3 Day Detox Diet For The Body – What Can It Do?

Detoxification is a popular and effective way to cleanse and purify the body to keep it working like brand new. Of course, aside from its health and wellness benefits, detoxification can also eliminate water retention and help shed excess pounds. Thousands of people all over the world detoxify themselves on a regular basis and this number even includes several Hollywood celebrities. If you’re considering detoxification whether for weight loss or body cleansing, then a 3 day detox diet would be the best place to start.

What Is A Three Day Detox Diet?

Basically, a 3 day detox diet describes what you should expect – a diet that lasts for three days. Detoxification diets vary in the foods that they promote and allow, and there is no strict food requirement for this type of diet. The only requirement is to follow the diet strictly for the whole three day period.

Why Three Days?

Now you may ask, why follow a 3 day detox diet? Why not follow a 24-hour detox or a 7-day one instead? This question is very common among beginners and newbies, and the answer is that a 3 day detox diet would be the most conducive and appropriate one because it is just short enough for someone who has never tried this kind of dieting before, but it’s long enough to produce results.

Some people follow a 24-hour diet but most of the time, short diets like this fall short when it comes to producing results. Diets that take too long, on the other hand, can be difficult to follow – especially for someone just starting.

What To Expect with the 3 day Detox Diet?

Again, there is no strict plan to follow if you’re considering the 3 day diet. You can follow any other detoxification plan but reduce the duration to three days. If you finally pick out a diet to follow make sure that you follow some safety procedures:

  • Take in as much water as you can. Eight glasses a day is the minimum.
  • Liquid intake is important to help flush out the toxins, yet you should not rely on sodas, carbonated drinks, coffee or sweet fruit juices. If you suddenly crave for a sweet drink, drink fresh fruit juice instead.
  • Pick a diet that won’t starve you. Your 3 day detox diet should be detoxifying in a way, but should also be safe to follow. It should not simply just consist of liquid drinks or just one type of food, as it may compromise your required nutritional intake.
  • Follow the diet thoroughly. If your diet says only raw food for the three days, then only eat raw fruits and vegetables and don’t eat meat or cooked grains. Following your diet properly will give you the best results.

Regardless of your 3 day detox diet of choice, it’s important that you take these considerations to make sure that you stay healthy and safe. Take note of any possible changes such as nausea, light-headedness or frequent bowel movements. These are usual effects of detox diet plans, however you should know how much is too much and when that happens, you should see the doctor right away.

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