How to safely eat cookie dough

  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued a warning against eating raw cookie dough.
  • Despite its potential dangers, people still want to eat it.
  • To safely eat cookie dough, consider making it yourself using safe recipes or buying edible cookie dough from brands like and Edoughble.

Bad news for anyone who likes to make homemade cookies mostly so they have an excuse to eat raw cookie dough right out of the bowl: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a warning against eating raw cookie dough that they don’t want people to ignore.

As holiday cookie season closes in on us, the CDC wants to remind everyone that raw cookie dough can potentially cause dangerous health issues, no matter how tasty it may be. There are two ingredients in it that could make you sick: raw eggs and raw flour.

Raw eggs can carry the bacteria salmonella, which can cause severe food poisoning that has symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea, and makes about 1.2 million people in the United States sick every year. Even though raw flour may seem harmless, it can also carry germs that can make you sick, like E.coli.

Your best bet to avoid these illnesses? Avoid raw cookie dough altogether. If you can’t imagine a life without the delicious taste of the stuff, you’re in luck: There are lots of edible cookie dough options out there that taste just as good as the real stuff, if not better.

Below are a few ways to safely get your raw cookie dough fix.

Fat Loss Foods – How To Lose Weight By Eating Certain Types Of Foods

They are certain foods that when you eat them for a consecutive number of days you are rest assured that you will be able to lose weight. It doesn’t mean that you will continue to eat those foods that make one to lose weight and desist from your normal day-to-day meal. You will continue to eat your normal food together the foods that makes you lose weight.

Foods like raw vegetables work well for beginners wanting to lose weight. Taking carrots, cauliflower, celery and broccoli are also foods you should consider if you want to lose weight just by eating. Taking foods like raw vegetables does a specific work to make you lose weight. When you eat raw vegetables, it will make you to feel less hungry thereby making you eat less when its time for you to take your normal meal. This means that you will be able to eat your day-to-day meals without having to alternate them for some other meals. Let me say, some hours or minutes to your next meal, take some raw vegetables. It won’t make you lose weight but in addition it will reduce the cholesterol in your body. To crown it all, raw vegetables has low fat content.

Furthermore, another set of foods you should consider when planning to lose weight are whole grains, fruits and beans. Fiber can be found in beans which help people to lose weight, just as they can also be found in fruits and whole grains. Avoid eating that are fried and eat the ones that are either grilled or baked. Instead of eating beef, eat more of fish and chicken. Beef contains fats which are responsible for increase in weight. Once you develop the habit of taking such meals, you will have a good heart beat. I have found substitution of a meal for another meal per day to enhance weight loss, that means if you usually eat fried chicken during dinner eat grilled chicken instead of fried ones. I suggest you should continue substituting one meal to another meal. If you keep on doing this for some couple of weeks, you will express a fast weight loss in you. Take plenty of water and reduce the amount of soda you take. In case you don’t know before now, diet soda causes fat storage, before you take that water mix it with lemon or lime and sip it that way. Drinking a lot of water brings about a fast fat burning process.

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast – The Importance Of An Effective Diet Plan

One of the most worrying concerns that many overweight people have today is to know how to lose belly fat fast. Many solutions, including a variety of gadgets and miracle pills, have been suggested to solve this nagging problem but, really, the answer is contained in 2 words: diet and exercise.

What is important here, if you want to lose that stubborn belly fat fast, is that these components must be worked together – one by itself would not be fast and healthy at the same time. A proper workout routine would burn off the calories, which are the major contributors of unhealthy fat. A sensible eating plan, on the other hand, would keep these calories off.

Lets discuss here how to lose belly fat fast by implementing a healthy weight loss diet plan.

If you are really serious about losing that stubborn belly fat you will simply have to permanently change your eating habits. Although this may sound uncomfortable right now, you will be surprised to learn how easy this is to accomplish once you make a habit of it.

There are many fat loss diet plans out there being touted to be the best. However, here are some simple rules to follow when deciding to get serious about your weight.

Most of the foods that we presently depend on for our daily nutritional needs are good. The problem, however, is that these foods have to be prepared in a way that they would keep until we are ready to use them since they are not always available fresh. Added to that is the fact that nowadays, in this modern time of convenience, the food must be in a way that can be quickly prepared for immediate consumption. This has led to a situation where our foods are processed more and more before they arrive at our dinner table.

And therein lies one of our biggest problems – the processing of our foods. A lot can be said about processing but it is beyond the scope of this article. Suffice it to say that this action practiced on our foods can result in some unhealthy side effects. That is why it can be said that the healthiest fat loss diet plan is to consume whole foods that are as close as possible to their natural state. As a matter of fact, if possible, foods should be bought raw and cooked at home.

Another surprising measure to implement if you want to lose belly fat fast is to eat twice as many times per day than what is considered normal. So instead of having three large meals a day it will now be six smaller meals per day.

Yes. You read right. When you eat every 2-3 hours you are actually letting your body know that it is getting a regular supply of energy so that there is no need to store any in the form of fat. This is the biggest reason why it is not a good idea to skip meals – when this is practiced the body stores fat while it waits for the next meal. This frequent eating would also keep hunger at bay so that there will be no need to gorge yourself with food at meal time. This has the added bonus of you not being particularly hungry between meals, so that there will be no need to consume unhealthy snacks and other junk foods, which is a no-no when you want to lose belly fat fast.

As Climate Changes, Is Eating Raw Oysters Getting Riskier? : The Salt : NPR

Thomas “Uptown T” Stewart (left), has been shucking oysters at Pascal’s Manale restaurant for more than 30 years, about as long as Paula (middle) and Brent Coussou have been going there.

Travis Lux/WWNO

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Travis Lux/WWNO

Thomas “Uptown T” Stewart (left), has been shucking oysters at Pascal’s Manale restaurant for more than 30 years, about as long as Paula (middle) and Brent Coussou have been going there.

Travis Lux/WWNO

Former North Dakota lawmaker Rae Ann Kelsch died last month at age 58 after eating raw oysters at a New Orleans restaurant. The alleged culprit: a fast-moving bacterial infection — linked to consuming raw or undercooked shellfish — that caused her organs to shut down.

The place where Kelsch ate oysters has not been publicly released.

Oysters have long been a trademark of southern cuisine, but they also pose health risks for some.

“There’s always going to be a small amount of risk,” says Dr. Fred Lopez, who studies infectious disease at Louisiana State University’s Health Sciences Center.

Lopez says the biggest danger comes from a pervasive bacteria called Vibrio vulnificus, which is what reportedly killed Kelsch.

Vibrio vulnificus naturally thrives in brackish waters where the temperature is above 68 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, it’s actually more common in the Gulf of Mexico, where the waters are warmer, than on the East and West coasts.

“If you’re consuming a raw oyster that comes from the Gulf Coast waters … particularly in the summer months,” says Lopez, “You have to assume that it has Vibrio vulnificus.”

Thomas “Uptown T” Stewart is the famous oyster shucker at the New Orleans restaurant Pascal’s Manale. Stewart has worked at the restaurant for more than 30 years, and he knows his clients well. It seems like he’s always shouting “What’s happening, y’all?” to people walking through the front door.

Stewart’s side of the bar is covered by a pile of raw oysters and ice. One by one he digs them out, pries open the shells with a knife and frees the meat with effortless speed.

Brent and Paula Coussou are on the other side of the bar. They’re each nursing a beer, and there’s a row of empty oysters between them. They say they’ve been coming to the restaurant for as long as Stewart has been working there.

“This guy here’s the best. The best,” says Brent Coussou.” I mean, I’ve been to a lot of places and it’s just, his oysters are very clean. He doesn’t have any chiplies in his oysters.”

That may not be an official term, but he’s referring to those crunchy bits of shell that sometimes get slurped down with the raw oyster.

Coussou heard the news about the politician who died, but he’s not worried. He says he’s never gotten sick.

Although many oysters are exposed to Vibrio vulnificus, they aren’t dangerous to everyone. People with specific pre-existing health problems are most vulnerable.

That list includes liver disease, diabetes, kidney disease, alcoholism and cancer. Generally speaking, people with weakened immune systems are the most at risk. Lopez says those people shouldn’t eat raw oysters — period.

“They can eat shellfish,” he says. “They just need to make sure that they’re thoroughly cooked — boiled, fried, steamed, etc.”

Proper cooking kills the bacteria completely. All things considered, Vibrio vulnificus infections are still very rare.

But when people with weakened immune systems are infected by Vibrio vulnificus, anywhere from one-third to one-half of those people die.

“That’s a very high mortality rate,” says Lopez.

That’s why there are very strict regulations around oyster harvesting. The Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference (ISSC) sets those regulations for the Food and Drug Administration.

“Probably, shellfish and milk are the two most regulated foods in the country,” says Ken Moore, Executive Director of the ISSC.

There’s an old adage, that you should only eat raw oysters in months with an “R.” September through April — basically the cooler months. So this isn’t a new idea.

Moore says regulations have tightened over the last 10 years or so. For example, during the warm summer months, oysters that are meant to be eaten raw must be refrigerated within an hour of harvesting. He says it’s had a positive effect.

“We’ve actually seen a reduction in [raw oyster Vibrio vulnificus] cases,” Moore says. “We think that the controls that we have in place are actually keeping those numbers low.”

Dr. Alex Billioux agrees. He’s the assistant secretary for Louisiana’s Office of Public Health.

“It is very, very rare to become ill from eating oysters,” says Billioux.

And though infections from raw oysters are down, Billioux says the amount of Vibrio vulnificus in the water is actually increasing due to warming waters.

“I definitely expect our jobs to become harder as the waters continue to warm because of climate change,” he says.

That could mean more testing, scrutiny, and risk in the future.

“I think that’s sort of the big point when we start talking about the climate change effects,” Billioux says. “It really can touch everything.”

This story comes to us from member station WWNO in New Orleans. Support for the Coastal Desk comes from the Walton Family Foundation, the Greater New Orleans Foundation, the Foundation for Louisiana and local listeners. You can listen to the audio here.

Orange juice, leafy greens and fruit could be good for a man’s memory

NEW US research has found that men who include vegetables and leafy greens, orange juice, and fruit in their diet may benefit from a lower risk of memory loss as they age.

Carried out by researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, the new large-scale study looked at 27,842 men with an average age of 51.

Participants were asked to complete questionnaires about how many servings of fruits, vegetables and other foods they had each day at the start of the study, and then again every four years for 20 years.

They were then categorised into groups depending on their fruit and vegetable intake.

The group who ate the highest amount of vegetables ate around six servings per day, compared to around two servings for the lowest group. For fruits, the highest group ate about three servings per day, compared to half a serving for the bottom group.

A serving of fruit is defined as one cup of fruit or ½ cup of fruit juice, and a serving of vegetables is considered to be one cup of raw vegetables or two cups of leafy greens.

The researchers also tested the participants’ thinking and memory skills at least four years before the end of the study, when they the average age of the group was 73.

The findings, published in the journal Neurology, showed that people who ate larger amounts of fruits and vegetables at the start of the study were less likely to develop thinking and memory problems later in life, even if they were not eating larger amounts around six years before the memory test.

In addition, the team also found that the men who ate the most vegetables were 34% less likely to develop poor thinking skills than men who consumed the least amount of vegetables, while the men who drank orange juice every day were 47% less likely to develop poor thinking skills than men who drank less than one serving per month.

The men who ate the most fruit each day were also less likely to see a decline in their thinking skills, but the researchers found that this association was weakened after taking into account other dietary factors that could affect the results, such as consumption of vegetables, fruit juice, refined grains, legumes and dairy products.

“One of the most important factors in this study is that we were able to research and track such a large group of men over a 20-year period of time, allowing for very telling results,” said study author Changzheng Yuan, ScD. “Our studies provide further evidence dietary choices can be important to maintain your brain health.”

However, the researchers pointed out that the study does not show cause and effect, only that there is a relationship between eating fruits and vegetables and drinking orange juice and a reduction of memory loss. – AFP Relaxnews

Foods to Keep Away From Your Dog

As dog lovers, we want to spoil our furry members of the family all the time. Especially when it comes to sharing the things we love with them. Unfortunately, not everything that is good for us is good for our pets too. Listed below is a series of foods to keep away from your dogs.

1. Chocolate (& Caffeine) – Now even if you have never had a dog of your own you probably know that chocolate is toxic to dogs. What you might not know is that this also extends to coffee and caffeine. All of these items come from cacao seeds, which contain methylxanthines. This has been known to cause numerous ill effects in dogs and even death. They should be kept far away from your pets.

2. Grapes and Raisins – This one might not be as widely known, and that might be a result of the reason behind it being somewhat unknown as well, but grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs. It is best to avoid giving either of these to your dog at all.

3. Salt – When ingested in large amounts, salt can cause pets to have excessive thirst and urination. This can lead to severe dehydration and even sodium ion poisoning, so it’s best to limit the salty snacks you give your dogs. Some common salty snacks to watch out for can include pretzels, chips, popcorn etc.

4. Bread – This common table food can cause bloating and twisting in your dogs stomach. This extends to all forms of bread, from sliced to baked. Also, when eating raw dough, the ethanol produced from the yeast can cause your dog to become drunk. Obviously, you do not want that so you are going to want to keep all forms of bread away from your pups.

5. Bones – Dogs are famously known for their love of bones, however, giving your dogs bones from the table can be very harmful to them. Certain bones like chicken and ribs are prone to breaking off easily. This can do damage to your dogs throat going down and even choke them. The bones can also splinter off at any point going down, potentially damaging their insides and their stomachs. It is best to only give your dogs bones that were made especially for chewing on, like the kind you can find at your local pet store.

7 Health Benefits of a Low Carb Diet

When people turned to a low carb diet, it was because they had become popular as an effective weight loss method. However, they were thrilled to discover there are also many health benefits to starting this kind of diet.

Higher HDL Cholesterol (good cholesterol)

HDL (high-density lipoprotein) is known as the “good” cholesterol and LDL (low-density lipoprotein) is known as the “bad” cholesterol. Recent studies have shown that both low fat and low carb diets decrease LDL, however in combination with the decrease in bad cholesterol, they also saw an increase in good cholesterol. Good cholesterol runs through your blood stream and actually helps to remove LDL. As HDL removes LDL it is literally cleaning your blood system lessening your chances of heart disease and stroke.

Weight Management

As you will discover, eating low carb is the perfect diet if you have tried to lose weight and failed in the past. Because it offers so many tasty options, it is very easy to adopt for both weight loss and weight management. There is a combination of factors that add to the effectiveness of the kind of diet:

  • Protein consumed in this diet keeps you feeling full longer, so you eat less.
  • Because you are feeling fuller for a longer period of time you also are less likely to want to cheat.
  • It allows you to burn energy as opposed to store fat.
  • The protein in this diet helps to jump start your metabolism.


The low carb diet also offers you a balanced diet. Eating fresh meat, fish, vegetables and dairy offers you not only healthy choices, but reasonable portions and a wide variety of foods and meals that keep you satisfied as they are a pleasure to consume. The key is to eat less bad carbs and more good protein combined good carbs which include:

  • Low glycemic fresh fruits, like apricots, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries
  • Non-starchy vegetables, asparagus, green beans, broccoli
  • Nuts
  • Unsweetened dairy products, such as yogurt, sour cream, cheese

Lower Blood Pressure

Lower blood pressure due to weight loss is common, regardless of diet. However studies have shown that half of those who used a low carb diet were able to discontinue their blood pressure medications compared to only 21 percent of those who used a low fat diet.

Lower blood insulin level

Insulin is a hormone your body uses to store fat. The more bad carbohydrates you eat the higher your blood insulin level. Eating Low carb lower your insulin levels by cutting out bad carbs including:

  • Refined grains like white bread, white rice and enriched pasta
  • Cake, candy cookies and chips
  • White potatoes
  • Sweetened soft drinks
  • Sugar

Improved Triglycerides

Triglycerides are storage fats that travel in your blood stream. Low carb diets reduce triglycerides with the consumption of a lot of meats, green leafy vegetables and low carb fruits.

Reduce Blood Glucose for Diabetics

Because eating less carbs lowers your insulin levels, you are better equipped to keep your blood glucose levels under control which is an important factor if you have diabetes.

As you can see there are many incentives to start a low carb diet and set yourself on the path for a healthier lifestyle.

Stay healthy and live well,


Ho, ho, ho — don’t eat raw cookie dough: CDC

The holidays are upon us and for many that means family time in the kitchen preparing delicious baked goods and maybe even licking the spoon before the cookies go into the oven. So the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) put out a warning this week to, “Say No To Raw Dough!”

Dr. Todd Ellerin — who admits he doesn’t bake — said it’s the raw flour and uncooked eggs that can make us sick.

The Director of Infectious Diseases at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, Massachusetts and an instructor at Harvard Medical School says,

“People may not be aware that flour is not treated to destroy bacteria and there have been outbreaks of a certain type of E. coli linked to the ingestion of raw dough,” said Ellerin, director of infectious diseases at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, Massachusetts and an instructor at Harvard Medical School.

In 2016, an outbreak of E. coli infections linked to raw flour made 63 people sick.

Ellerin warned that “complications of this type of E. coli can include bloody diarrhea, need for prolonged hospitalization, and kidney failure, breakdown of red blood cells that carry oxygen.”

Additionally, raw eggs that are used to make raw dough or batter can contain a germ called salmonella that can make you sick if the eggs are eaten raw or not cooked enough.

Like untreated flour, eggs are safe to eat when cooked and handled properly.

“Baked good are delicious, but only once they come out of an oven,” said Elisa Strauss, the celebrity baker and author of “The Confetti Cakes Cookbook: Spectacular Cookies, Cakes and Cupcakes from New York City’s Famed Bakery, and “Confetti Cakes for Kids.”

As part of her culinary education she had to learn about food safety.

“I’m all about the fun and taste of baked goods, but I don’t eat raw batter and I don’t allow my children to eat raw batter either,” said the mother of three.

Kim Powers is the senior writer for ABC News’ 20/20 and the published author of three books, but his true love may be baking.

“I basically got into baking so I could lick the bowl first. I did it first decades ago, when I’d lick the spoon when my mother was baking,” he said.

“Now, I have a Kitchen Aid mix-master of my own, and have graduated to licking the entire bowl,” said Powers, the reigning, two-time baker-of-the-year for the annual ABC News office cookie bake off.

“It takes me back to good memories of childhood. That’s worth the risk of a little salmonella!”

We should point out that the CDC says Salmonella symptoms typically include diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps. In most cases, illness lasts 4 to 7 days and people recover without antibiotics. Illness from Salmonella bacteria can be serious and is more dangerous for older adults, infants, and people with weakened immune systems.

Dr. Ellerin wants people to have a nice holiday season and doesn’t want to ruin Kim’s fun in the kitchen, but has a wish for one and all, “We are used to hearing Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas, but in the kitchen as we are preparing to make cookies, it should be Ho Ho Ho, please avoid the raw dough!”

Eric M. Strauss (@ericMstrauss) is the Managing Editor of the ABC News Medical Unit and the older brother of Elisa Strauss.

Natural Raw Diet for German Shepherd

A Raw Food, Real Food Diet for Our German Shepherd Dog

It is unlikely for any dog to suffer food poisoning from raw meat, their bodies are equipped to process meat and bones fast, due to how nature designed them, with a particularly short gut. Salmonella is very rarely a factor, but when some dogs first take raw chicken, the Camphylobacter Bacteria can cause diarrhea, easily treated and once they recover, unlikely to reoccur. It is widely acknowledged by the raw food experts that some dogs have a reaction to this bacteria, but their systems soon become used to it. There is the exception, when dogs have auto-immune disease and then they do require specialist dog nutritionist advice, in some cases they are advised not to have raw chicken, as a result.

1 – Vegetables/Fruit to include: (liquidise to enable dog to digest)
2 – Oils
3 – Animal Products
4 – Supplements/miscellaneous
5 – Supplements
7 – Extra Care
8 – Advantages of Feeding a Natural Raw Diet

Research and Sources:

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Foods to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Youthful

We’ve all laughed at the expression “you are what you eat” but it’s no joke. A balanced diet will help supply the nutrients your skin needs to stay moist and supple. Here are some powerhouse foods to help your skin maintain that healthy glow.

French Fries, Anyone?

Sorry, it’s not French fries but one baked potato that can supply 25-100% (depending on the potato variety) of an adult’s daily copper requirement. Copper works with zinc and vitamin C in the body to produce elastin which makes your skin look firmer. If potatoes aren’t on your to-die-for foods list, try this to relieve under-eye dark or puffy areas. Grate a raw potato and wrap it in gauze. Lie down and apply the gauze wraps to the under-eye area. Remove the wraps after 15-30 minutes.

Good For Your Skin, Hair, Heart…

Seafood, particularly wild salmon and tuna fish, are excellent food sources of omega-3 fatty acids. A note of caution here – pregnant women and children should restrict their consumption of tuna fish because of environmental contaminants in the fish. Non-seafood sources of omega-3’s are walnuts and flaxseed. Be sure to grind the flaxseed before eating so that the body can absorb the nutrients. Unground flaxseed will pass right through the body without being absorbed. Recent research has shown improvements in skin softness and suppleness, acne, skin sun sensitivity and psoriasis with the addition of omega-3’s to the diet. And for a bonus, there is ample evidence that omega-3’s in the diet are beneficial for heart health.

Relax With a Cup of Green Tea

There’s a growing body of research-supported evidence of the considerable skin benefits from drinking green tea. Skin damage from sun exposure is reduced when green tea is consumed. And animal studies have shown reduced skin cancer with regular green tea intake. It is likely that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of green tea can reduce signs of skin aging. The benefits of green tea can be obtained by drinking the tea or by taking capsules containing the active ingredients from green tea.

How About an Alligator Pear?

The alligator pear, named because of its lizard-like skin, is known to most of us as the avocado. Avocados are packed with vitamins A, B, D and E as well as the mineral potassium. The skin-smoothing and moisturizing benefits of avocados can be obtained by eating them (try adding slices to your favorite salad) or by applying creams made with avocado oil directly to the skin. Avocados also contain glutathione, an antioxidant critical in preventing heart disease, cancer and aging.

Eggs at the Breakfast Table – And At the Spa

Eggs contain vitamins A (good for skin), D (bone strengthener), E (antioxidant properties) and several B vitamins (energy production from food). They are also a source of many minerals needed by our bodies for optimal functioning. All of these nutrients are essential for maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails.

And for a quick facial, try smoothing the egg white from one egg on your face. Gently wash the egg white off after a few minutes and see the improvements in the smoothness and tone of your skin.

Try adding one of more of these foods to your diet. Simple changes like these can have amazing benefits both for your skin and your overall health. Happy eating!