3 reasons NOT to go on a 100% Raw food diet (The Rawfoodfamily)

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This is a taboo topic in the dogmatic raw food world, I bring it up anyway. Me as Ka Sundance from The Rawfoodfamily, I do believe in this message!
It is better for some to NOT follow a 100% raw food diet!
I believe it is not even necessary to become truly healthy AND happy!
Why? Watch!

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15 replies
  1. Vegan Writer
    Vegan Writer says:

    I'm going to stick to being as raw as I can I think, for now, but yeah there's definitely cases where it's harder. I live in Scotland where it's really cold in winter so it's not an easy thing to do, some might think impossible. And fresh produce is not cheap, especially if it's tropical. It's still doable though, I'd say, if you've got a little extra money and the time and you want it.

  2. jvdjdvjfjfjfj
    jvdjdvjfjfjfj says:

    while raw food has many positive aspects, its wrong to totally ban cooked food. Cooking food correctly gives you the possibility to use spices, which are extremely useful for a broad nutrition and deroxification. It also helps you to actually digest food better. Some people simply dont have a strong enough digestion/metabolism to go full raw. The idea of not cooking food might be tempting and easy, but in reality its not the optimal way. But if its either processed junk food or raw food by all means go for it! Just dont go around telling people its the best way of nutrition!!! Because its really not. Check out ayurveda if you want the highest form of nutrition. But be prepared to do more than just eat a bunch of raw stuff…

  3. Terri SheLogic
    Terri SheLogic says:

    Attn!!!! There is a Fourth Reason to avoid a 100% Raw Vegan Diet:
    In some particularly sick individuals, the toxic load is so heavy, going Raw too far too fast causes rapid DETOX.  When you're extremely TOXIC w/ high levels of Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic – it's possible to rapidly Die from a rapid release of toxins into the bloodstream.  
    My nemesis is a very high level of cadmium and I've experienced this rapid detox dump into my bloodstream.  Thank goodness for YouTube, because I'm currently trying to detox safely with hi-dose vitamin C, per Dr. Jaffe's "Vitamin C for Heavy Metal Detox"; And kicking it up a notch by making dehydroascorbicacid w/ instruction from "DIY DHAA: The Amazing Green Smoothie" by ReCverin.

  4. Ray Tillman
    Ray Tillman says:

    A sensible way of thinking, you have to go with whats right for you, I'm vegetarian because i really cant eat meat, when i was at school(long long ago) i used to swap my meat for puddings or veggies, I had many takers but they all thought i was weird. Everyones different so find whats right for you and start from there and slowly move in the direction you want to go. It is alright to take the middle ground, its not written in stone. Peace and love {^_^}

  5. Aniko Veres
    Aniko Veres says:

    Thank You KaSundance. So through my Will if I can ensure myself, invest enough money despite the weather and approach my family and friends despite all the emotions and circumstances I should be able to get through all the withdrawal symptoms and detox and balance out and stay and keep my energy and health. So pretty much do not lose the sight of our purpose. Stay focused, wise and consistent. Keep our sanity and reasons. Follow our aims, targets, goals, visions. Overcome bad emotions by our will and understanding. Direct our thoughts. Do not wait or need affirmation from others, let it be just a totally independent addition of joy if others agree too. Why do people triggered for things contrary? Much love to You and Your Wonderful Family! My friend is about to move to Costa Rica too! Who knows one day I might also meet You. xxxxx

  6. discoqueenmom
    discoqueenmom says:

    i live in Canada and i want to eat more raw veggies and fruit all year round ,but in the winter time my body  has no desire to eat cold fresh veggies and fruit,and i find it hard to eat  100% raw, i guess i will  have to figure out what i will do during the winter , but  i love soups and stews during winter weather. i guess instead of fully cooked veggies i can make hot broth and pour it over my raw veggies for my soups and eat more roots veggies and squashes that need to be cooked etc.

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