3 Quick Ways to Start a Raw Food Diet Today!

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25 replies
  1. Leading Edge
    Leading Edge says:

    The first time I had ever heard of a raw food diet was in Dan Millman's , "The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior." I remember as a kid my neighbour had a glorious mango tree & you could just take what you needed…we were tripping over mangoes????

  2. Jess Eats Fruit
    Jess Eats Fruit says:

    Can you recommend some audio books? I've been raw 9 months, I've started a holistic living business and am finally finding success, but I do sometimes struggle keeping myself inspired. I think audio books would be amazing.

  3. Bill Howard
    Bill Howard says:

    I was a vegetarian for 10 years until I realised it's a mental-illness but I am a great fan of raw food such as salads and fruits – raw food contains nutrients that are simply no longer there once the food has been cooked. Also dried fruit such as sultanas, figs, dates etc are highly concentrated goodness in a smaller package – a handful of raisins is worth a large bunch of grapes nutritionally – also nuts are packet with goodness also raw eggs. (shared to Facebook)

  4. doge in a coat
    doge in a coat says:

    Any tips on how to get rid off those nasty little fruit flies? I figure as a raw vegan / fruitarian with a house full of fruit racks you probably have had a couple problems with fruit flies yourself over the years…

  5. Candice C
    Candice C says:

    you are my favorite raw vegan youtuber, Ted! Thanks so much for inspiring me to live the way I want to live, and eat the way I want to eat. I truly look forward to each and every new video you post. Thank youuuuuuu <3

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