its your own fault.. here it is . are you ready??? …………FAST FOOD IS NOT REAL FOOD!!!!!!!! yes it taste amazing but only eat for emergency or special occations.

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