5 Pros and Cons of Raw Diets

The costs, the myths, the cured…all examined with the least bias I could muster. Yes I am talking about vegan diets.
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Type 2 Diabetes Likely Cured by Weight Loss Alone:

Smoothies Dental Risk Study:

Meat Immune Response Discover Article:

Annette Larkins Video:

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24 replies
  1. James Hooker
    James Hooker says:

    It's so f&@king sad how processed foods are so often cheaper than non processed/raw equivalents. Energy and money is put into them and yet it's cheaper because of higher demand. I wish governments around the world would lift taxes on healthy/raw foods to encourage healthier eating habits.

  2. Joe Smith
    Joe Smith says:

    You deserve big credit for this video having great information. Minor complaint is the anecdotal evidence…which is where someone says "there was this one gal" … who cured cancer, or who looks great. Granted, you did mention specifically the cancer cure wasn't something that can be expected.

    I had eaten a lot of less healthy, processed foods in the past. I am not raw foodist or vegan, but I eat much healthier now in that for several months I have:
    -No food with added sugar (except pizza swice and using sugar packets for coffee once accidentally).
    -Eat no fruits (just cause I want to really up veggies, and keep sugar lower)
    -Eat 7 servings of vegetables minimum every single day without exception.

    The elimination of sugar I feel helped reduce my hunger craving spikes.

    My other food items include: salmon omeletes (eggs, canned salmon, onion), chicken (skinless, plain), perogies (a tasty meal but kinda cheating for me with the starch), cheese (cheat food, sort of) If i don't have a filling, tasty food like perogies / cheese, I'll just not do the diet, so I cheat sometimes.

    I have drank lots of diet pop but switching to tea.

  3. The Dancing Vegan Atheist
    The Dancing Vegan Atheist says:

    A raw diet can actually cost LESS money. Sure, raw nut BUTTER might cost more — but why would people need the nut BUTTER? They can just by the nuts themselves. In fact, the whole point of raw is to eat as close to non-processed as possible — so if someone has turned nuts into a butter, that's not as raw as simply eating butter. Eating bananas is pretty darn cheap, too. And if a raw person is okay with taking supplements, those can cost as little as five cents a day (when averaged out). So actually, raw CAN be cheaper. It just depends on how it's done.

  4. WeAreBullets-AnnieBananie
    WeAreBullets-AnnieBananie says:

    yeah the dogma is weird. just as strange as any dogmatic religious ppl. i like SweetNaturalLiving on youtube cause he and his bro are very relaxed and non-dogmatic about it. he talks about how once or twice he tried a pizza again and then didnt feel good anyways so didnt see any point in doing that. and he adjusts accordingly, if hes living in an area without much readily available fruits and veggies he eats some cooked tubers and squashes. even when hes in great produce locations he will sometimes still get some of their cook-able veggies like tubers and such just cause.

  5. Mia Cordero
    Mia Cordero says:

    Con: The majority of raw foodist I come across avoid b12 supplements, and obviously aren't eating fortified foods because they're "unnatural". I think this goes along with your pseudoscience / dogma bit.

  6. David Henson
    David Henson says:

    I disagree with your statements about the cost. I am raw vegan, and very poor. I spend a lot less (like a third of what I did on the standard American diet). I really don't know many raw vegans who eat packaged stuff, because at the heart of a raw vegan diet is the habit of not using hardly any prepared foods. Also, if you swish with some water after consuming a smoothie or eating a salad with fruit, you can avoid the dental concerns. After I went on my raw vegan diet my dentist was amazed at how clean my teeth were, and my gums are super healthy, too.

  7. thecsslife
    thecsslife says:

    "This is meant to be as objective as possible since I am neither a raw foodist or somebody who is anti-raw". How does that make you as objective as possible? If eating raw is objectively the best diet then surely the raw foodist has the most objective perspective. Similarly if raw diet is objectively a poor diet then the anti raw perspective is the most objective. Impartiality doesn't necessarily imply objectivity.

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