15 Foods You Should Never Eat Raw

12. Pork

Raw pork neck meat in nonstick frying pan, spices, vegetables, olive oil. Pork can contain parasites. | ChesiireCat/iStock/Getty Images

There’s a good reason you should never order your pork “rare.”

Pork carries two parasites: trichinosis and pork tapeworm. The former can live in your small intestines after you eat tainted meat, causing a whole host of issues like nausea and vomiting to start. After about a week, the parasites will reproduce and disperse their babies into your bloodstream, causing muscle pain or pinkeye. Severe cases of trichinosis can even lead to death.

Other meats that harbor this parasite include raw bear, cougar, wolf, fox, and walrus. So take caution when you’re dining on these raw meats out in the wild.

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