12 Best Ways to Avoid Mistakes on the Raw Food Diet

John from http://www.okraw.com/ and eleven other pioneers at the Woodstock Fruit festival answer the question, “How to avoid pitfalls on the Raw Food Diet?” After watching this episode, you will learn 12 ways to avoid mistakes or pitfalls on the raw food vegan diet. In this episode you will learn from:
1. Freelea – http://www.youtube.com/freelea
2. Don Bennett D.A.S. – http://www.health101.org
3. Tim Van Order – http://www.runningraw.com
4. Dr. Samuel Mielcarski- http://www.drsampt.com
5. Kristina Carillo-Bukram – http://www.fullyraw.com
6. Dr. Robert Lockhart – http://www.sunfoodhealthretreat.com
7. Harley aka Durianrider – http://www.30bananasaday.com
8. Dr. Doug Graham – http://www.foodnsport.com
9. Grant Campbell – http://www.rawaussieathlete.com
10. Megan Elizabeth – http://www.meganelizabeth.com
11. Dan McDonald The Life Regenerator – http://www.youtube.com/liferegenerator
12. John Kohler – http://www.okraw.com

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30 replies
  1. Nona urbiz
    Nona urbiz says:

    these ppl are just skinny or skinny fat coz they dont eat enough callories per day. Some of the skinny ones have even love handels. Getting lean is not the same as becoming a sack of bones.
    Getting lean is to have muscules and very low body fat. 50 percent muscule and about 5 to 9 percent fat. what is this?!

  2. Dipen Bhujel
    Dipen Bhujel says:

    This video has good information, but I'm not sure about the best diet plan which i should use, only because I have never used any. Anyone tried using the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I've noticed many people talk about amazing things about Fenoboci Diet Plan.

  3. Imelda Bardales
    Imelda Bardales says:

    today I just feel lonely and unhappy, I was eating raw (juicing only) for 3 weeks, call a friend that have been eating raw for 6 years and asked him tips and told him how good I felt on the raw food diet, he said to me well , in Iceland is questionable , you will not make it, it really depress me ,  he said that eating fruits is not raw, and that I supposed to drink completely green veggies, as you may know Iceland dont have variety when it comes to veggies.  I eat bananas strawberries and spinats with tomates for two days but today I felt for cook fish, and garlic bread. I feel guilty, all the good I was doing, I feel am a failure.  

  4. AbeniFriend SisterSnake
    AbeniFriend SisterSnake says:

    I believe in the Combo Diet, Which is lots of raw food, but steamed and cooked as well.
    Good advice about being a researcher.
    Cooked kidney,soya bean with wholemeal, red, black, brown rice add some broccolini raw, dice capsicum and grate carrot, beetroot and zucchini on top.
    Actually, I eat 2 or 3 raw carrots a day.
    But lightly steamed vegs ok sometimes.
    So, I make a heated meal and add the grated fresh vegetables or diced raw vegs on top.

  5. T Brown
    T Brown says:

    Raw foodest have low lycopene levels
    "Yet the study participants had lower than average plasma lycopene levels, which are thought to play a role in disease prevention. They are found in deep-red fruits like tomatoes. Lycopene content is highest, however, when tomatoes are cooked."

  6. Go vegan and lets run into the sunset together 13love
    Go vegan and lets run into the sunset together 13love says:

    john stop being a pussy making videos about all this bullshit and put up a damn video of u doing the ghost pepper challenge u damn pussy o wait i forgot ur tiny little asian balls arent big enough ur little asian balls are wayyy to small for u to ever be man enough to do something manly for once little boy…. haha im just playing but seriously do a raw ghost pepper challenge for real dont be a pussy about it!

  7. Derek Doucette
    Derek Doucette says:

    Another great video John, thank you…I have to agree with Astoria242 though, Dan shouldn't be included as he is now nothing more than a snake oil salesmen…I have been following Dan for as long as I have been following you and have seen the transformation of his ways change drastically over the past 8 months or so…Plus he has only really been raw for the last 6 months or so…For him to say 13 years is just plain delusional on his part…Also he can never answer the question asked him, He always has to make things about himself and rambles on about nothing…

  8. BitterSweet
    BitterSweet says:

    are you absolutely, manically, dangerously delusional? John.
    Why is Dan Mcdonald included in your videos alongside these mature, grounded adults. He is inconsistent, clinically undereats, is vague and has no appreciation for life outside of spiritual grandeur and mystical make believe stories. He is insecure and so flakey, he is constantly babbling in a malnourished haze about the subjective benefits of expensive and impractical habits like consuming enzymes and powders that he just so happens to sell. He is drifting further and further into the territory of snake oil salesman. He looks more at home standing next to David Wolfe convincing  vulnerable people to buy industrial waste products and the grounded up remains of once living organisms at exorbitant prices. I feel sorry for anyone that gets trapped in the grasp of a spiritual salesman like himself, advocating hearsay of spiritual enlightenment and at the same time selling a wide variety of expensive products, none of which are essential to good health and some may affect it in the contrary as they are essentially not whole foods and are but cleverly packaged garbage to be sold to people who believe earth is a hologram. Here is news for you delusional hippies even if the earth was a holographic interface that was woven together by a matrix of conscious energy. WHAT FUCKING GOOD ARE YOU DOING IN THE THE HOLOGRAM?? Being tired, delusional and self indulgent spending money that most people would beg for to feed their family on exotic products so you can relive your pokemon glory days by stockpiling shiny collectables? Detaching yourself from the needs of the planet that require energy and mental clarity to change, not to mention a realistic attitude… SERIOUSLY Dan is a massive obstacle in the direction this needs to be heading, we need energetic selfless people who are practical and down to earth to help those around them, not self indulgent, snake oil selling, flakey hippies who undereat and think that their self induced coma is a spiritual dimension… FOR FUCKSAKE CARB THE FUCK UP< EAT RICE IF YOU CANT GET FRUIT ALL THE TIME BUT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THIS WORLD DO NOT UNDEREAT AND SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON INDUSTRIAL WASTE IN SHINY PACKETS WHILE THINKING YOU HAVE TRANSCENDED THE PHYSICAL WORLD>>.   STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND START CONTRIBUTING< EVEN IF YOU COULD PROVE THERE WE ARE HYPER-SPATIAL BEINGS CASTING A SHADOW INTO MATTER, THAT WE ARE ANGELIC BEINGS OF LIGHT OCCUPYING MONKEY VEHICLES AND THAT CONSCIOUSNESS UNDERPINS THE 3 DIMENSIONAL INTERFACE OF OUR WORLD AND THAT WE OCCUPY A HOLOGRAM… HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU JUSTIFY YOUR COMPLETE FAILURE TO HELP THE PEOPLE SUFFERING IN IT? BECAUSE SUFFERING FEELS VERY REAL YOU SELFISH FUCKS.

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