78 Year Old Dr. Urban: 50 Years On The Raw Food Diet And Longevity (part1)

Get our best raw food recipes to enjoy delicious, healthy and easy to make food, but maintain a life outside the kitchen as well!

I was so honored to have Dr. Walter Urban on this show, as he not only shares his wisdom about a simple raw food diet, but also what else is important to stay young, fit and healthy.
He amazed me with an open and sharp mind and is a true source of inspiration to me. After talking with Walter today, I am so looking forward to become old and stay young.

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24 replies
  1. gregfortruth
    gregfortruth says:

    Sorry..but to expel the myths of raw food diets my friends mother is 93 and rides a quad bike with her grandchildren, as in she drives it through the forest, and she hunts with a shotgun. She eats cream cakes that she bakes herself and eats meat and two veg. My other friend's son was in the South African army and she visited the base and saw seventy year old officers who were muscular and looked in their fifties. Can you imagine how fit my friends Mum was at 73??

  2. gregfortruth
    gregfortruth says:

    Well I can't exactly go to South Africa and I don't think my friends mum would be interested in being filmed for Youtube. You will just have to take my word for it. But I am sure if you look you will find footage of healthy meat eating and cooked food eating athletes and octogenarians and even the odd nonagenarian. I think you will find that cooked food is not the bad influence in peoples health ..its the junk they eat and the lifestyle they lead.

  3. gregfortruth
    gregfortruth says:

    I agree wholeheartedly…I am shocked myself at times when I think of the amount of sugar I consume in various products. I like my fruit and veg very much and try and eat organic as much as possible. But I have a sweet tooth and go to the cinema and like ice cream and coke and nachos and cheese 🙂 And I like buiscuits and a good slice of nice cheesecake. Incidentally I told my firnds mum about my post here and yours and she laughed and said" Oh I hate being filmed!" But I think we will secretly!

  4. TheFoxandTheRabbit
    TheFoxandTheRabbit says:

    yea, really ! if we all had the money and opprotunity to have a pool, do yoga, in seasons fruit and vegies by us all year round, and the money…sure ! but when people work like mules ..like I have, this does not work… and i have noticed alot of the people on these diets look like the men from the Andes plane crash..their skin in thin, taught, and yuk..I know for a fact, if a person just eat much less calories every day, it will do same thing..

  5. bertina Brown
    bertina Brown says:

    He started his raw food eating for 50 years? He looks really sick for me like those people who are 110 years old. I don't even think he has teeth? He is losing muscle mass. People who are older and are coincidently proposing that we eat raw fruit and veggies, have build their organs and their muscles and their heart with a variety of food. THey had breast milk, beans, breads, grains, chicken, eggs, dairy, fats.. everything. Most of the human race that has gotten to this day and age, have begun their humble lives eating everything otherwise we become malnutrition like in India where blindness and deafness and body deformities are rampant because of the lack of proteins and variety. DO NOT do raw….do it with mixing up other types of foods into the diet.

  6. MissAllanPoe1989
    MissAllanPoe1989 says:

    He looks better than most 78 year old I know. Most I know are on copious amounts of medication and are suffering from illness of some kind. This guy looks great.  You people are crazy to think he looks 100 years old. Clearly have never met people who are either. I have 7 people in my family who are. They look like death is knocking on their door every minute of their lives.

  7. Dharia Maria Lurie
    Dharia Maria Lurie says:

    The Beauty of Falun Dafa and its Persecution in China

    Greetings friends, please take a moment to read this important message:

    Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) is a spiritual cultivation practice for mind and body that is widely spreading in the world and saving sentient beings, it is based on the principles of the Universe:

    真 Truthfulness
    善 Compassion
    忍 Forbearance

    It includes gentle exercises and meditation. It helped millions of people to regain health, peace of mind and obtain spiritual fulfillment. Since 1999 this peaceful practice has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in Mainland China. People are being killed, tortured, put into labor camps and have organs harvested from live people, simply because of their belief. The official number of killed practitioners is more than 3800, but in reality millions Falun Gong practitioners have died from torture at the hands of CCP in the past 15 years. More than 100 million people around the world practice Falun Gong.

    To learn more about the persecution of Falun Dafa, please visit:
    http://www.faluninfo.net, en.minghui.org
    To download free materials: http://www.falundafa.org

    People ask how can they help; Just spreading awareness is a big help. Let your family and friends know about the persecution. Many people invest money in China without being aware what it is used for. Many products that are coming from China are made by prisoners in the most pitiable conditions. If you want to help in other ways, please visit:


    EU Parliament Passes Resolution Condemning Forced Organ Harvesting in China

  8. Jon Stone
    Jon Stone says:

    he does seem healthy but so does some people that smoke, drink and live it up. Some have bodies like Jack Lalanne and die of heart attacks. Others look like Michael Moore and live a long life. I just plan on living till my time comes.

  9. ella hope
    ella hope says:

    Have you heard of 65 yr. old now lou Corona who is strong great skin or Annette Larkin 74 now. Lou began at 21. Annette Larkin began guess been 30 or so years. I journey 2000 chicken salmon fruits vegetables nutritionist didn't say organic nuts.
    end 2015 raw organic fruits nuts herbs wild green juice distilled water water nuts

  10. ella hope
    ella hope says:

    Most men don't want to prepare unless chef let your wife do it tell her what you want and what to put in, busy at holiday I eat raw told him what to put in to make salad. He won't lean unless. Your wife will do it willing. with love.

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