50 YEARS ON RAW FOOD – Dr. Fred Bisci – PODCAST #1

Dr. Fred Bisci is a clinical nutritionist living on raw foods for over 50 years. In this podcast Dr. Fred Bisci talks about his early life in Staten Island New York and his introduction to raw foods, fasting and spirituality. At 85 years old Dr. Bisci still leads a fully energetic and athletic life. He has completed eighteen marathons and two ultra-thons. He was formerly an Olympic style weightlifter.

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Dr. Fred Bisci: www.anydoubtleaveitout.com


And remember: We’re just talkin’ here! Nothing said is intended to replace medical treatment or the advice of your healthcare provider.

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49 replies
  1. J M
    J M says:

    A fascinating man. Loved it, but one concern…when he said if you have a b12 deficiency, it's ok to take the supplement instead of having to go back to eating animal. I think humans are supposed to eat at least some animal. We didn't have b12 supplements back then. How would they suffice their b12 intake if this is how humans are supposed to eat?

  2. Scot Campbell
    Scot Campbell says:

    46:12 I completely agree. I have been been eating a plant based diet for 3 and a half years. I have been through many changes. Although I was eating healthy I had anxiety and problems still. I started meditating 9 months ago and things began changing. Funny thing is I started eating more vegan junk food but I was becoming more focused and calm. I studied many spiritual teachers as well. I gained about 16 lbs. during this time of mental improvement.  I continue to meditate daily. I decided 3 days ago to do a 2 week juice fast which I have done before. Coupled with my new re-wired brain plus doing straight nutrient juice has been fantastic! The meditation along with the juicefast has focused me even more and I think less about the past and the future. I understand what you are saying. Diet is vital, but spirituality is more vital, coupled together, that's wonderful. I may not share your same concept of god as I do, but that doesn't matter as much as the intent of what we are both doing with our lives. Through meditation I have discovered I am god.

  3. Andrew Easson
    Andrew Easson says:

    Does anyone  know of a Meta analysis or Peer reviewed international study that shows clearly that a  90% vegan diet shows a clear health difference  over  someone who is following a 100% vegan diet  ?

  4. taebaek
    taebaek says:

    INCREDIBLE MAN, INCREDIBLE INTERVIEW! I have known about him for a long time, but this is the first time I feel i really understand who he is.  They don't make men like Fred anymore, what incredible stories, his life, knowledge, everything. Thanks for doing this interview, he is truly living with GOD! peace.

  5. Plant Eats
    Plant Eats says:

    There is no evidence to suggest that we as vegans have to spend a lot of money and time eating only or mainly raw foods.  As vegans we should enjoy all plant foods in their many forms (even french fries, dare I say!).  Variety is the spice of life.  There are social, cultural, familial, and practical reasons to support this.  Is it just me who thinks eating only fruit all day is (again, dare I say) a wee bit of an eating disorder and completely unsustainable in the long-term?  I have a hunch that eating this way appeals mainly to people who have issues with food and control.  Cooked food is safe and easier to digest.  Gas and bloating is a reality in the vegan world.  Most of us seek out ways to minimize these problems.  One easy solution is to cook (and chew chew chew … and chew) your food.  Also, fruits and vegetables can become contaminated with seriously dangerous bacteria.  Cooking also opens up many recipe options that bridge between vegan and non-vegan people allowing us to share non-animal options with family and friends.  Offering bananas and blueberries at a dinner party is a little silly, don't you think?  That's my opinion.

  6. ZCAVS
    ZCAVS says:

    What a inspirational and amazing man, I had not heard of him or your channel but now I'm subscribed. I could have listened to you two talk for hours. I am only 6 months into my raw food journey and going strong. Thank you for this. Peace, Love and Happiness..

  7. Jarno
    Jarno says:

    AMAZING interview, i feel so grateful to be able to learn from such wise people because of the internet and the day and age i live in. TRULY BLESSED <3 (without all these people giving me this information, inspiration and wisdom i'm sure i wouldn't have survived all my struggles in these past 8 years of my life !)

  8. Romania de azi
    Romania de azi says:

    so… genetics had nothing to do with it… there is a guy confirmed in brazil(he is in the Guinness book of records) and he is 131 and he ate meat…. so… you can be good on meat and you can be bad on meat? so what is the N dominator, the most important variable? answer NO VARIABLE>.. WE ARE ALL RANDOM and no matter how much we struggle we will die someday.

  9. Kenz300 x
    Kenz300 x says:

    Slow and consistent wins the race……. don't expect too much weight loss too fast…………
    Diets and fasting are short term fixes……life style changes like eating healthy and regular exercise work for the long term….
    Exercise…… get off the couch…. get outside……. do something……ride a bicycle or go for a walk. Some cities and states encourage bikes………. they provide safe walking and biking lanes and trails. Cities also should encourage businesses and apartments to provide safe places to lock or store a bicycle. Encourage your elected officials to do more. Speak up.. become an advocate for bicycle use in your city.

  10. drewmorgan
    drewmorgan says:

    I absolutely love this guy. You know those Jack Ass movies where he wears the Grandpa suit but you can tell it's not really a grandpa because of the way he moves almost too youthfully to be "an old guy" ? That's how I feel when looking at Fred. The youth of a teenager is shining through an older, yet well cared for, exterior. I feel so much warmth from his presence as well.

  11. Fifi Matos
    Fifi Matos says:

    What about vitamins and minerals from wholefoods that come in a bottle. Are they no good? We cannot depend on getting all of our nutrition from our raw vegan 'diet' due to the depletion in the soil. So, how can anyone say that is all you need when the soil depletion is so well known?

  12. Matt Baron
    Matt Baron says:

    Great interview Mike, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Dr, Fred Bisci was so fascinating to listen to. Despite his age he still seems to be on the pulse of spirituality, wise thinking and nutrition. I really would like to start doing fasts and become more spiritually evolved too, it's truly what this country/world needs. Much love and light to you guys!

  13. mirzamay
    mirzamay says:

    I remember boys in grade school who couldn't read that well. They weren't dumb at all, but when they had to read in front of the class the whole world changed for them. It was so devastating for their self esteem. Being able to read really well marks you as intelligent in the eyes of a lot of people. Other gifts and forms of intelligence seem to be under acknowledged and under appreciated. It breaks my heart, and seeing this guy and hearing his story just opens the world in a wider way to be able to see and understand the experiences and gifts of other people. I remember feeling that the teachers and other kids thought I was stupid because I was different (I could read fine). But it turned out that I was actually advanced. I just didn't always get their backwards way of thinking and teaching. I was operating under a different set of paradigms, and trying to force sense out of bs just left me confused, basically.

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