3 DELICIOUS & EASY FULLYRAW VEGAN DINNER IDEAS! Raw vegan taco wraps, butternut squash pasta alfredo, and non-stir-fry rice! These are your 3 FullyRaw meals of the week! You can eat them for dinner or even for lunch too! Subscribe to my YouTube channel here and follow my Instagram at and snapchat (fullyraw) as well. Sending many hugs!

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Thumbnail photo by my soul sister www.bellakotak.com

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39 replies
  1. martina cogliati
    martina cogliati says:

    Hi Kristina, thanks to spread vegan love all around the word! your Italian accent is so funny but realistic!
    i just want to ask you if this amount of food should be for one person, I mean one portion for each recipie… they look huge!

  2. Betty Callish
    Betty Callish says:

    I love all three and I will try all three. I have already had the zucchini with the mango topping so the Butternut Squash Alfredo will be just as easy and just as good. You are so talented with your ideas and i especially love the romaine lettuce leaves and the veggies and fruit inside too easy.

  3. DON'T BE A WIMP 101
    DON'T BE A WIMP 101 says:

    i didn't hear you say, that these foods are ORGANIC.

    if people are eating mass quantities of HERBICIDE, PESTICIDE, FUNGICIDE, PRESERVATIVE, INSECTICIDE filled foods, it is in no way "healthy." it's like spraying your food with RAID and then, munching down on the poison.

  4. Angelica Brioschi
    Angelica Brioschi says:

    I'm so glad we have the internet. Thanks to that I'm discovering recipes I would never thought about before. I made the "rice" (had no idea cauliflower is eatable raw) and the burritos, and wow. Specially the rice surprised me, I thought it would taste like a salad but as there are no lettuce leaves and I used ginger and soy sauce as dressing, it really reminded me of an Asian rice dish. Thank you for sharing <3

  5. Ruthie Bella
    Ruthie Bella says:

    1 cup of pine nuts, wow that's alot of calories almost 1000 calories and the fat content is more than 90g. If someone is trying to lose weight, its better to substitute the pine nuts to avocado which is also very creamy and delicious

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