3 Keys To Build Your Lean, Fit And Sexy Body!

In order to build your lean, fit and sexy body requires the person to come full circle with a constructive plan related to his complete lifestyle. The plan should clearly lay out which exercises would be done on which days, what kind of diet would be consumed and so on. The advantages of building muscles fast include reduction of excess fat in the body, increase in bone density over time and good sound sleep.

That's means, to build your lean, fit and sexy body are:

• A clearly layout plan of exercise
• Rest – a good sleep
• A bodybuilding diet plan

Exercising is an integral part of any muscle growing program. You can choose your own technique and method for exercising that suits your needs. You can either go for the traditional forms of exercise or the modern forms like going to a gym. Traditional forms of exercise include brisk walk, jogging, running, cycling, yoga etc.

Irrespective of the method you select, you need to remember that you are targeting for exhaustion. Your muscle should be completely exhausted by the time you finish your exercise routine. Personally, I like to mix the traditional exercises during my exercise routine. After a short warm-up, I take a short walk for about fifteen minutes. This is to make the muscles flexible for the forthcoming stress. After a break of about couple of minutes, I run around my building park for thirty minutes. By now my muscles, start feeling stressed.

This is what you need to achieve. For the entire duration of your exercise, your muscles should feel stressed. That is why it is important to switch exercises or change routines. If you wish to run on a treadmill, you'd do better to perform in intervals. For instance, running as fast as you can for a minute and then switching to a light jog for two minutes. Repeat this for about an hour every day.

If you are doing traditional exercises, you need to ensure that you stretch your muscles as much as you can endure. You need to gradually increase your reps, which will help in building up your endurance and give your muscles a change of pace. If your target is to get a body like wrestlers, then lifting weights is recommended. You'll get the best results from your workout by training the whole body in a single workout. If you do not wish to do so, try concentrating only on the upper body in one session and the lower body in the other.

Monitoring what you eat is crucial when you are planning to build your muscle. Concentrate on complex carbohydrates and proteins such as egg whites and low fat yogurt. Try to stay away from sugary white processed foods. Instead of having bulk amount of food in one meal, try dividing your meals into small ones. At the same time, try sticking to around six small meals per day. This will ensure steady supply of energy to build muscles.

Eat whole foods most of the time. Include lots of proteins like meat, eggs, fish, milk and carbohydrates like rice, oats, pasta etc in your regular diet. Like any other diet plan, don's ignore the veggies and fruits. Have a good timing timing as it helps greatly in anabolic metabolism. This is a big factor in building your muscle mass quickly.

It might come after a surprise to some, though the food together with the highest biological content is the humble egg! Some other food rich in biological content include raw milk, organ meats (heart, liver, kidneys and sweetbreads), steak, lamb, chicken and fish. Beans, legumes and a few other veggies are also very good types of protein, and so it's really important to include these in what you eat as well.

In summary, a good body building diet plan needs to be focused on protein, fats, good carbs and also fiber. The break down should be 24% protein, 40% natural carbohydrates (no refined starches or sugars) and the balance in fats and fiber.

While focusing on the building your lean, fit and sexy body, remember to keep track of your progress. Keep a note of your weight increment and body fat percentage. These will reflect your progress and inspire you to keep improving.

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