5 Tips for Sticking to a Raw Food Diet

Today I’ve got 5 tips for sticking to a raw food diet for those that might be new to this way of eating or struggling. I’ve followed a raw vegan lifestyle for almost 5 1/2 years and these are tips that have helped me along the way. My goal is always to help you get the most out of a plant based diet and I highly encourage including a lot, or all, raw food. www.rawtropicalliving.com

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  1. TimeNow AndThen
    TimeNow AndThen says:

    I put almost everyday 5-7 in my banana spirulina superfood smoothie, 5 dates.. so good! Simple and satisfying. Got into this habbit. Its easily digestible amd helps my digestion. Bananas always on stock! Huge amounts.gotta stock them up tommorow asap! :)) i buy all organic on sale for 15€ and im good for 8-10 days, thats near 10-14kg 😀 hehe.. bananas always on road. Plan ahead.
    Persimmon here, mango there, bio avocado for snack, apple there, and youre full! 😀 + happy + energetic . I enjoy ur sharings! Food is about how we enjoy it, i enjoy single fruits by eating them alot ! Its why i love raw fruit, vegetables.i enjoy the taste of raw fruits alot. I am the only (mostly fruit, love how it makes me feel) raw vegan in meat eating famil and mostly here far around, but i still made it! I stock up on bananas when there are 30 of them left, ripe ones.

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